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  1. Yes, there are some parents that think Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are related organizations... a lot of parents! Throw in the marketing video with girls saying "Scout me in!", it can add to that confusion. I don't know if GSUSA can win in a court of law, but I can see their point.
  2. Do you realize that the same words you just used to describe the NRA have been used by some to describe the BSA as well? In my area, the makeup of the BSA is very close to a mirror image of NRA membership. Many of the boys who are in Scouts have parents that are NRA members.
  3. FireStone, This has not been my experience. I have never seen any of this type of stuff sent home with a Cub Scout. I'll take the Ruger koozie though, if you don't want it.
  4. The "Tell an adult" part covers that... the adult corrects the situation in an appropriate manner. The main point is safety by teaching the kids to not touch the firearm and to leave the area. The effectiveness is debatable, but the point is not political.
  5. You would object to the Eddie Eagle curriculum? There is nothing political about the curriculum at all...
  6. Is there something that you don't agree with in the message of "Stop, Don't touch, Leave the area, Tell an adult"? Is there something that is not age appropriate in that message for Cub Scouts?
  7. I don't agree... If this woman was not on the trip in an official capacity with the troop (i.e. leader, driver, merit badge counselor, etc) then she was not trying to "get around the rules". It was a campground open to the public... no different than if I went camping and fishing one weekend at the local lake and at the same time my son's troop had an event there as well.
  8. I think they would look more "squared away" if they were all wearing matching footwear. With different colored sneakers, it doesn't look that good.
  9. That's hardcore... and one reason why draft style play is popular... everyone starts on equal footing in draft play.
  10. Sometimes that is the only way... For example, my son and his patrol, as well as other boys in the troop like to play paintball. I like to play as well, so I go too. Clearly can not be a Scout outing, as the G2SS does not allow scouts to play paintball. But according to the new G2SS, I would still be in violation as a registered leader and being the only adult leader there. Sorry, but sometimes a group of Scouts all doing something together does not equal a Scouting group.
  11. There really never is a conclusion on threads like this... what works fine and is accepted for one troop causes issues for another troop...
  12. Again, nobody in this thread has said if the SPL is making money or not... they "assumed" he is due to how much it costs. Magic cards cost between $3 and $4 per pack. If you charge $10 for a draft game and each person keeps the equivalent of 3 packs of cards, and there are extra packs purchased for the winner with any remaining funds, no one is making any money off of them. No one said that a Scout couldn't go to an event... this just seems like something extra to do while on a campout. Some scouts will want to participate, some won't. I've already given suggestions on how to chan
  13. It has been almost a year since my son sent the request... nothing.
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