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  1. Medical forms are for EVERYONE that is attending your event, not just little Jr. Is little Jr going to be able to tell you all of Dad's allergies/insurance info/medical conditions if its Dad laying on the ground passed out or in trouble and unable to tell you himself?
  2. We are actually on track to beat last year, which I didn't think possible. We are using a new incentive scheme that awards money towards our big campout or uniform. The kids incentive is the learning and council prize list.
  3. All our scouts pay their own dues, so the fee is not the responsibility of our Pack. As for them mailing out flyers with YOUR info and this "wrong" price, that is something that your DE should not be doing. We have 23 or so units in our District (troops and packs), and the Pack flyers that go out for recruitment are all specific to one of our 12 packs in our district. So the prices reflected on the flyers are what it will cost for the scout to join that Pack. In our area, some packs have no dues, some have $10 dues, some have $50 and one even has $150 dues. Each pack's dues covers d
  4. Make your meetings more kid friendly and see if that makes a difference. If it doesn't, well then these parents just don't want to be involved and are giving you excuses. The playground idea someone mentioned is a good idea. Or a food place with a play area (like McDonalds).
  5. We are up from last year, but last year was down from previous year. It seems to all work out though. We were down last year in Tigers and this year we got an entire new den of Wolves (ie the Tigers who I guess didn't show up last year). If you are low this year in Tigers and you dont attempt a "second chance join night" to fix that, I would expect a higher than average turnout of new wolves next year.
  6. Trust me, that was the quietest den meeting ever! The kids were so involved in mixing their frostings to see what colors they would get and frosting cupcakes. It was eerie how good and quiet and involved they were with it. We just had a few moms volunteer to bring a dozen cupcakes or so each unfrosted and another mom made a huge amount of frosting and added the blue, red, yellow food coloring to it.
  7. Do you happen to have a Freecycle group in your area? I post there sometimes when I need something for scouts that most people would throw away (ie wood scraps). http://www.freecycle.org/
  8. As for Artist, remember that Art covers a wide range of subjects. In cub Scouts for our art belt loop we did cupcake decorating, mixing the primary colored frostings to see what colors you could make with them. A Cake Decorator is an Artist, they just make edible art. A chef is also an artist and can probably explain how artistry is part of the work of a good chef (presentation, color, texture etc).
  9. If you don't have a BALOO you can do "family camping". The difference is that you are not covered by BSA insurance if its a family camp rather than a cub scout camp trip. There are good reasons to do the training. I hope your leaders are at least Youth Protection Trained!
  10. Our dens keep the same number until they merge or graduate out of Cub Scouts. Last week at the recruitment meeting I listed the available den numbers between 1 and 10 to our two new tiger leaders, so now we have a Tiger Den 5 and a Tiger Den 10. Only Den 8 and Den 9 are available now before we have to go to 11 and above
  11. I agree with Basementdweller. If you want to actually make contact with these families you need to call. Have some options open for the parents. Especially if they want to continue in scouting but their reasons were time commitment or issues with their den. Have options for the parents, they can come back to the pack, perhaps they need to swap dens due to the meeting times or just not getting along in that den. Perhaps the kids need to swap packs due to the same above reasons if your pack has no other alternatives. Also the kids can also work on their rank badges/etc with their
  12. jc2008

    Dual roles

    I cannot actually think of a Cubmaster in our District that is not also a Den Leader. Most Cubmasters are Den Leaders aren't they ? Or are we just an odd district? My husband goes by the theory of wearing as many hats as you want to until they start to fall off, that is the point where you need to relinquish some jobs/titles. The other thing is, if you look at the Pack structure or "pyramid" of leaders, where you have the COR and CM and CC etc at the top and den leaders at the bottom, you need to invert that pyramid to realize what the most important positions are in a Pack. You
  13. The 70% is what goes back to your council. The council then decides how to split it with the Units. Usually, with incentives, it ends up being a 50/50 split or near to it. (35%/35%).
  14. We do the prize list put out by council (we would only get 3% back if we opt-ed out and you can't get a BSA knife for $3.75, which is at the $125 prize level). We also do pack incentives too since the kids actually make more money at show and sells due to donations that are not counted towards council prizes, so we try to reward the kids for that as well by offering pack prizes that take into account everything they sell + donations they receive.
  15. A bit late, but my 2 cents. I would start to think about what is most beneficial to the kids. That should drive every decision you make. Having constant leadership turnover and no strong backbone of leadership to build on would mean to me its time to move the kids into the larger packs in the area. You don't want people to quit scouts because of the constant upheaval or there not being things to do because no one is planning them. Or adults to quit and take their kids out of scouting because the pressure/atmosphere is too much for them. Even in a larger pack the kids should be able t
  16. First responders to a medical emergency at camp would be the camp medics. They can typically make it there faster than an ambulance from a hospital. And its always good if those guys know that you have a latex allergy or something else before they treat you if you are passed out or something. Asking little johnny if his mommy is allergic to something they want to give her isn't always the best way to find out.
  17. Donno, personally I would blame the council for ordering that many boxes for a troop that hasn't had orders like that in the past. I know our council calls to speak to the popcorn kernel if they see an unusually large or odd order from a troop/pack that doesn't normally ask for that much.
  18. This pdf you mean? http://www.scouting.org/filestore/multicultural/pdf/523-006_web.pdf
  19. We have a climbing tower at our scout camp and when we are there for cub scout camp its webelos and above only. I would wonder why your district allows younger than webelos on that verticle tower. Younger cubs can go climbing in an inside commercial facility though.
  20. I think she just started off wrong starting off with the negative. It should have been a more positive discussion with her asking where she should give her numbers for tax purposes, or how that was handled. And if she was told it "wasn't handled" just inquire as to why. Without throwing up all these legalities and penalties. Your charter org should be the absolute last resort of anything after speaking to your pack first and then council. You don't want to cause any waves or trouble for the entity that is nice enough to let you fall under their umbrella if at all possible. You don't want t
  21. Yeah, my husband is a unit commissioner and the variety and structure of nearly every pack in our city is unique. Also the number of people ready and willing to step up is unique to each pack. You can tell the packs who have the gung ho leaders and parents since they are always doing events beyond the traditional pack/den meeting things. Its all about the leadership and people in the pack. I do not think that council should regulate this, it would be impossible to regulate this. Some packs run with one family who does everything for a small pack. And some families like this. Some run with
  22. The end of the discussion is, if you do not feel comfortable doing something, don't do it. A lot of cub scout packs don't have much in the way of assets. I am not exactly sure what our treasurer does (another discussion entirely ) but our pack made about 5k off popcorn/camp cards and got another 2-3k in donations from companies matching volunteer hours. We don't "own" expensive equipment as it would be our PTA who would have to own it, we can't as far as I am aware. Our PTA does file tax returns as we are in a well-todo school district so they get lots of money and grants throughout the y
  23. We had tigers at day camp this summer. And there is a HUGE difference between these kids (who JUST got out of kindergarden) and the wolves (just crossed over tigers). But like I said before, if the program is tailored to them, then it should work. My only fear is that instead of gaining more people you will end up losing people earlier as the program for Lions is only twice a month and its easy to have dropoff when not much is going on, especially the camping etc that parents expect when joining scouts with their kids.
  24. The BSA has very little to do with how you run your Pack. They put forth the best practices and what they think you should do, but at the end of the day the program is volunteer run. Now, that being said, its volunteer run and these Packs can make rules that you must participate etc in order to be in the Pack. That is up to the Packs themselves. We have a pack in our district who requires that every parent help plan/organize one event and they get that all sorted out at the beginning of each year. I spoke to their cub master last night in fact about this, and I asked how its enforced. He says
  25. Err you have shelter to take? dang, we are out under our Easy-ups or inside our tents yelling back and forth when it rains lol. Some people don't want to camp in rain. If its a 20% chance of rain do you cancel ? Not usually, but you could still be in that 20% chance and have rain. If its going to be tornado weather or severe thunderstorms 90% chance, well that is another story. We went camping a few weekends back with a bunch of cub scout families (not an official campout) and we got rained on during the day for about 30minutes and then it started raining again about 9pm at ni
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