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  1. Any update since the meeting?
  2. cyphertext

    GSUSA Near Drowning

    I don't agree... If this woman was not on the trip in an official capacity with the troop (i.e. leader, driver, merit badge counselor, etc) then she was not trying to "get around the rules". It was a campground open to the public... no different than if I went camping and fishing one weekend at the local lake and at the same time my son's troop had an event there as well.
  3. cyphertext


    I think they would look more "squared away" if they were all wearing matching footwear. With different colored sneakers, it doesn't look that good.
  4. That's hardcore... and one reason why draft style play is popular... everyone starts on equal footing in draft play.
  5. cyphertext


    Sometimes that is the only way... For example, my son and his patrol, as well as other boys in the troop like to play paintball. I like to play as well, so I go too. Clearly can not be a Scout outing, as the G2SS does not allow scouts to play paintball. But according to the new G2SS, I would still be in violation as a registered leader and being the only adult leader there. Sorry, but sometimes a group of Scouts all doing something together does not equal a Scouting group.
  6. There really never is a conclusion on threads like this... what works fine and is accepted for one troop causes issues for another troop...
  7. Again, nobody in this thread has said if the SPL is making money or not... they "assumed" he is due to how much it costs. Magic cards cost between $3 and $4 per pack. If you charge $10 for a draft game and each person keeps the equivalent of 3 packs of cards, and there are extra packs purchased for the winner with any remaining funds, no one is making any money off of them. No one said that a Scout couldn't go to an event... this just seems like something extra to do while on a campout. Some scouts will want to participate, some won't. I've already given suggestions on how to change this where the game could still be played, but no money change hands between scouts at the event.
  8. cyphertext

    If men carry purses, what would be in yours

    No, it's your murse... man purse.
  9. cyphertext

    President Trump Eagle Letters

    It has been almost a year since my son sent the request... nothing.
  10. cyphertext

    Unit number change and embracing the new

    Does the pack welcome girls? If so, go with the new number as the traditions and values of the old number are dead and gone.
  11. So if a chartering organization and troop wish to continue with a boys only program, that is inane and childish?
  12. cyphertext

    can a CO change the rules? if so, how far?

    Not really... I was a volunteer with my son's JROTC unit. A parent volunteer. I didn't answer to any / all teachers either. If a teacher didn't like what I was doing with the JROTC unit, go take it up with the Colonel. Unless Colonel or Sarge say otherwise, we are going to keep on doing what we were doing. If this is a common occurrence at your school, teachers interfering with activities that they are not involved with, sounds like a bunch of folks are on a power trip. What about the rest of my earlier post? That seems to be pretty common here for units that are not chartered by a church.
  13. cyphertext

    can a CO change the rules? if so, how far?

    Pretty unique, as Catholic schools pale in comparison to the number of public schools. Maybe not unique in the Catholic school world, but that is pretty small piece in the big picture. And the point I was making is that the field/gym supervisor is not in charge of, and has no say in on field activities... coaches are in charge, as in our school system and those around us, coaching is a teacher position, not a volunteer. Same teacher acting as the gym supervisor has no say in what the basketball coach is doing on the court.
  14. cyphertext

    can a CO change the rules? if so, how far?

    David, your organization sounds very unique... here, a teacher does not tell the high school football coach how to run his team. The football coach is the AD for the campus. His staff are all paid coaches, not volunteers. The field supervisor controls what happens in the stands, not on the field. They are responsible for security, monitoring weather, etc... not interacting with the on field activities. Same thing with our COs. Our troop was chartered by a business who has locations world wide. I would not expect one of their executives on a visit from Japan to stop in and direct our Scoutmaster how to run the troop. We wouldn't know the guy from Adam! Our COs also act more as a sponsor than owning the troop. Neither troop that my son was in met at, or were provided space for meetings from the CO. We did fundraising and paid dues. Both troops met at local churches, but the troops were not affiliated with the church. The CO merely "owned" the troop on paper, but the troops operated autonomously.
  15. cyphertext

    New member with issue

    No den meetings? You should walk away based on that alone. As far as the Cubmaster "bullying", I wasn't there, but for him to come check on your son doesn't sound unreasonable. From what was written, that doesn't sound bad, but of course I am not getting the tone. When the child hid from him though, he should have changed course... I will tell you that having a group of Scouters go against you is something that I have seen as well. In a troop that we left, there was a complaint made about the Scoutmaster by another parent and the district was called in. The District Executive told all of us in leadership that he would always side with a Scoutmaster over a parent, as he can find plenty of parents but not enough Scoutmasters! My son changed troops for his own reasons, but I was shocked to hear this from the DE!