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  1. Baggs, This could be the "dirty little secret" of Scouting. It's the thing that everyone knows, or as you say, "the youth know it." Keeping dirty little secrets is not healthy. I frame this truth in terminology that helps others understand what's going on. That is: Scouting Insiders and Scouting Outsiders. The Insiders are the parent/leaders wearing Scout uniforms, attending every camping trip, going to Philmont, etc. The Outsiders are parents who take a hands-off approach, and let their son have the character-building experiences of dealing with an Insider-run bureaucracy. While the Insiders tend to squeal when this issue is mentioned in public, Outsiders, as you said, including the boys, know about these two divisions. Acknowledging the division, and helping our sons navigate the issues that it raises, is a healthy and productive approach. My book, The Unofficial Guide to Earning Eagle, lays out this reality for all to see, and provides tips to be successful. http://www.unofficialeagleguide.com/ Thanks. Kent
  2. Hi, My new book, UNOFFICIAL Guide to Earning Eagle Scout: for Parents and Scouts: a step-by-step strategy to achieve Scouting's highest rank, is now available on Amazon. The book website is: www.unofficialeagleguide.com The book is targeted to Scouts and parents who do not have previous ties to Scoutingâ€â€or Scouting Outsiders. This is a huge population of Scouts. They are, many times, intimidated by the Scouting culture, and unsure how to succeed. The UNOFFICIAL Guide provides a simple handbook for these Scouting Outsiders. The core is the UNOFFICIAL Strategy for earning Eagleâ€â€6 key points that provide the tools and attitudes to ensure any incoming Webelo can attain Eagle. The UNOFFICIAL Guide package also includes an UNOFFICIAL Eagle Trail Planning poster. This visual plan allows Scouts to see the crucial steps in their trail to Eagle. It is a constant reminder of the Strategy and steps required. Also included in the book are charts and logs specifically for the “First Four†Eagle-required merit badge long-term projects. We know that these long-term projects, and keeping records of them, are the downfall of many Scouts’ progress. So, a key point in the UNOFFICIAL Strategy is that a Scout must begin to work on these First Four on the first day of his Boy Scout career. The charts and guides ease the process. This book is perfect to award to Webelos as they cross-over to Scouting. I'd be happy to provide copies to list members at cost. Just email me, and I'll reply with a link and a discount code. Thanks very much. Yours in Scouting, Kent Kent Clizbe kent@kentclizbe.com 571 217 0714
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