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  1. Watching CNN about Dennis Hastert and they are showing old pictures of him and an alleged victim. Up pops a picture of him and the victim in Scout uniforms. Feel like hitting my head on a wall.
  2. http://www.scoutingarchives.com/images/house.jpg
  3. I could eat a whole box(granted you get like 2 in a box but oh well) of those Samoas...because they're soooo good, you want samoa...
  4. Locally, your unit runs the way the Unit Leaders guide the Scouts. Scoutmaster wants a robust outdoor program? He's going to mentor his Boy Leaders that way. Scoutmaster wants to run the Troop? He's going to guide the Boys to his path.
  5. Not much to discuss, you could be a member of however many organizations you want. Time wise however...
  6. I hope you find the information...that would be a course I would gladly take
  7. It's highly discouraged but a parent CAN witness any and all things that are Scout related, even OA ceremonies.
  8. He doesn't have an interest in Eagle NOW. He may very well someday. I'd say that RememberSchiff has the right of it, Repeat after me and explain, then as long as your satisfied, mark off and go on.
  9. This should do you... http://usscouts.org/awards/knots1.asp
  10. I think a Scout should always bring a Buddy. That way, there is no need to guess at/overthink things.
  11. Seems a non issue. The school has nothing to do with the Scouts, scouts have nothing to do with the School. Just a building that both use.
  12. They made him take off the glasses for the mugshot. Otherwise, he was all over it.
  13. The man takes a good mug shot. And then got ice cream afterwards.
  14. ~Agents obtained photographs of the sign, which says "NOTICE NO PHOTOGRAPHY BEYOND THIS POINT." Much irony
  15. It's all political and a shame...Who would vote for president for a guy that's under indictment? Well, besides folks in Chicago...
  16. This is cute, I say that as a citizen of the great state of Illinois whose last two governors have landed in the big house. Bad enough that every close vote has to be challenged in court, now the legislative process is being criminalized. They don't do enough work as it is, how are they going to operate going to court every day...
  17. ~~ And those Scouts, at the advice of Scout leader Jim Fox of Grimes, declined to speak with investigators from Border Patrol and the U.S. Office of the Inspector General earlier this month. Very odd of him. ~~He said he stands by his Scouts' statements. Which we haven't heard because he won't let them be heard. ~~This is being swept under the rug. Yea it is, by HIM. He won't let the very people who know anything speak. I'm not sure what his agenda is, but it is not getting to the bottom this and any sort of resolution.
  18. Exactly...No matter what, you are going to take away something new in a training you've had before.
  19. *sigh...I miss the reply to post button.... That being said, Everyone should be trained, no exceptions. When you sew on that trained patch, everyone whose been trained knows what you have been trained on. It's not that big a pain to go through, suck it up and go. I think the training should expire and make them go again every couple years. Of course it wouldn't be that much of a pain to offer this at camporee's, summer camp. Betcha get a lot more trained leaders that way.
  20. Exactly...You have a captive audience for the week/weekend, Train them guys. This year our camp offered most of the training you can get on the internet plus chain saw certification. We've been saying for years that those should be offered at camporees. The SM that needs to bird dog their guys, needs to evaluate their way of doing things. PS...Post the instructions for your rocket stove Stosh
  21. That's it? No follow up anywhere on this? I haven't found a mention of this since Thursday...ADD media I guess
  22. I hate headline writers. Lying and telling the truth as you know and believe it (even if it's wrong) are two different things. If I was one of those parents, i'd be the first one in the door with my scout to meet with the investigators. Fox's actions and quotes seem to indicate he has been shown evidence that he doesn't like so he'll no longer meet with investigators? Not allow the scouts to? What? Something is not right in Iowa. He's needs someone better counseling him.
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