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  1. Hello All, Ijust found out that "Follow Me, Boys!" is going to be released on DVD this coming February 3, 2004. They are already taking pre-orders for it on a couple of the web sites such as Amazon.com From the Amazon.com website: Follow Me, Boys! (1966) Price: $13.99 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Availability: This item will be released on February 3, 2004. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives. the link is: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0000DZ3EG/qid=1066088390/sr=8-1/ref=sr_8_1/102-9357800-2598519?v=glance&s=dvd
  2. To echo what Bob White said, the Course Director will take care of it all. Usually the ceremony explains the history of Wood Badge, the history behind the Axe & Log, the Neckerchief, the Woogle and the Beads. There are sample beading ceremonies in the Wood Badge Staff guides as well as many sources on the internet. When I have done them in the past I have usually asked the person who will be receiving the beads if he wants the long or short version of the ceremony. Long is about 20 Mins, short 7-10.
  3. DSteele, Good for you! I wish I could go with you. I know many people from Peru, if you need any information or want any tips, let me know I'll get you intouch with them. John
  4. This recipe is easy to do, but the instructions must be followed exactly. The nicest thing about giving Bread-In-A-Jar is that those who receive it can keep it until they get over the holiday food blahs. Bake in pint size wide mouth canning jar, seal immediately upon removing from the oven. It will keep on the shelf for up to one year. Take jars out the oven one at a time. When jars have cooled enough to handle them, tighten the tops. As jars cool, they will seal. 2 2/3 c. sugar 4 eggs 2 c. canned pumpkin 2/3 c. water 3 1/3 c. flour 1/2 tsp. baking powder 2 tsp. baking soda 1 tsp. cinnamo
  5. DSteele, As far as an exit plan goes, most countries are very stable, but if you are in the country during times like the economic collapse in Argentina or the near over through of Pres. Chavez in Venezuela, neither of these times did the country collapse in to total chaos, but it might have been difficult to get a flight out at those times, so youd either have to sit tight a week or so until things blew over or take a bus or train to the next closest international airport. In Columbia arguably the most volatile country in South America, only 26 people were kidnapped in the last thre
  6. When I was a kid my mother would bake breads and cakes in mason jars, we'd take them to summer camp for a nice treat. She'd also store them in the basement for a rainy day. I have done it a lot myself, it is pretty cool, my family gives them away as Christmas presents. I do a Cinnamon roll type cake that is really good, you can also do banana breads, pumpkin bread but one of my favorites is Boston Brown Bread. You can also bake these items in a can and can them. You need to use the wide mouth mason jars and if you give them a spray of Pam they will just fall out when you are r
  7. "People may doubt what you say, but they will always believe what you do."
  8. Hello Anne, I have almost always seen them rolled. I have been told that the appropriate length from the top of the collar to the bottom tip of the neckerchief should be the length of a dollar bill. This is as far as Boy Scouts of America goes. I also like neckerchiefs I have collected them and have them from several countries. JohnSned
  9. I now I am fanning the fire here, but I am a Scoutmaster my children are 6, 4, and 2. I have taken my two older boys on several campouts with me. I always take into serious consideration the activity and if they will be getting in the way, if they will I leave them home. I have taken my 6 year old on two Snow Camping Trips and last year was the first time for the 4 year old. I know some of you may be critical of my decision but many of the troops outings if I dont go they dont happen. I am a father/husband first there is only so many times a year I will go out for a weekend without my bo
  10. Philmont was by far the best vacation my family has ever had. It was my wife, three kids (6,4 and 2) and I. The programs they have for the family are truly excellent. When we started to pack on Thursday my kids wanted to know what I why I was packing, they though we had moved to Philmont. My kids still talk about it and more than once one of my boys tells me how last night they had a dream about Philmont. My wife was skeptical that she would enjoy it, but because of the family programs she was able to relax and not worry about the kids. We grew closer as a family at Philmont. People
  11. I agree with what you said too, he is dad to one of the boys but only one and shouldn't but in on the program, I hope this is just a good and protective dad and doesn't have control issues. Good luck to you I think you are going to work this out just fine. You're doing a great work, thanks for being a concerned Scoutmaster, we need more like you.
  12. SM Ron, I wouldn't make an issue of this, maybe subtitle hints or suggestions, but he is after all the boys Dad and that trumps Scoutmasters, Patrols etc. The father may not think that he needs to explain his reasons to anyone, which I don't think he does. In another forum "Pet Peeves" someone brought up that parents that think BSA means "Baby Sitters of America" was there pet peeve, well this father is doing his job. If the father doesn't display any controlling or intimidation to his son during the rest of the outing I think you have a good Dad, doing his job. As someone stat
  13. Eamonn, Good luck with your course I am sure everything will go great. I'll include you and your course in my prayers. Our course will be starting in two weeks, so I'll need your prayers as well, this year I am the Quartermaster. Best of luck to you, John, I used to be a Fox...
  14. People that are apathetic, those that are bystanders in life content to sit on the porch and watch it all pass by them. Another pet peeve is those who don't honor their commitments. Just my two cents..
  15. First I want to congratulate matuawarrior for being invited, to me being on WB Staff has been one of the great experiences of my life. Padre, I sincerely feel for you and understand your frustration. As others have stated I think that your animosity is misdirected at Wood Badge. Sure Scouting will take as much of your time as you are willing to give and there is still more you can do. I am in my early 30s I have 3 boys; 6, 4 and 2 years old, my oldest will just start attending Tigers, yet I have been a volunteer Scout leader for 8 years, I have been on staff for 5 Wood Badge cours
  16. I am going to be a Course Director, my course is going to following the 3x2 format starting Thursday morning, due to religious practises of many of the participants the fall course for our council is a Non-Sunday course. John
  17. I am an Ordeal Member of the Malibu Lodge Alliklik Chapter. I went through my Ordeal in 2001 and am hoping for brotherhood this year.
  18. Hello Dan, I have a couple of ideas for you. Many of the clearance websites sell the tall or long size sleeping bags because they don't sell as much and the regular sizes so are sent to the outlets. www.overstock.com www.rei-outlet.com www.gearshark.com If you spend some time and look around you can find some great deals. Good Luck! John
  19. Let me help translate for my Australian brother A didgeridoo is a long wooden trumpet-like instrument used by the Aboriginal peoples of Australia. Gaffer tape = Duct Tape Steel reo = Steel Rebar I speak a little "stralian"
  20. Starting in my teenage years I've work as a paperboy, asphalt worker carpenter, roofer, concrete worker, and drove a potato chip truck (just like KoreaScouter). Now I am a Systems Programmer/Architect for a major HMO designing and writting computer applications for the medical field.
  21. Hello KoreaScouter, You are right about the SM fundraiser issue, I meant to right that The Scoutmaster should not be in charge of Fundraisers. So a ticket item on fundraising isn't particularly relevant to a SM. I think you have valid points, I think the thought was if enough Scouters doing their job it would decrease the load on others. Ideally SM, ASM, Roundtable Chairs, Commissioners etc... should go to Wood Badge. So if they all started doing their jobs What I think would be a great idea, is to have WB Key staff talk to District and Council leaders and come up of a list of
  22. We are taking the boys on an 8 day backpacking trip from Devil's Post Pile to Yosemite.
  23. KoreaScouter, I see where you are comming from, and I think it is a good idea, but that exact model doesn't fit all Scouting Positions. The Scoutmaster should be incharge of Fundraisers, and probably shouldn't be on too many District committees. He should focus on the boys in his troop. The ticket should reflect his position and shouldn't contain items that are outside is principle scouting role. The ticket is to help them internalize the lessons taught in the course and give them a tool to reach achieve their vision. The ticket contains four parts according
  24. Hello ACLT31, I am a Scoutmaster for a hispanic troop in Los Angeles. So I know about these obticles. I know that many people are going to pounce at this post but I don't care when the boys put there uniform on just as long as when we start the meeting they are in a complete uniform. Many of the boys just keep their shirts in their backpacks until they arrive others wear it from home. Once they get into Scouting they aren't embarassed of being a Scout and it doesn't bother them. You'll know you are doing a good job when the boys start inviting their friends. Many of the fami
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