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  1. Thanks for this. Have seen this but am really looking for input on what knots I am elegable for?
  2. Good morning - first post. I have been an Den Leader since my son and I joined at Tiger - now I am Webelos 2 DL. Have been very invovled with our Pack with organizing a few events/outings, promoted and was able to get several leaders to attend various training, I've attended Pow Wow (Cub Collage) every year, am up on all my training, attend summer res. camp each year, am currently a RT Commisioner, our pack has been awarded summertime pack awards, have usually made silver or gold J to E to name a few. I only have one knot on my uniform and would like to get caught up with what I have earned. I been looking at the various knots but was hoping I could get someone to point me in the right direction what I have earned so I don't miss any of them. With the knot program changing over the years it's not completly clear what's available. Also is there training/activities I should be considering that I might be close to other awards to put in for? I may have done them it's just that i don't know the activity was associated to a knot. Thanks for the help and looking forward to looking around the forum to take my DL game to the next step.
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