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    Any other camps dropping COPE?

    Seven Ranges in NE Ohio still has the COPE course. For the person whose troop tried Manitoc, I highly recommend Seven Ranges. Of course, the big draw is the Pipestone Honors program. And to truly appreciate it, you need to come back every year. It's one of the reasons the Buckeye Council has a good retention rate and higher than average number of boys earning their Eagle. Glenn
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    The alert you saw is simply a pop up ad. It takes you to a site that sells ad aware software.
  3. "I have it on good authority that God really dosen't get too upset if you miss a Sunday every now and then (your grandmother may not agree). " Nor do I agree.
  4. Eagle54, I actually like the Scouter's Own Service. I'm probably prejudiced because my son is the chaplain's aide. But it does involve the entire troop in a religious service. If a troop or district tried to tailor individual services for all the various faiths at an event, my guess is it would be too cumbersome and would not get done. However, as a Catholic, those services do NOT fulfill my Sunday obligation. So my son and I always attend Mass during or after weekend campouts. Usually we get back early enough and can attend an afternoon Mass. However, on longer trips where we would not get back until late Sunday, I always drive my son and any other scout that would like to attend to a local Catholic church on Saturday evening. I am not sure what we do for a high adventure trip that covered a weekend. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.(This message has been edited by Glenn)
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    I need this for my Eagle....

    Try this site http://www.valleyscouters.org/boyscouttroop411/eagles%20nest/411%20Eagle%20Scouts.html for the eagle scout medal. If you go to www.google.com and click on the images tab, you can search the internet for images. I found some Eagle Scouts and their parents (obviously from their Court of Honor) but no generic picture like you are looking for. But I didn't search too long.
  6. Done. Hope Ryan is feeling better.
  7. Glenn

    Is God Dead?

    Thanks for the laugh! Now the professor has to wonder if God influenced the Marine or not!
  8. Glenn

    Captain Kangaroo Dies

    I heard that on the radio during lunch today. I can't believe that show was on for 36 years!
  9. I am terribly saddened to read of this accident. I too will say a prayer for Alex and his family. As has been mentioned, no greater loss than to lose your own child.
  10. We went two years ago and our scouts loved it. Definitely look into the Gettysburg Historic Trails program. We left on Thursday in order to complete all the different sections of the program. As stated by Acco, it's a very busy two days but both the adults and scouts learned alot. At an impromptu PLC after our meeting Monday, I was soliciting ideas from the boys for future camping. Gettysburg was mentioned as something they would like to do again. But we will hold off until summer in order to properly plan.
  11. Glenn

    gay ex-scout, my loss americas gain....

    Here's a link with a quick and short summary of the Mennonite culture. http://www.saskschools.ca/~lyndale/megan.htm Interesting. Thanks Achileez for prompting me to learn more about your religion.
  12. Our troop committee runs it like OldGreyEagle where we have time designated for the SPL to talk to the committee. Also, it allows the committee to ask questions of the SPL. However, since the committee meeting is held as the same time as time as the troop meeting, neither the SPL nor SM can attend the whole meeting. But with everyone's time a premium (both boys and adults), I doubt we could meet at any other time.(This message has been edited by Glenn)
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    What should they call us?

    Adreanvs, You asked a question of me so it is only polite that I respond: "Glenn, do you extend the courtesy of title to the youth whom you serve?" The only problem is I really don't understand the question. If you are asking me if I call the patrol leader, patrol leader Joe, then of course not. As that is not a standard prefix. If I misunderstood your question, please clarify. By the way, if I ever meant one of those whiz kids who earn their medical degree by the age of 13, then yes, I would call them Dr. Smartypants (or whatever their last name is!).
  14. Glenn

    50th Anniversary Celebration

    We just celebrated our 50th year last year and also had dinner. Some of the events we did that went over well were: 1. Honored all Eagle Scouts from the Troop. Had them come up and selected boys read from some Eagle tribute as they lit candles. 2. Honored all previous Scout masters. Similar to above. 3. Gave out the 50th patch to all registers Scouts and Scouters. 4. Our Scout Executive came and gave a 5 minute speech. 5. We invited our Sponsoring organization's representative (COR) to attend and thanked them also. 6. Had a table set up that anyone could display their paraphernalia. I was concerned about someone misplacing something (or even someone stealing - uggh! not scouts). But we had no problems. 7. One suggestion I could highly recommend is to allow more time to socialize. We only allowed for 30 minutes prior to dinner and this was definitely not enough time. The reunion type atmosphere encouraged the previous scouts and scouters to reminisce. One suggestion that we overruled was to allow each previous Eagle in attendance to give a short talk about what Scouting was like for them. There was some concern that some non-supportive talk might be given. I don't know the reason, but an older scouter strongly advised against it. Good luck. P.S. I also asked this question last year (actually, I might have asked in Nov/Dec 2002). Perhaps there are some other answers in that thread if you can find it.
  15. Glenn

    What should they call us?

    I'm actually surprised at the number of adults who allow the scouts to call them by their first name. It seems that it's a majority of troops (on this forum) that do this. I must be more conservative (read old-fashioned!) than I thought. At 42 years young, who would have thunk it. Our scouts use Mr. or Mrs. Lastname when addressing any adult. And if I am talking to a scout about an adult, I refer to them as Mr. or Mrs. However, even if a scout is nearby, if I am addressing an adult, I use their first name. I have always taught my children to call any adult by Mr. and Mrs. and do not wish this to be different. So I am with FOG on this one. The main reason is I do not want my children to get confused and start calling other adults by their first name/nickname. I guess I could see Mr. Eamonn as a sort of compromise. As far as Uncle Dave/Aunt Martha, I again would not want my children using this address with anyone other than their true aunts and uncles. Lastly, I do not think the Mr and Mrs (or Dr.) shows a superiority, rather it is simply politeness. As someone else said, I expect it from my children along with the please and thank you.(This message has been edited by Glenn)
  16. Glenn

    Best Camp Program ever

    Our Council Camp developed the Pipestone program back in the 1920's and has been very popular with the scouts. In fact, we had a boy move temporarily for two years to Oklahoma but asked his parents to fly him back to Ohio both summers so he could continue earning his Pipestone. The idea is that each year, you earn a larger Pipestone up to 5 years. The requirements to earn the Pipestone range from a Good Turn project (can be done before camp), nature requirements (identifying plants/animals/constellations etc.), and advancement requirements. Check out the program at http://www.buckeyecouncil.org/Pipestone.htm Of course, the camp must also be well run, which ours is. The program (i.e. skits after meals, etc.) are well liked by the boys. The meals themselves are generally well received (except for our one vegetarian - not much selection for him). Most merit badge classes do the requirements as stated in the books. Sometimes you do get a counselor that is not well trained (or was not prepared). Free time in the afternoon (after siesta - a welcome break for both the staff AND Scouters) allows the scouts to participate in any activity they choose (swim, boat, rifle shoot, etc.). Good luck on developing a 1st rate camp!
  17. When are adults required to register with BSA? We have various parents that attend the committee meetings. To be considered a committee member, do they need to be registered? Also, our new secretary and treasurer are not registered. Is this OK also? What are the benefits to the adult to register? Thanks in advance.
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    gay ex-scout, my loss americas gain....

    SA, I am coming in on this discussion quite late but wanted to comment on the various Bible translations. As stated earlier, I had heard the King James version is fairly reliable, along with the NIV. For old English, not only the KJV but the Duoay Rheims version is fairly accurate based on the oldest documents they had available at the time of their translation. However, my research (and no, I also do not know Greek, etc. but rely on scholars that do) has led me to believe that the RSV is one of the more reliable. (RSV-CE for us Catholics - it includes the deuterocanonical books). All of these versions are then printed with various titles. For instance, the RSV-CE is published as the Ignatius Bible. So when looking for a Bible, look inside the cover for the version, not just the name of the Bible. As to why there are so many versions, I understand that many of the phrases and words can be interpreted differently. One must look into the context and once you do that, the prejudice of the translator may come into play. Also, many of the newer versions try to change the wording to be gender neutral (and change the meaning of the text in my opinion - so stay away from the NRSV New Revised Standard Version).
  19. Glenn

    The beef with beef

    Couldn't imagine life without beef. Or green onions. My wife was making some dip over Christmas that called for green onions. She asked if she should forgo them? My suggestion, no. She didn't so if I suddenly stop posting, you know why.
  20. Glenn

    I am an Eagle Scout

    FloridaScout, Congratulations! As you are no doubt aware, very few boys that join scouting actually earn their Eagle. So you have every right to be proud!
  21. Glenn

    Adult registration

    Thanks everyone for their input. I was not aware that you must be registered to be considered a full committee member. We always include any parent who drops in in our discussions and motions. The last time we had a contentious vote/decision, we had called a special committee meeting and if I remember correctly, only registered Scouters were there. We have always asked the parents that attend the outings to be registered. And highly suggested SM fundamental training. But this is not enforced in our troop. Thanks again.
  22. Glenn

    What would you do?

    I agree with both Dan and Ed. It had to take the boy a while to squeeze through that chute. I hope Dad was able to take care of business.
  23. Glenn

    Tour Permits ...again

    As Laurie said, if the outing (even overnight) is held at a Council camp, then no permit is required (at least this is what I was told by Council). I have also been told that if there is a boy led Patrol hike or some other day activity, then no permit is required.
  24. Glenn

    Other Hobbies

    Woodworking - I love making useful items for the house and scouts. Golfing - I'm terrible of course. Tennis - Weekly - indoor during the winter. Reading - Both pleasure (favortie author - Stephen King) and Christian enlightenment (Scott Hahn). Computers (home and work)
  25. Glenn

    And the beast lay quiet . . .

    I obviously have not been frequenting this site enough. I do not even know who the beast is! In any case, I hope you all enjoy the quiet.