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  1. Has anyone used the Michael Beck method for selling popcorn? I cant seem to google any semi-real reviews of it. (Michael Beck does presentations for Campmasters and he can make you want to drink the koolaid
  2. We did tables at the teacher meet and greets this year. We had parents fill out a form if they were interested in Cub Scouting and a nice little checkbox if they were interested in volunteering for den leader or assistant den leader. Actually got a lot of people marking that checkbox! We had a posterboard with large pictures of the kids from last year and laptops running slide shows. We also had rocks. At the Dollar Tree you can get a bag of River rocks for $1 and there are like 30 or 40 rocks in that bag. We drew animal prints on the rocks with permanent marker and a printed out guide o
  3. Thanks a lot Polaris! I was worried we didn't have a good spot. Well its my first time and I don't think we should have too much trouble beating the $3k that the pack made last year with nearly 40-50 boys.
  4. Took me this long to find out all of the information for the popcorn stuff. They finally got everything sorted with Campmasters and started having informational meetings last month. We do have several council incentives, but they are pretty big ticket incentives, ie $1000 sold gets you free Day Camp, $1600 sold gets you a $250 gift card. These are incentives on top of what Campmasters gives us. I guess I never really saw any of the council incentives last year since our top seller was around $600 in our pack. I plan to try to motivate the kids to do better this year though! The way t
  5. I had quite a shock when I called our local grocery store to get a date in October to sell popcorn and they said they had been booked up since January for aug/sept/oct !!! I had no idea in January I would be in charge of the popcorn, but this year I am going to call 7 months in advance! I ended up getting us a spot at Lowes for the September distribution date. Anyone ever sold at lowes/home depot type store? Our lowes is located in the same parking lot as Walmart (I called walmart also, but they were booked for that day, and the lady in charge said they had been booked for a long whi
  6. Speaking from the other side of the coin (Cub scouts), can your troop offer their help to Cub Scout packs in the area? We ask troops to come in and help us with certain events and it lets the Webelos 1 and 2 get to know the older boys and helps them decide where they want to go when they cross over to boy scouts. We actually have a troop coming in this fall to help us with a 4 hour day camp we are doing for the cubs. They will come in and help run events and I love having the boy scouts there as it shows our cubs that its still cool and fun to be a boy scout after cub scouting
  7. I don't think moderators/admin here exist. Took me like 5 months to get an account because the sign up page would just cause errors and emailed repeatedly with no response. Finally, one day the sign up page magically worked for me
  8. This is our first year with campmasters and they have a $10 caramel popcorn TIN. At least it should look a bit more valuable than a box of microwave popcorn, and $10 is a good price point that won't scare off too many people. I was thinking of splitting up the boxes of 20 for $20 to sell for $1 each. Trying to sell one bag of microwave popcorn for $2 would be a bit too much imo. But if the popcorn was chocolate or caramel, that would be a great price point.
  9. Yeah, he didn't exactly sign up for this, its more like the guys in charge of our district/council are noticing him and getting him more involved. We show up for everything (round tables/council events/pack events/district events) and are usually one of the first to arrive and last to leave. This is our second year in cubs. My husband was involved in scouts all throughout his youth. His mom was a Guide leader (the UK version of girl scouts) and he got to Queen's Scout (UK version of Eagle Scout). The methods are a little different over here from how he grew up in UK, but the premise and core v
  10. At the Council Calendar planning meeting last spring, my husband got asked to be a Unit Commissioner. He will go to the specific training this fall. We run my son's den and plan to take on a few other things this year (helping with the popcorn and day camp planning/organization). Can anyone with first hand experience at this job elaborate a little more on what it actually entails, or SHOULD entail? Apparently our district hasn't really had unit commissioners in a while, I have never seen one at a pack meeting at least Googling it brings up things like helping webelos get into scout t
  11. Are you sure the leader even notices? I know our son can get into his spoiled or bad boy act and my husband is the den leader. If I wasn't there I don't think he would even notice the little things my son does that may not be quite right. He is too busy trying to lead as a whole rather than pay attention to one child. Luckily I am there to correct our son, but if i wasn't it would probably be the same situation. But most of our parents are and do correct/guide the children to the right behaviors. Of course our parents consist of police officers, child social worker, teacher, full time mom
  12. Its very common for people to just not respond. I do our Den's email, which is only 8 families. But even with the 8 families I often have to do several emails to get them to reply if they will/will not attend. I usually send the first email, get a few responses, then i send out another email saying I still have not heard from X, Y or Z yet if they will be attending, and this usually gets the parents to respond at this point. I did make a point at one of the den meetings, that if they will not be attending a den meeting or event to email me and let me know so I know how many kids to prepar
  13. This is the first year with Campmasters. We did trails end last year. But thanks everyone, have a lot of good questions to bring to the council popcorn informational meeting next week and to the cubmaster later this week.
  14. Thanks for all the helpful replies. There is a popcorn meeting on may 29th for our council which I am attending. But I would like to have a lot of questions to ask, which is why I wanted to discuss it here first. I am sure I will learn there about the council having show and sell or if we need to front for the show and sell as a pack, but I also know now to ask just in case! The only incentive we had last year were a few giftcards and a big watergun. I really don't think half the kids noticed it. And I know being a new tiger pack, only one of our families actually sold. The rest of us di
  15. I am thinking of taking over the popcorn kernel position for our pack. This is my second year (my son will be in wolves) and last years popcorn sale was not very advertised within the pack. We had two new tiger dens and there was a short 2min presentation by the popcorn kernels husband at our first pack meeting which was hectic/confusing for most of us first time tigers. This year I think it would be very important to actually make a small presentation at the Den meetings, especially for the new tigers, and have some great incentives for the kids to want to participate. So basically
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