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  1. yep it's a low country boil and we're having one today, here in northwest georgia. along with a fish fry. the sausage used is usually polish sausage.
  2. I live in northwest georgia and before 10 years ago i lived in alabama.. some of the things i've read here are true and some are just plain hilarious. they did use to say that coca cola once had drugs in it, but that was years and years ago. all soda's are called coke here. if you want dr pepper you tell them dr pepper or mtn dew and so on. you guys are forgetting the most important breakfast food that there is and that's biscuits and gravy. some people even have breakfast for supper here. you got to be real fancy to eat squid and if you eat it and your not fancy then you j
  3. thanks for the tips. i've already done the fast start bear leader and youth protection training online and have those certificates.. i also went to one of the boy scout stores and got the cub scout leader book and academics and sports program guide. my aunt in law has the month by month programs guide through august i think..and i've received the scouting magazine for may/june which has some for the new year in it also. i've skimmed through the bear book which i've bought for my son also. we're having to redo our pack due to poor leadership. and we have lots to straighten out and we'r
  4. hi i'm new to scouting and to the forum.. and now i'm a bear den leader to boot. any pointers
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