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  1. I was a assistant scoutmaster. I held rolls in the district and council leadership. Wood badge, silver beaver, etc. It was reported to the SE by a de that I made a statement in front of a group of leaders at a camporee that I "did not like the se". I do not remember making the statement but was not given an opportunity to refute the claims. I was removed from all leadership positions in the district and council except for working with my troop. Last week I got the letter removing me from scouts. No information about an appeal process or details as to why I was removed. Calls to the scout offi
  2. I got a letter from my council exec. Removing me from scouting. Someone complained about me to the council and I was axed after 30 some years as a Scouter. They will not tell me what the complaint was or who made the complaint. I would like to know if there is any appeal process or if I have any rights at all. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Bill
  3. Hi, thanks for all your comments on this issue. I really do appreciate it. For the record, I have not had a problem with our council exec. in the past. There are things he has done that I did not agree with and I have had group discussions with other leasders about things that they felt were being handled by the council. That said, I have never made a public statement against him in front of a group of scout leaders just because I wanted to rant about the guy. Other leaders that have contacted me that were at this leaders meeting can't recall what what I said. Today I was contact by one of my
  4. I recently had a very troubling incident as an adult leader in scouting. I was the leader in charge of events at a camporee. At the leader meeting that we had on Friday night I apparently made a statement that I did not like our council exec. I do not remember making that statement but anyway, Two weeks or so later I was asked to have a meeting with a fellow scouter in our district. At that meeting I was told that the statement I had made about the council exec. had gotten back to him and that I could no longer no longer have any leadership roll in our council. No roundtable leadership, no lea
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