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  1. Thanks for the responses everyone. This was the first year in at least 7 yeas hatbour pack has gone camping. So to ask them to do another one for boys that missed is not gonna go over well. My boys are wolves so I can't just take them camping. Believe me I would if I could. I think I've gotten them taken care of. And I know the badge is. It the goal. Having fun learning and growing is the goal. But I also don't want upset boys who through no fault of their own don't receive their rank badge. I know they don't have to receive it, but it would be nice.
  2. So our pack just went on its campout. I had 2 of my wolfs that couldn't make it. One due to mom going into the hospital and the other who had previous plans before the campout was scheduled. What constitutes a outdoor activity to satisfy the requirement? Our pack is doing a conservation project later this month cleaning up a local park. Would attendance there work? If it wasn't used for anything else? I do t want either of them to miss out on their badge. Thanks Dan
  3. Thanks guys. I'm gonna try and find something for the little guys before next weekend.
  4. Lions are not supposed to camp with the pack, do any fundraising, or shooting sports. Shooting sports I get, but they don't get to sell camp cards? Or go on pack campouts?
  5. Howdy all. So, my pack is one that is participating in the lion program. Frankly I gotta say I'm not impressed. The little Lions really get the short end of the stick. They get no awards other than silly little stickers, they don't get to race at the pinewood derby (even though we chose to let them anyways). Anyways, our Blue and Gold is next weekend. I'd really like to do something for the little guys. Anyone have any ideas on what we can do for them? How have you (those that are participating in the program) incorporated them more into the pack? Thanks Dan
  6. Take him out to dinner. My son is a wolf and I'm the wolf den leader. And your situation is a mirror image of mine. I finally figured out why. He's jealous. I took mine out to dinner before a den meeting. Just the two of us. And we talked. I asked him if he know why I was the den leader. And told him it was all for him. His response was "and everyone else in the den". And we talked. And I explained to him that no, it wasn't for them. I did it for him. That the others just got to benefit. But everything I do in scouts is for him. Complete turn around in attitude. Good luck D
  7. So does anyone know if the parent guide requirement has to be done each year? And does the cyberchip award get recharged more than once? My son did cyberchip last year in his tiger year and just did the recharge video. Will he have to watch the same video next year to recharge it again? Or is there something different for his second recharge? Thanks Dan
  8. I was thinking of contacting local wildlife chapters. Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks unlimited etc to see if they need any help on projects
  9. Personally I'd like to see our day camp, actually be all day. It starts at 9 and pickup is 2;30 so even though my son has sold enough camp cards to get day camp for free, he wont be going. I can't go in to work 1 1/2 hours late and get off 4 hours early.
  10. A hostile takeover is exactly what I want to avoid. The current den leader as I said has been a disappointment. He has not asked for any help and doesn't even communicate with his assistant den leader. It wasn't until I took all the on line training, while I've been off with a knee injury, that I learned the parents were supposed to be helping lead adventures. The day I had knee surgery, my wife had to take my son to his den meeting. They were supposed to practice their skit, and learn a song for the next weeks pack meeting to fulfill the last requirement of tigers in the wild. He showed
  11. Thanks guys. I'll give a little more info on why I ask the question. Our den leader has frankly been a disappointment. He does not use a den leaders guide at all. Since we joined last Sept. we have done exactly 4 outings. 1 was right on the school we meet at's soccer field doing our 1 ft hike. The 2nd was across the street from the school to a little wooded area. Both of these were for backyard jungle. We then, months later, like Feb went to a fire station for team tiger. I'm not sure why because there is nothing in team tiger about that. And then we did our hike in mid April for tige
  12. Because its not on the coast. One of the best parts of Cali, is the great wines.
  13. So a question arose at our pack. Can 1 outing be used for more that one requirement? For example, for the Tigers safe and smart, the scouts need to merely visit a emergency response agency, and for rolling Tigers they have to go a police station and talk about bike safety. Would the trip to the police station count for both electives?
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