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    • @EdCornflake, welcome to the forums! My gut says linked troops would benefit from a shared website, even if they don't share much else in resources. It should make it easier to see who is doing what, and it may be a great way for each of them to "raise the bar" in terms of activities, advancement, patrol bragging rights, etc ... Nothing wrong with two webmasters if you need them. Or it could be best with one webmaster and the one troop communicates to the other to keep everything posted. Depends on the youth who are available to do the work. This is definitely a "your mileage may vary" thing.
    • Ok, probably touch a few nerves on this one.  Need a uniform for each type, probably not.  I have them from commissioner, district committee, and troop positions.  If you don't have additional uniforms, just change loops and may want to go the Velcro position patch and/or numbers change.  Here is where the nerve piece comes in.  Having completed training, the BSA says there is no "class A" uniform, only the official uniform.  The one commonly called "Class B" is just the field shirt option, pants don't change.  With that said, another thread mentioned what do scouters really wear on outings.  Some strictly said they are official uniform (class A) all the time.  I have seen some of these scouters on outings that don't leave a chair, can't hike a trail, or participate with the youth, so it is easy to preserve their official uniform.  For those adults participating with activities, I think there is nothing wrong with a field shirt and what the youth are wearing.  Ever rock climb in the official uniform...impractical.  Tearing up a field shirt should be a good thing if done during activities with youth.
    • The Cub Promise was replaced, and Cubs began using the Scout Oath and Law on June 1, 1015, so just about 3.5 years ago. I agree that it is tough for the younger Cubs to learn, but not really much more difficult than learning the Pledge, and they do that in school every day.  In addition to being an ASM, I am a Lion Den Leader, and my kindergarten age Lions are working on following along with me for the oath and law at every meeting.  I do expect it to take them most of the year to get it down, especially since Lions do not typically meet every week.  They do all know the pledge, and take turns leading the den in the pledge.  They do not know all 12 points of the law in order yet, but they can all tell me which one is the most important to them, and why. I also agree that telling Scouts that it will take them all the way to 18 to be able to earn Eagle is wrong.  As @NJCubScouter already stated, if you wait too long, you run the risk of missing that all important 18th birthday deadline.  I remember my Eagle BOR in 1971.  Back then they were District BOR's, and there was another person waiting outside the room with me, both of us a little nervous about what the BOR would be like.  I remember it well, and thought at the time it was an amazing coincidence that we were both having our Eagle Board, were both named Mike, and would both be turning 18 on the same day, 26 days later.
    • Seems like cold mountain lakes would be pretty clear. Don't see how a wet suit would muddy them ... unless they shed microplastics? Seriously, though, I find that wetsuits have drag that offset any benefit of flotation. Some scouts might find them hard to adapt to. I certainly have opted for mild hypothermia. (I swim in Lake Erie, which is at 55F most Memorial Days.) But our camp's ranger wouldn't let swimmers in, wetsuit or otherwise, if the temp is below 64F. I think that is why the requirements are clear about the four hours of preparation -- the intent is that you are prepping in the same body of water you'll swim in, usually across several days in the same week. That would help determine the need for thermal protection.
    • Too muddy it even more.  Do the swim at Sea Base or the like in Salt Water.  You will be very bouyant.    AFAIK, you can't do the mile swim at Sea Base because they don't have a swimming area.
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