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  1. Sosh; Yes I find your post offensive. The best way to get her to clam up is to take her to someone she doesn't know and has no history with to discuss this. She is at ease with the priest, The priest if a professional counselor. He will get her to the point where she will open up to a professional counselor. This has to be done in steps to be successful. You seem to think I'm sitting in front of a computer and doing nothing else. You are sadly mistaken. There are a lot of wheels in motion. I came her to vent, I'm out.
  2. Her priest will be over later this afternoon to talk to her.
  3. She cracked today at school and I had to pick her up. She went to her bedroom and curled up with our German Shepherd. He is at the end of the bed, facing the door, guarding her. I am sick to my stomach.
  4. Thanks for the thoughts. She got up to go to school today and is showing the strain. The deification is about to hit the oscillation. We asked before we went anywhere is she was in for the long haul and what to expect. She said yes. She chose to talk to the Scout Exec in person vice over the phone. Again, thanks.
  5. Venting somewhat here. Was at a adult meeting discussing upcoming events. Members of our Venture Crew were in attendance. A 16 year old female said and adult (early 20's) had touched her inappropriately. That immediately prompted calls to the unit commissioner then the district commissioner then the scout exec. It has turned into a full blown Scout and police investigation. Parents worst nightmare. It's also our daughter. I am working with the local police to complete a thorough, fair and low key investigation. The Council has been wonderful. They have offered our daugh
  6. I couldn't get any other part of the forum to open, Mod- Please move this to the proper forum if needed. Our troop had reservations for Philmont starting the 1st week of July, 13. Several youth and parents backed out and we had return our reservations. My son and I are still interested in going and need help find a troop/crew with an adult and youth opening. We are in Ohio but will take anything we can get during the same time frame. My email is standersoN@earthlink.net. Thanks, An old Eagle Scout and his son Star Scout.
  7. "Participating" is not exactly how it is written. "not exactly" is the same as "a definite maybe" "I might ask why your ASM is checking with counselors. Are you trying to talk them into not working with him or into being particularly difficult?" The more information that can be gathered in this situation, the more accurate the final decision will be. We are trying to find out what, if any, action the young man has taken in order to get the merit badge. I checked my previous posts, didn't see anything to suggest I was trying to be underhanded or trying to back door the young
  8. Rythos: It is my opinion the BSA's definition of "active" in the context of the POR means participating.
  9. Update: I was just notified that he does not have Camping Merit Badge. Another adult leader is contacting counselors in and out of the troop to find out if they have been approached by the young man. "Active" is the sticking point. Although National defines "active" are registered in the context of being in the troop, I feel "active" means participating in the context of the POR. The POR will be my "give" during the talk with the young man (and his mother). The wording is not cyrstal clear (ative means registered or participating). The camping deficiency is clear and cannot be i
  10. Nike: I like the idea but here is the problem. National Council, Districts and Troops cannot define "active" by assigning a number. I also would like to see "active" mean participating but I am not sure that will happen.
  11. nldscout; National approved an extension for a Scout who didn't take any initiative in order to get/have a leadership position? I have issues with that. It is not the Troops responsibility. Although this troop did not properly mentor this young man, it is his ultimate responsibility to get the requirements done. "Actively" seems to be the key word in the POR. Thanks for the help.
  12. Why would I not want to hear that? I am looking for anwers, not friends. Please provide any information you have.
  13. Sorry, missed this one: "In our largish troop, our ASM-Advancement tracks the status of all fellows who are 16 years old. We assume that since they are still around, most of these fellows are interested in earning Eagle. The ASMs job is to spot "fatal flaws" like the one described here and facilitate the scout in finding a solution. While there is still plenty of time." That very thing was brought up in the meeting. That postion is being developed for our troop (35 boys)
  14. Let me respond to a some of the posts: "That is just as much the unit fault as it is the Scout!" True. That is the very point I tried to get across. How could the Troop allow him to start his Eagle Project when he had no (or very little chance) to get advanced? I have a feeling there is a ASM who in the mind set of everyone gets Eagle. Something of an "Eagle Factory" "If you think that they will be VERY unpleasant, you might also invite a knowledgeable and skillful Commissioner or representative of your District Advancement Committee to be there as impartial witness."
  15. I just found out what National considers "Active" Guess we'll eat that requirement.
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