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  1. Hi! I'm a guide, here in Brasil, and in the next week I and my senior troup will to BROTAS, a litlle town called too how "The Adventure Sports Capital" in my state, So Paulo. We're take a bus here in my city, Campinas, at 6:00 AM, and at 8:30 we will arrive in our camping. We will make Cnyoning, the name to rapel in waterfalls. I'm so happy and waiting my travel a lot!!! Maybe we can make a Counsel's Fire (I really don't know if you write it like that... ), because the owner of the camping like scouts and think that haven't problem make it in him camping... Here the scouts are
  2. For my new friend Johnsned: Seu portugus muito bom!!!! Bom saber que voc veio minha ptria e gostou!!! Eu moro em Campinas, muito perto de algumas cidades que voc visitou, como So Jos do Rio Preto e Ribeiro Preto!!! He, he, he, quanto a comida, ela boa mesmo!!! Voc chegou a esperimentar Feijoada e Guaran? He, he! Pena que no podemos fazer esse tipo de comida em acampamento!!!! I love know that I have a good friend in EUA! "Good friends are how stars: Sometimes we can't see it, but you know that it is in the sky!" And for my other friend Eamonn: My group (SP(So paulo)64 G.E. Pro
  3. Hi people! First, I want say that my english is really horrible, but I will try write in the better form possible... I'm a guide (I have 15 years old) of Campinas, So Paulo, in Brasil, and I'm from Aconcgua Patrol, of Andes Troup. I'm "Lis de Ouro" scout, the best level of a scout in my country. I went to Nacional Jamboree, in Caucaia-Cear, in 2003 July and descovered that Brasil is very receptieve for international scouts, because we had 11 French visits, that loved the Jamboree. Sometimes I question me why we never had a Jamboree in Brasil... The brazilian scouts are very receptieve a
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