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Summer Camp

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All about planning and going to Summer Camp

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    • I've tried to maintain a similar opinion. We've got enough problems on our plates currently with just keeping even the basic parts of our programs going during a pandemic, all we can do face forward and keep going. And for me that means going through whatever comes of the BSA, regardless of whether it falls or not, and beyond into whatever form of scouting program we can maintain. We don't need much to get some kids together and go camping or take on a service project. We've seen groups like the BPSA-US do it with nothing more than a rough outline of a traditional scouting program and a desire to make it happen. Limited support from any kind of national HQ, no regional council, no paid professionals, just volunteers making it work. This thing will go on, with or without the BSA, with or without us. I believe enough in the scouting movement to trust that it will endure. It could live on as nothing more than a local group of kids who want to get together and go camping. But it will live on. That's enough for me to feel good about what we're doing, that no matter what happens at National, here on the ground we are and will continue to do scouting.
    • The English language really doesn’t care about anyone’s faith. “God” is not intrinsically Christian or Jewish. Early Christian missionaries merely heard the word and offered a very specific meaning to it. Setting a word in lower case and omitting the vowel does not make it anywhere near as holy as the Hebrew name that was kept sacred for millennia. But, maybe I missed a verse that says it does. I don’t think we’re doing something more or less disrespectful when grope for alternate terms, we’re just pushing the bounds of English ontology.
    • I know you were listing all of the issues, but which fit this criteria?    I like your food for thought. I think the answer to a lot of the issues for me is head forward, stop looking up the pyramid, even if it falls down, we can still camp as a troop. 
    • To some, not to others. It all depends on one’s faith. My faith doesn’t include capitalizing god. To others to even write the full name of g_d is disrespectful. 
    • This dialog provides a lot of food for thought:  People are required to take youth protection and the "good guys" who wouldn't abuse a child will follow the rules.  The "bad guys" who are abusers won't follow the rules will still be abusers; the BSA is in a very serious situation and is trying to survive so they raise the registration fees and tack on an additional fee for new members who have just joined;  the grand white elephant, Summitt Bechtel" was developed as a jamboree site and the jamborees have been canceled;  membership across Scouting is very low;  some training requirements" are unrealistic and expensive, but are required to function; BSA doesn't own or control local councils but if you don't pay the National fees or fo)ow their rules they have the ability to cancel a council's charter;  and on and on and on.  If any shadow of Scouting is going to survive we may just have to go back to the early days where good folks take kids out to have a good time.  This is just food for thought without conclusions, arguments, "fix it's ", or controversy, just food for thought.
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