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  1. Hmmm.. "Police" vs. "Parent"... sorry ... the only difference is how you feel about it. To me they are one in the same. You "parent" your child to do what's right, but you are the "police" when they don't do it. ZT remains in effect in my locale...glad it is too.(This message has been edited by Engineer61)
  2. Ya know, I think we've stopped all fund raising. The Scouts help out at a couple of Church functions each year, as payment for the use of the facility...beyond that...zippo. Must be one of those "Rich" troops...
  3. Many parts of the area were without power for as long as a week. Many grocery store's backup plan (reefer trucks) failed when fuel ran out, mechanical failures. My brother was out of power for 8 days.
  4. All that being said, I think you have to consider taking extra care with the volunteer is a total unknown in the community. Just moved to the area, out of state/country college student.
  5. "As well all know, it's impractical, and really doesn't work." Work's just fine for me. I don't send weapons or medication to school with my kids. I'd prefer that other kids in school do the same as my kids. Just don't see the big deal....except that parents don't want to police their own kids.
  6. (This message has been edited by Engineer61)
  7. "Precious few pedophiles, and being a husband and a parent doesn't make yeh any less likely to be one." Yep, they have nothing to do with each other...just as being homosexual doesn't have anything to do with it either.
  8. "I wish more more Eagle scouts choose to be recognized during a normal troop COH." Me too, I don't agree with making it some kind of religious ceremony in the Church worship hall as is done in our Troop.
  9. "Corporal punishment requires da deliberate inflicting of pain, eh? Pushups are not corporal punishment." Give me 500 pushups! You'll be in pain when? As for "pushups being harmless"....try... http://offthebench.nbcsports.com/2011/03/29/boy-hospitalized-after-doing-pushups-as-punishment-cruelty-or-diary-of-a-wimpy-kid/(This message has been edited by Engineer61)
  10. (This message has been edited by Engineer61)
  11. If it's enough of a problem to call the kid out to do corporal punishment, it's enough to call the parents and send the kid home.
  12. I'll guarantee that if you leave my boy alone out in the woods because you didn't keep track of the boys ... I'll be doing a helluva lot more that suing you!
  13. Every youth group has that dilemma. The baseball league I coach in is ALWAYS short coaches, especially for the older age groups. But we criminal background check everyone. You have to go into the idea with the understanding that there are pedophiles out there looking for a way in. You have to scrutinize everyone. Especially for those situations where isolated contact can occur.
  14. Then why does the SM point out the Eagle rank at every CoH?
  15. "Sheesh. We're volunteers. This isn't the Jerry Sandusky trial." So was Jerry Sandusky.
  16. Just another way to reinforce gender differences beyond the physiological ones. Next thing you know we'll start segregating (again) based on religion and race.
  17. The one I've seen took 50 boys/parents for 10 hours to complete... so 500 hours + whatever upfront work the Scout put in.
  18. Well...what you should do is first consider what state you are in. In my state, if a minor provides another minor with pornographic material, he is committing a Class 4 Felony. Yes, it is a sexual offense. Minor is defined as anyone under the age of 21 in this case. (This message has been edited by Engineer61)
  19. "Wasn't it the same problem with socks a couple years ago?" Yep. It's the whole ADD thing...and no enforcement. He has a different metric coming with band camp. All members are expected to shower before dinner. If you don't you're sent to the showers...and then get dinner. Although, given his work ethic, I expect him to get booted from Marching Band.
  20. Perhaps this will help: http://naldc.nal.usda.gov/download/20465/PDF Note that the sodium loss based on time remains fairly constant. Also note that the min and max sodium levels can vary by a factor of two.
  21. Fortunately, it was incredible dry at summer camp... ...7 pair of clean underwear when to camp, 6 clean pair came back... Ick.
  22. "Lots of "pool time" scheduled for units." You realize that you dehydrate in the pool too...right? Osmosis.
  23. "To Gatorade or not to Gatorade, that is a question." My older son had big issued with heat/exercise induced dehydration...when I took him to the doc, he asked is his shirt would have white salt bands at the waste when they dried, or his hat. (Yes to both.) At that point he ordered 100% Gatorade during baseball games and marching band practice, and to tell anyone that said otherwise to leave him alone. Some sweat out larges amounts of sodium, but others lose more potassium with that as well. Other still sweat almost no minerals. So, if you see that kid with a white band on
  24. Pass the hydro-pack! I push hydration to both my baseball teams and the marching band. What you hydrate with can be as, or more, important that how much you hydrate. The folks at Gatorade and any Sport Medicine doctor are both great sources of information.
  25. "The nations 100 largest employers will pay $111 billion in fines if they drop health insurance when Obamacare...er...ACA provisions are fully implemented in 2014, but it will cost them over $450 billion to provide ACA-compliant coverage." The Walmart's and McDonald's ... yeah, try the Intel's and Apple's. I've been working in the top end of the semiconductor and telecomm businesses for 27 years. In all that time, the only constant has been the reduction in the quality of my medical insurance. I have no doubt that it will happen...if a Company has a way to save 60% on their larges
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