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  1. Ah, that's right...but I guess no rewards points then. So basically no way to gain points without also paying the fee. Thanks.
  2. Does anybody know of a "scouting-friendly" internet company that does what PayPal does but without the 3% commission or at least cheaper? We use SOAR for our websites (Pack and Troop) and their PayPal feature to collect funds for events and trips but apparently every transaction comes with a 3% overhead cost. Our Treasurer stated that PayPal will only discount for 501c3's which we are not? So if I want to transfer $1000 to the troop from my bank account so a check to Philmont can be made from the Troop's account, that transaction will cost me an additional $30 just to PayPal? No thanks
  3. In the Age-Appropriate Guidelines, it says Tigers, Wolves, and Bears can climb "Commercial" and "Horizontal" (whatever that is) walls, but that only Webelos and Boy Scouts can climb "Towers" and "Vertical" walls. At a local scout camp where I have taken Troops rock climbing, they have towers where they let Tigers climb during summer camp (this facility has been inspected and approved by National.) We are having our last pack meeting next week and planned to have a portable tower with auto-belays come to our school for the kids to climb (they've been to local birthday parties and such.)
  4. The den leaders divide up the year's meetings with responsibilities laid out. One meeting the Smith's will bring a snack for everyone and the Jones's will coordinate the activity (along with the leaders). Another family may be assigned to watch over the siblings that were brought along, whatever. Also the dens ask for annual dues, maybe $15 or $20 per year to help pay for supplies. If they show up 4 or 5 times out of the year, are the dues prorated? It's not big money but hard if not impossible to get from these "frequently absent scouts". Are they not obliged to help the den with these r
  5. I've tried to search for this topic but can't really think of key words to look for, so I'm starting a new thread. We have a pack of ~60 scouts, the vast majority of which are active and engaged. Many are involved with sports; some missed den and pack meetings are no big deal. But we had one family sign-on as Tigers in September and the dad even volunteered to be an Assistant Den Leader. They paid their dues and were VERY active until around Thanksgiving, when they just disappeared off the planet. No e-mails, no den meetings, no responses, nothing. Then the father came back and said
  6. I am setting up two new parents as Tiger Adults and they are hesitant to give up their birth dates due to privacy concerns. While I can relate with their trepidation, is it mandatory for the BSA to have this exact information, and is it publicized anywhere I can show them why? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks Richard. Hence why I originally posted the question in the first place - to be sure there was clarity in the Webelos Handbook in case there are leaders out there "only" following the handbook and not knowing the broader rules around safe scouting. ENV
  8. Thanks all. Alongside safe scouting, I just want to be sure we're always covered under that huge multi-million $ BSA insurance policy. Have heard some horror stories about not following "the Guidelines" when incidents happen. Don't want anyone to lose their house over a canoe! ENV
  9. Herein lies the true problem, not that there is misinterpretation with "canoe". Where is a Webelos scout supposed to use a rowboat, if not with a District/Council run event? This is what is not clear in the handbook. @Hueymungus Thanks, I will write to that e-mail address. I suspect it is skipped a lot too. ENV
  10. I pretty much know the answer already here, but wanted to see if others saw the confusion as well. It clearly states in multiple locations on the scouting.org site, as well as the Safety Afloat training course, that any activities involving Webelos and Canoeing must only be at District or Council run events. However, within the Aquanaut badge section of the handbook, one of the optional requirements is "6. With an adult on board, show that you know how to handle a rowboat" and also further on pages 98-100 there is a section on "Aquanauts Are Safe Boaters" and talks about what a scout should kn
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