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  1. Eagle723, I was at the Roundtable last night as well and somewhat surprised that there wasn't some discussion of this. Either everybody is trained, or they don't understand the implication. I may be able to rearrange my troop activity schedule to do the classroom work in October, but there's no way I can make the Outdoor Leader weekend. That's it for the year. I will see if someone else can register as SM in December. Failing that, I guess we will just have to hope that the Council doesn't decide to put my 60 kids on the street... /dpw
  2. We have 46 troops in the local district. A spreadsheet was distributed last week that showed 53% of the scoutmasters as "untrained". I'm in my third year of the job, and have relied on OJT so far. Certainly not optimal, but that's the way it is. My predecessor, who was SM for 5 years and a CM for several years before that was never "trained". Perhaps some culture change is required, but I wonder whether a "zero tolerance" policy from above will solve the problem. /dpw
  3. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. /dpw
  4. My CC just got a letter from Council (Baltimore Area) indicating that they are going to phase in a mandatory training policy over the next couple of years. If all unit leaders are not trained in their positions, the unit will not be allowed to recharter. Is anybody else doing this? /dpw
  5. Is there a special troop number patch available to honor significant troop anniversaries (e.g. 50)? It seems that I've heard something like this, but have not seen one myself. /dpw
  6. Thanks to everyone for your comments. In the middle of an emotional situation, it's refreshing to get rational, dispassionate advice. And heck, at least they haven't called the cops on us... Bottom line is that I think we're on the right track with the "rebuidling" strategy. Thanks again. /dpw
  7. I'm current the SM of a fairly healthy (60 scout) troop. We're not terribly organized, but must be doing something right as we've been growing steadily over the past few years. Anyway, my question has to do with expected relations with the chartering organization (an Episcopal church). At some time, back in history, a number of the troop families were associated with the church, but that's not the case any longer (we're all involved with other churches in the area). In addition, there have apparently been internal debates in the church with regard to support for the troop. I'm only vaguel
  8. Greetings from Severna Park, Maryland. Just joined the network here a couple of weeks ago. Been looking around and it seems very well organized. I'm currently scoutmaster into my third year of learning on the job (previous roles as Committee Chair, Secretary, and chief cook & bottle washer). I have lots of questions, but let me start with a general one: Which forum is appropriate for a discussion of relations between a troop and it's chartering organization? /dpw
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