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  1. All, thanks for all the info --- I just found out who our Dist Popcorn kernel is, I'll query them.
  2. Hello, sorry if this has been answered a thousand times before. In our pack committee, we are all relatively new in our leadership positions, and our popcorn kernel/treasurer resigned last year. Our dist exec told us that 70% come back to “local scouting†--- but I’m not sure about that actual number. My understanding is that the “70%†includes council’s skim off the top, etc. We need the actual % number to set our fundraising goals. Thanks in advance --- Kevin
  3. Great thread. I had forgotten all about Opinel Knives. I really like the idea of an inexpensive, safe, yet well made pocket knife for my Bear cub when he earns his whittlin' chip this fall - like the opinel #7. My biggest concern is him loosing it, and at around $10 from amazon it's not too painful. I will get him something nicer like victorinox or Buck knife when he demonstrates safe use & and the ability not to loose it. I would say my only "minor" quibble with the knife is lack of a lanyard hole - but we'll probably make a leather sheath anyways.
  4. I absolutely think firearms should be allowed in church. There have been several church shootings in the past few years, including a murder in OH recently. The church isn't protecting me or my family with armed security or a magical spell to keep armed evil doers away. OH CC law requires the consent of the clergy before carry is allowed in any church. A courthouse is a different story as all people go through security screenings to enter, and are relatively a more controlled envioronment --- but I see no problem with a citizen (especially one forced into jury duty by the state) who has a
  5. Is there anyone with a special skill or craft ability that can make something? We recently had an experienced Cubmaster complete his second, 2 year term as the Packs Cubmaster. I made him a custom, hand-tooled knife sheath, as leather work is one of my hobbies and the pack pitched in a Buck 110 Knife ($39) (My leatherwork merit badge skills, are always coming in handy.) Perhaps someone can do something like this. I also liked the Idea of the custom patch too!
  6. Welcome aboard --- this site is a great resource.
  7. PA Bill, is correct when he infers that I mean "prohibited zones" (or as some like to call them Criminal Protection Zones, CPZs) within the existing concealed carry laws of a given state, when lawful carry is prohibited. For Ohio, this includes schools, hospitals, etc. The law enforcement "logic" that Packsaddle refers to; that LEOs won't know the difference between the good guys and bad guys with guns is a strawman myth that the anti-gunners perpetuate. Either deadly force is authorized or it isn't. Any LEO engaging a threat needs to make sure the person he is engaging satisfies all the
  8. What do all of the public massacres in the past decade or so have in common? They were in places enumerated by law where concealed carry was prohibited by state or federal law. The evil doerss select these places becuase of this fact so they will be unlikely to encounter an armed citizen. Obviously, when children are massacred in a place where lawful carry of firearms by vetted citizens is prohibited it is time to question these unconstitutional laws. As a qualified Tactical Action Officer and Command duty officer, in the Navy we had a plan in place for any type of forced entry into a
  9. We have tryed to keep the Pack activity level to about 4-6 events per month (with the exception of July.) This includes pack meetings, den meetings & other events like pinewood derby, campouts, B&G, etc. If you have too light a month then interest will wane over the next few months. Your measure of sucess is when parents are actually missing baseball, soccer, etc to attend pack events instead. (Somehow sporting events seem to always take priority over scouting events for parents ... but this is a whole separate topic ... ) I have found it works well to have pack-level events
  10. What I have found that works well for cold days, and still allows the scout to show-off thier uniform is a vest. They can wear long sleeve thermals or t-shirts under their uniform and a vest over. If it is really cold, I wear an under-armor (or similar) base layer, a sweatshirt & then the scout uniform over. This is plenty of layers for most scout outdoor activities. I use this "layers" strategy when talking to the parents about how to dress appropriate for the weather in our city's christmas parade, while still showing that we are a cub scout pack,
  11. This is where we are too. We are going to have a pool party in lieu of a June Pack meeting. Adult leader burn-out is a problem; as the same 5-6 people do everything, and we are a huge pack (110 scouts). If I don't let the leaders get a break over the summer, they will get overwhelmed. Quite frankly, if a few families went away in the summer I wouldn't complain. We live in a relatively "well-to-do" area and it is a curse. I never ceases to amaze me that the other 200 parents that don't do anything besides show up, have a sense of entitlement & will complain about the way things are r
  12. Hello Scouters- My name is Kevin. I am a Cubmaster of the local pack & have been involved in the program since I was young cub scout minus some time in the US Navy. I am the proud father of a cub scout (and his little sister!) an Eagle Scout (class of '98) and served as a Surface Warfare Officer in the US Navy '03 - '09. The values & leadership the scouting program instilled in me have been a priceless guide in my life & it is time to pay it forward through the BSA as a scouter. What better way to pay back the dedicated leaders I had as a young man and be a positive force
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