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  1. My family will pray for these fine soldiers. John Snediker Palmdale, CA
  2. About the human waste. It is true that the thinking has changed about how to deposit it. As a previous poster stated that a cat hole or where you do #2 should be 6 to 8 inches deep, any deeper and there isn't sufficient baterial activity to break the waste down. There are some situations that is is better to leave it on the surface, the cat hole is pretty much cosmetic and out of consideration of others that may be wandering past your "spot". Waste breaks down faster on the surface. If there a group camp site and no facilities provided it is recomended that you use several different l
  3. This is the one we are using. 32" x 17" x 12-1/4" h price is about $24.99 ea Here is a link to see the model we are using, Walmart sells them a few bucks cheaper. http://www.containerstore.com/browse/Product.jhtml?PRODID=62806&CATID=250 We got duffle bags that the footlocker will fit into, Hope this helps, John Snediker Palmdale, CA(This message has been edited by johnsned)
  4. Laurie, My deepest sympathy to you and your family, your family will be in my prayers. I appreciate you sharing your sad news with us. I've known a couple of children like Ryan who's life was cut to short be waged the war against there illness with a dignity well beyond their years. I pray that our Heavenly Father will be with you, your family and Ryan's family and brace you up and give you the wisdom to explain this tragedy you your kids. May God be with you in this difficult time. The world will miss Ryan. John Snediker
  5. I found another helpful web page. http://www.octanecreative.com/ducttape/retail/ Gives a list of stores that carry colored duct tape. Thought this might help. Thanks, John Snediker Palmdale, California
  6. A 10 second search on ebay and I have an answer. http://www.duct-tape.com/#DUCT_TAPE They carry the following colors in 2 or 3 inch widths. Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Floral, Green, Green, Olive, Orange, Red, Silver, White, and Yellow I hope this helps. John Snediker Palmdale, California
  7. I just finished the last week end of Wood Badge. I was the Course Director for the Fall Course in the Western Los Angeles County Council. We had a great course from the feed back I received everyone seemed to enjoy it. We tried a few things different on this course. In LA we have many Spanish (as first language) Speaking Scouters. We have had several come to Wood Badge each year, this year we had 26 and many understand English fairly well but are often timid about speaking. I formed three Spanish Speaking patrols, they received their patrol presentations in Spanish and they were abl
  8. Eamonn, You said "I for one would stack the reflection process up against any list of bylaws or troop rules any-day of the week." I couldn't agree with you more! I am going to be Course Director this fall I will make sure that reflection doesn't get overlooked. Thanks, JohnSned
  9. Eamonn, Thank you for you post, those were very kind words. I was lucky to have a Scoutmaster that gave me a great example when I was a scout. I am just trying to follow in his footsteps. He had the most cleaver ways of making us learn. He made his expectations clear, let us do our best (make our own decisions) then reviewed how we did, with his skillful way of asking questions he lead us to where he wanted us to be. His methods were so subtle that I had no clue how much influence he had over me and how much I changed because of him until I became a leader and reflected b
  10. I got the following from the Salt Lake Tribune. Apparently it was at a council summer camp (Bear River Boy Scout Camp) where scouts from several troops took part in an overnight to complete the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge that was poorly supervised. Apparently the camp was advised of that there was a ban on open air fires and there were allegedly fires started by the scouts working on the Wilderness Survival merit badge. The Great Salt Lake Council is disputing the cause of the fire; I guess we'll have to see how this turns out. This is why it is important for Scouts and Scouters t
  11. I think we need to get away from long lists of rules and restrictions it goes against the founding principles of the Scouting movement. So the Scout Law was not framed as a list Of DON'T'S. Prohibition generally invites evasion since it challenges the- spirit inherent in every red-blooded boy (or man). The boy is not governed by DON'T, but is led on by DO. The Scout Law, therefore, was devised as a guide to his actions rather than as repressive of his faults. It merely states what is good form and expected of a Scout. - Baden Powell I dont understand the need for some Scout Leaders
  12. I am going to reply to our new friend in Portuguese it is not often I get to use my Portuguese Oi Jana, Tudo bem, eu acho que meu Portugues vai ser muito pior que seu Ingles. Eu morava por dois anos no Brasil tenho muitos saudades de la. Adoro seu pais, morei en Belo Horizonte tambiem en various cidades no norte de Sao Paulo como Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Riberao Preto, Bebedouro, y Votuporaga. Nao tive o oportunidade de conhecer a programa de Escoteiros de Brasil quando eu morava la, gostaria aprender mais de como voces fazem as coisas la. Eu so um lider(velho j) nos Boy
  13. I don't that you are permitted to use white gas at Philmont. You might want to make sure. JohnSned
  14. Here is the official release about the Tiger uniform. It doesn't become the "Official" uniform until August 1, 2004. TIGER CUB UNIFORM CHANGING..Effective August 1, 2004, the official Tiger Cub uniform will be the complete blue Cub Scout uniform with identifiable and appropriate Tiger Cub insignia. This change is in line with the program's continuing efforts to promote Tiger Cubs as an integral part of a Cub Scout pack. More information on the uniform changes will be forthcoming
  15. I had a really neat experience with the trust fall activity. The way I learned to do it was to lock your arms and then say, I am John, I trust you with my life. Then I say falling the catchers reply fall on I had planned that this activity was the culmination of a special JLT I was holding. I had all of the boys take their turns taking the fall. They loved it, really built the team. Then I was last. When I was standing on the rock about 6 feet up looking down on the scouts I got a little emotional seeing all of the scouts many I have worked with for 5 years each with their arm
  16. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all of your kind words and wishes. This is one of the things I love about Scouters, we all have our opinions but we all stand together especially one something like this happens. I appreciate your prayers and council. I am very thankful for having been a small part of this boys life and hope that I in some small way made his life a little better. I was with Willie the first time he climbed a mountain, the first time he saw snow (we live in Southern California so its a big deal) and through many other experiences. The most memorable was
  17. At my districts camp-o-ree I had a patrol come to my event called. The pink fuzzy bunnies
  18. Saturday I said good-bye to one of my Scouts. Willie died last week from a fatal car crash. I was his Scoutmaster. I enjoyed William's sense of humor; his wit and his tremendous musical talent. He was a great guy I will miss him terribly. He always stood up for the little guy and made everyone laugh. His death is incomprehensible to me! I can't get my mind around the fact that William is no longer with us. He had a family that dearly loved him, his father didn't always understand him but always accepted him and he was and is the hero of his two younger brothers. William also had many frie
  19. This is from the BSA Official website www.scouting.org TIGER CUB UNIFORM CHANGING..Effective August 1, 2004, the official Tiger Cub uniform will be the complete blue Cub Scout uniform with identifiable and appropriate Tiger Cub insignia. This change is in line with the program's continuing efforts to promote Tiger Cubs as an integral part of a Cub Scout pack. More information on the uniform changes will be forthcoming. Here is the link to See the new Tiger Cub Uniform http://www.scoutstuff.org/misc/art/tigercub.jpg
  20. FOG: Why do you think Wood Badge doesn't teach the Patrol method? What part of the patrol method is missing? John Snediker Course Director (to be) Fall 2004
  21. I am from Los Angeles, I am a scoutmaster in a Latino Troop, and we speak mainly Spanish. I am not Latino although I am fluent in Spanish, and have lived in South America and my wife is from Mexico. I have been Scoutmaster for about 5 years. We have had a lot of success and I like to think we made a difference in the life of the boys that came through our troop. Some of the challenges is like what FOG and Bobwhite mentioned recruiting leaders. If you are focusing on Latinos you are probably focusing on either Spanish speakers or by geographical area. You have some of the same obstacles w
  22. My vote is "No Stars" I think some people are already too competitive on this forum, I actually participated less durring the stars era. Just my opinion, John
  23. FScouter said: The tone of your posts, and the tone of your silly story that started this thread is that of mocking those that wear the uniform correctly, and take pride in doing so. Why do you feel a need to lash out against correct uniforming, and defend improper uniforming practices? Once again I dont think you get it. Nobody is lashing out on proper uniforms, we take issue with those that go overboard, or there reaction is out of proportion to the offense. That is what the story was trying to convey. All of the examples were as I mentioned disproportionate to the uniforming trans
  24. Cliff, sorry for dragging you in on this. I never thought that posting an amusing story would cause such brouhaha. Someone I met a Philmont posted your story on a yahoo groups and I thought people on this forum would enjoy the story, so I took, the liberty of posting it here. I had no idea that I would be causing such a controversy. Sorry I havent posted anything lately I didnt mean to leave you to fend for yourself. I read your posts and you were doing better than I could. I agree that the uniform is important, I wear it (complete & proper) and encourage the boys it my troo
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