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  1. I appreciate all for their inputs. Not sure if my Council is participating in this program. It is a little hard being these people have been in Scouting each for up to 40 years plus. I am a little new to Scouting. Approximately 1 year and I have taken every training possible. I feel that to be an effective Trainer I Must have the knowledge to lead. Just a little info about me. I am a 9 year USAF Pararescueman. I was also a Leader in the American Naval Cadets for 8 years. So I am a believer in Lead, Follow, or Get out of the way. The BSA is pretty clear in what is expected. I was in the impress
  2. I am a Leader with a few hats. I am a Pack Trainer, Troop and Crew Trainer, ASM, and Crew Advisor. I have asked this question but can not seem to get a straight answer. The question is how much time should a leader take to finish up his training. I have a few older ASM's that have been with the Troop for 10 plus years and are not fully trained. I strive for my 100 percent but they refuse to take the training. Ie IOLS. What can be done? Any suggestions? Thanks
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