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  1. Baggs, This could be the "dirty little secret" of Scouting. It's the thing that everyone knows, or as you say, "the youth know it." Keeping dirty little secrets is not healthy. I frame this truth in terminology that helps others understand what's going on. That is: Scouting Insiders and Scouting Outsiders. The Insiders are the parent/leaders wearing Scout uniforms, attending every camping trip, going to Philmont, etc. The Outsiders are parents who take a hands-off approach, and let their son have the character-building experiences of dealing with an Insider-run bure
  2. Hi, My new book, UNOFFICIAL Guide to Earning Eagle Scout: for Parents and Scouts: a step-by-step strategy to achieve Scouting's highest rank, is now available on Amazon. The book website is: www.unofficialeagleguide.com The book is targeted to Scouts and parents who do not have previous ties to Scoutingâ€â€or Scouting Outsiders. This is a huge population of Scouts. They are, many times, intimidated by the Scouting culture, and unsure how to succeed. The UNOFFICIAL Guide provides a simple handbook for these Scouting Outsiders. The core is the UNOFFICIAL Strategy for
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