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  1. Make sure you keep track of all the time you put into the project. Not keeping track of the hours becomes a pain in the butt later, trust me. Are you going to do extra things to the walkway too, like a few plants along the sides, or some cheap benches, or is it just the walkway. Great Project, wishing you the best of luck from one Eagle to hopefully another.
  2. Is this a forumn or a soap opra? Who's gonna start serving second helpings? I'm hungry!
  3. There is this boy in my Troop (11 yrs old), and he is going up for his Second Class BOR. He has been in the Troop for only 5 months. Many of the other kids don't really think he knows what he should to be a Second Class. Some think he is moving too fast. Now I'm not one to be picking moving too fast, becasue since you all know I moved pretty fast to Eagle Candidate for 14 yrs. old. But, lately, he has been being a nusience to everyone and he does seem that he mearly memorized what he needed to get signed off. I wish I wasn't so blind sighted before. Now he's going up for the BOR. A
  4. I did a Blood Drive for mine, one of my friends did a Food Drive that kinda gave the Scouting for Food an extra boost. These are projects that don't require "building", but getting before and after pictures are harder. BTW, ask him what he ever has looked at in his community and said, "they need to do something with that," and their ya go, their's a project in waiting.
  5. 1) I decided I needed to something else for my project, so, I customized my own t-shirts. They were red, then on the back at the top it said "Blood Donor", under that, the picture OGE gave me, and then under that said "Eagle Scout Project 2004" 2) Its typacially hard to get Donors to come out and donate in my area. 3) Yes, people are in a constant need of blood all of the time, and then, what really motivated me to encourage people even more was that a little boy, 9, had been riding a horse, fell off, and the liver was laserated (sliced), and they were constantly pumping pint aft
  6. Yesterday, March 13, 1:00 p.m., I completed my Eagle Scout Project!!! It was a complete success. I put my goal at 25 donors, but my Blood Drive Recruiter said that all the other Blood Drive Chairmans are lucky to get 15 donors around here, and I got 20 donors. I also did great financially, I have $50 left over since the t-shirt man gave me a discount. That $50 is going to go into an account for the next Eagle Canidate from our Troop to use if they need it. Im going today to my Scoutmasters house to work on the paperwork. We are thinking of making a Blood Drive a tri-annual Co
  7. Number one thing....Check his handbook. If he doesn't have signatures on Star and Life, then either he isn't what he claims, or he wasn't proud enough of the award to get it signed off, or either he was too lazy to. And second, he only needs 18 more merit badges to go right? And he's done 41 out of a needed 21, right? THen tell him to redo them. The ones that have no time limits should be done in less than 3 days for someone who has already done all of the requirements, right? And for those that do, he should get thru with them without a moments delay past the time limit for someone
  8. This is just an idea I have came up with, but what if the forum's next update would be a chatroom? What do you think? Would you like it or would you hate it? We all know there is a chatroom at MSN, but one here would be awesome. Post your opinions here, but please everyone, if you don't like someone's opinion, keep it to yourself. Asking SCOUTER-Terry right now about this idea
  9. If anyone out there has a picture of an Eagle Medal, with a Eagle in the Background could you post it here. Also, I wish to have a picture of an Eagle Scout surrounded by his mother and father, and a lot of different Scouts looking on. I would very much appreciate it, its to put on the bulletin thingie for my Eagle COH. Its not yet, but I'm just not waiting to the last minute to find the pics. Blood Drive planned for March 13. Wish me luck!!!
  10. From my experience of being in and serving on a BOR, I would get at least one of your older scouts to set in on it too. In my troop, myself, the JASM, and the Instructor perform the BOR for Scout-First Class. The scouts arn't afraid to tell other youth what they like and dislike about the way the troop functions and runs more than what they would tell an adult. Occasionally an adult will serve on the BOR, but only for like the First Class. Star & Life, we don't even stand outside the door, we leave that completly to the adults since if a scout beleive that he should earn Star o
  11. Hey Dan, can you remind me what the difference between White Stag Junior Leader Training Conference and the Junior Leader Training Conference. Also, as I had said earlier, I have earned my Silver Stag, so then my ticket is completed.
  12. JLTC is a great program, not many that I know that went completed their ticket, so tell him before he goes to pay attention and don't ever put his ticket aside to work on later. How old is your son?
  13. Speaking from a youths prospective, I do beleive that any JLT course would be a great addition to what I call the Honorable Trio(Star, Life, Eagle). Maybe, they could make TJLT required for Star, and JLTC require for Life. So when it comes times for one to work their Eagle project, the things they learned through the JLT courses would greatly assist them. I have went through TJLT, and JLTC, and have earned the Silver Stag, and it is greatly helping me on my Eagle. Just my two cents.
  14. Hey guys, I'm back. I been out for about two or three weeks I think, but I've been very busy. I kinda overloaded myself with Scout stuff and other clubs and winded up getting an F on a Semester. Also, I have been Saved by Jesus as of January 13, 2004, for that I've finally ask him to take control of my life. I was never a very practicing Chirstian, but I hope to now become one. Got kinda a little thing for all of you to do if you feel like it. Its a Scouting History thread! Just come in a post all the history of Scouting you know. I do something kinda new and let you guys sta
  15. But what about when the player wants to become the coach?
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