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  1. I just got back from NOAC with some disturbing news. The Western Region Chief has resigned...Well this should be in the OA section some of you say but wait here is theoffical reason givin be the regin chairman: A Note from the Region Chairman As some of you may know, for personal reasons the 2004 Region Chief Tim Wallace has resigned from office effective July 30, 2004. We wish Tim the best in his future endeavors and thank him for his service to the Region and to the Order of the Arrow. The National Chief of the Order of the Arrow, Jeff Hayward has appointed Matthew Griffis to
  2. In the NOAC online trading post you can buy NOAC boxers.
  3. The Venturing shorts are a joke. The pair of shorts I have already have holes in them. My main gripes: They wear out, they are uncomfortable, they fade from dark grey to off-white in only a few washes, the buttons break off, that little Venturing V tag rips,They are made of cotton, take forever to dry, are action fit( yes so are the Boy scout stuff but I have the "old style")there are many others. I use a pair of grey silver ridge shorts from Columbia when I am wearing my uniform in the field or at other non formal events. They work on so many levels, quick dry, wicking, ripstop, all nyl
  4. There is no set meaning. It is mostly used to refer to a young man that is your peer but can mean other things. Dan hit it on the nose.(This message has been edited by FloridaScout)
  5. Dude, a dude is just a dude.....dude...... dude is an amorphius term used to refer to any noun, male noun.
  6. Does it matter? Two deep leadership and youth protection are the law of the land.
  7. I have a friend that sewd his button on with sinue at an OA event.
  8. Ah! I get it. Thursdays the ROTC wear their uniforms at school and I see what you mean. VenturescoutNY the reason that they are not for youth is the price look at the diffrence but what I don't get is why they don't offer them in Venturing green and grey. F.S.(This message has been edited by FloridaScout)
  9. Forgive me for asking, what is a military press? I have herd of it but what is it, how would one go about making a military press in a shirt? Florida Scout P.S. Yes the shirts come in a Poly/wool. check the leaders section of www.scoutstuff.org, go to uniforms. Near the bottom of the page there is a section for uniform shirts, and click the box that says material.(This message has been edited by FloridaScout)
  10. Ok folks, Its that time of the decade, to shell out the dough for a new boy scout uniform. I have a choice to make the BSA has given me options in uniforming material, Poly/cotton blend, Cotton, or Poly/Wool. I don't want cotton because of wrinkles, Poly/cotton is good, but want I is Poly/Wool. Does anyone wear a Poly/Wool shirt and pants. Is it worth the little extra, do they hold up as well, are they comfortable? I have heard good things from a few people, but I want your opinions. Thank you, Florida Scout(This message has been edited by FloridaScout)
  11. My crew is mainly high adventure and outdoor,but then we only have one guy who was never a Boy Scout, he joined my troop last week.
  12. Florida...summer...moisture...heat..sweat...skeeters as big as your fist...BSA open canvas wall tents This is when I fell in love with Deet F.S.
  13. Mike, I dont know about this now frame but I have used, and loved all of my Kelty products. I have one of their Vortex 2 tents and it has lasted me the better part of six years of heavy scouting use. It started to wear holes in the floor about six months ago but that might be from my brother not using a ground cloth when he goes camping. I also use and love my Kelty pack, It to has lasted about six years and is as good as new. Florida Scout
  14. Marty, I would never stop, or have a problem with, any 9-11 medal, or pin on any BSA uniform. Florida Scout
  15. Wallace, Speaking as the Unit Elections and camp promotions chair for my lodge let me think. It might be the video thatis put out by national to be shown at OA elections. If this is the case it will have started off with a history of thr Order of the Arrow, and then the video will move on to rules for the election, quilifactions etc. If this is not it, the movie might be the "How to Conduct a Unit Election" this is a training tool for unit election teams. For either of these videos talk to your council service center, and they will point you to whoever can get you a copy. If
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