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  1. Our troop policy is if you want to go camping with the troop you have to be registered and take YPT. We are going out of Council to camp this year. About a 4 hr drive. Friday night is Family Night. Two parents want to come. They plan on bringing their own tent and will spend Friday night. Both are registered and both YPT trained. It is simply to risky any more to let an adult that isn't registered to go on overnights. We are lucky. All but one of our boys parents are registered. And there is no way on earth his parents would pass even the lowest background check. Mom has
  2. I can understand a spouse losting their benifits upon remarring But not the child Even with Social Security benifits if the spouse remarries they lost their own benifits. But the children aren't penalized. Same with military. Spouse lose theirs upon remarring. Kids is still the child of the person who died. Now if they are legally adopted by the new spouse. Then they should lost the benifits. But the child that lost a parent should not be penalized twice. So the childs benifits are taken away. Parent and new spouse divorce. Kids does not get child support from steparent. So now ki
  3. Our council does the same thing. If you make Quality Unit your rank patches are free. Been doing this as long as I have been in the unit.
  4. I know of one very good example of not getting married. Had a guy worked for me for a short period of time. He left and went to work for Gulf. a week before his son was born he was killed at the station he work at. When the baby was born his wife was told that she and her son would receive benifits from Gulf for as long as she did not remarry. If she remarried both lost benifits. She was 26 years old. She has been living with a very nice guy for about 15 years now. They won't marry until her son turns 21. At which time his survivor benifits from his father stop. At that point th
  5. Most times each patrol cooks their own food. This included the adult patrol. But this year it has been tough. We have been under a burn ban almost since November. So most cooking has had to be done on coleman stoves. So most of the time we have split the adults and had them eat with patrols.
  6. I think it depends on the situtation. I know of a couple in another unit that have been together 15 years. Have 2 kids but have never married. No one really knows they aren't married. I only found out by accident. I see nothing wrong with them sleeping in the same tent. Just like our SM and his wife sleep in the same tent. I do see a problem if the parent bring casuel boyfriend or girlfirend on a camping trip and sleep together. Then next time wants to bring someone else. That is a NO NO for me. This is one of the reasone we have a troop policy that if you go camping with us yo
  7. Looks to me like this Scout Master and CO are opening themselves up to a major lawsuit.
  8. I forgot. One way to identify poision snakes is to look at its head. Rattlers, Copperheads, and Moccasins all have heads that will look much like an arrowhead. Very triangular with almost pouches just behind the eyes. The only other poisionous snake in the USA with out this is the Coral that they don't go that far north.
  9. I have a plastic tub that the boys refer to as the book box. It if full of Field Books of all sorts, story books, Song books. I hit the Half/priced book stores and pick them up. They go everywhere with us. They are all in a container and the boys have access to them. There isn't a camping trip we have been on that they didn't get them out.
  10. The only time I heard of a blank badge was when I was working with Girl Scouts. They had one that was named "My Badge". It shocked me when Composite Material was announced. With all the great badge ideas out there one on making plywood and such The word I got was that some big plywood company covered all the cost of getting the badge off the ground.
  11. When my boys started Webs, I went down and bought a Boy Scout Handbook. THis way I could plan my program around what they needed to know when they moved into the troop. I focused on Tenderfoot requirements. I also would sit down with the boys and they would look thought the book. This also gave them an idea of what would be expected of them and what they could look forward to.
  12. I grew up in North Arkansas and my dad and I canoed most of those rivers. I worked with Girl Scouts in the Ouachita River area. I don't know of any of those rivers I would attempt to canoe or float after major rain.
  13. Snacking can depend on when you are meeting. If a den is meeting right after school many times the boys are hungry. THey need a good snack. I would do fruit, but never cookies, cupcakes and the such. If they are meeting after 6:00 NO SNACK since they will probably be going home to eat dinner. Our troop does not snack except for COH. There is enough to get done in the limited time we have for troop meeting without having to deal with food.
  14. I do not agree with all BSA policies. But when I registered as an adult I agree to follow those policies. I will do that. Hopefully at some time in the future some of the policies I do not agree with will change. Much like blacks sitting in the back of the bus and having different water fountains has changed. I still think this is one of the best programs to teach boys leadership skills.
  15. One of the saddest thing I saw in Scouting was last year when the Webs didn't cross over until mid May. The boys that crossed over never got the chance to be part of the troop before it was time to go to summer camp. Two boy had real problems, they felt like outsiders. The year before the Webs crossed over late Jan. By summer camp they had already camped with the troop 4 times and felt they were truly a part of the troop, had their patrol set up and knew what was expected out of them. But it also depends on how well the Web leaders have prepared them to move up to Boy Scouts.
  16. I LOVE training. Take everyone I can. Have done Essentials three times. AND LEARNED SOMETHING NEW EVERY TIME. I love staffing, My wonderfully wise Gran use to say. " The day you don't learn something is the day you die". I plan on just keep learning.
  17. It is funny that you state if you found a lesson play on swimming your son could do better as a swimmer. Why not simply let your son have a good time. As far as repeatedly teaching a program. I have been in some form of Scouting for close to 55 years. My mother had a GS troop before I was old enough to be in. She graduated her last troop two months after she turned 70. At no time did she expect the program to give to her. It was always what she gave to the program. I had my first GS troop at 22, (my daughter was 1 at the time) directed my first GS day camp at 25, At 50 I ended up w
  18. We had a boy lose his book. We went back to our Advancement records. You know the ones you turn in to the Council Office. We looked up when he did his verious BOR. It had badges he had earned. Everything. If it shows when he received a Rank then it is pretty certain that the Rank Requirements will have been completed prior to the BOR. We went back and went over each Rank with him. Ask him questions regarding each requirement. And signed off in his book. Then put a letter with his Advancement records. WHat do you all think has been happening to all the Boy Scouts in the storm
  19. I don't know where the idea that his leadership skills would not begin being taught until he was 14. Kevin will be 13 Sunday. So far he has been Patrol Leader twice. Is OA Troop Rep. Den Chief for a Web II Den. He has Jr. Staffer a Adult Leader Outdoor training. Has been ask back and was ask Thursday night if he would be interested in helping train Den Chiefs. He is working on his Eagle and in only two badges short of having all his required badges. So how do you figure his leadership skills have not been being taught. If you SON is having in Scouting. And you are not bad mouthi
  20. Because BSA does not condone the act of pointing any type of gun at another person and firing. Doesn't matter it is in sport or fun. Simply that they do not approve of physically pointing a gun at another person.
  21. I push Kevin to a certain extent. Do I force him to do things. NO. He earned Life in December. Got his Eagle Packet, talked to the SM about what he wanted to do for his project. He has talked about getting started on his project the other day. I reminded him that until he has approval from the group he is working with and approval from the District Advancement committee he can't do anything. Well this weekend he was sick. Spent all day Sat. in bed. When I got up Sunday morning I heard something, I went in the check on him. He was sitting at his desk working on the paper work on Eagle. H
  22. This is something I found in my mothers writtings after she passed away in 93. I haven't ever been able to trace it anyone so my guess is that she wrote it. The Parting HOur" There's something in the Parting Hour Will chill the warmest heart Yet kindred, conrads, lovers, friends Are destined all to part. But this I've seen, and many a pang Has pressed it to my mind... The one who goes is happier Than those he leaves behind. God wills it so, and so it is The pilgrims on their way Though weak and worn, more cheerful Than all the rest who stay. And when
  23. I don't know all the details. But let me relate what happened with one of my boys in Cubs. Dad was an Eagle Scout. Son like Cubs but by Webs was wanting to quit. Dad was always there always pushing, always talking about all the stuff he had done when he was a Scout. When I talked to the boy about his wanting to quit I ask him why. His comment was "I can't compete with all the stuff my dad did and I don't want to dissapoint him." So make sure that your enthusiasm for having been a Scout isn't making your son feel like he has to compete with the kind of Scout your were. By the way.
  24. nldscout. The CO Owns the charter for the units. THis means that they own the units. About 3 years ago there was a unit in our Council that lost everything. THeir CO filed bankruptcy and all assets were siezed by the bank. This included troop equiptment that was stored at the facility. They took the bank account also. The bank account is probably listed with the CO's name first and then the troops.
  25. My Car, My music. The reason for this is that I don't want loud banging music when I am driving. I am a big Jazz freek. Like country. But for the most part my CDs and radio are on Jazz. Boys fusses at first but now know who is in charge inside the car. ME.
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