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    • A very, very sad development. Makes me wonder what the right level of protection is for an organization like the NMRA to provide. They raise a very good question. On a different note - I wonder if the BSA should work with them to transfer this program under the BSA?  We don't need rail road Scouting, but I do wonder if there could be some sort of council organized activity featuring rail roading that the BSA could pick up here.  A way for the BSA to provide more value to it's members.  
    • What are some activity ideas your troops like to do while camping and make sense during Covid? We'll be car camping soon at a place where we can drop some stuff off, but have to park a mile away. We won't be bringing our trailer, so we need to keep things relatively compact. Manhunt and capture the flag are 2 they like. We'll do some hiking, but I want to give some new ideas to the PLC for them to consider. Thanks!
    • Yep. Off load, save the "historic" ones for a display and keep the newest ones on the flagpole... What we have done is double stick tape them to tri-fold boards to display at CoHs and such.   Some folks like seeing the "First Place at the Scoutarama, 1958" . or the "Camporee 2000 Best Cub-mobile Racer"....    
    • As the BSA lawsuit grows, I fear the fall out with other organizations' youth outreach programs.  Not sure if this was already mentioned, but NMRA is dropping its youth outreach programs.  My son has loved and continues to love model railroading.   There were locally sponsored youth groups plus fun events at our local model railroading convention (kits to build for youth, junior engineering program).  That is now all ending due to litigation risk.  If the BSA, with all of their overhead in terms of background checks & training cannot prevent lawsuits and bankruptcy, what youth serving organization can?  Is it just a matter of time as lawyers work through the whales to find small and smaller prey until the suck the blood out of all youth serving organizations?   So, my son will now see the youth created model railroad layouts go up for sale/donation.  Their hard work will no longer be displayed and a bit of joy out of their lives will be squashed due to litigation risk.  I guess at least they are safer as more and more opportunities for fun/engaging off screen activities are removed. https://nmra.org/nmra-risk-persons-policy "In society today we see lawsuits against various individuals who are in positions of trust who abuse that trust and abuse the vulnerable among us.  These have been teachers, clergy, and volunteers in other organizations.  In November 2019 the Boy Scouts had to mortgage Philmont Scout Ranch for $446 million dollars for payment of abuse judgments and settlements, and most recently the Boy Scouts declared bankruptcy.  This happened despite the Boy Scouts’ comprehensive – and expensive – program used to screen and prohibit abuse. The NMRA is not equipped to enforce the necessary protection policies for our members to follow.  We do not have the money for the insurance or the company that provides training, or the staff to make sure the regions and divisions are complying with the necessary requirements to prevent abuse.  Simply put, one instance of an abuse lawsuit by someone against the NMRA would bankrupt the NMRA and the organization would cease to exist.  Statistically, based on the population at-large, we know that some of our members would abuse an at-risk person.  NMRA insurance does not provide coverage for any accusations of abuse."
    • Understood, but that's where Scouting needs to learn it's lesson. Scouting today expressly forbids Scouts from getting involved directly in politics.  It should learn it's lesson and really strive to assume a non-political position.  I think it's achievable if the BSA is explicit in saying: Scouting wants to focus on helping youth to grow and develop.  Scouting's approach is to provide program materials which can be utilized by local units sponsored by individual local organizations such as churches, schools, and civic organizations.  Scouting will look to those local institutions to make the right choices on contemporary issues affecting their communities. But Scouting has to voraciously protect that position.  It has to voraciously defend it's neutrality and work to elevate itself above these sorts of discussions.  It will be hard because very smart people will attempt to push Scouting in to making choices that favor one side in an effort to further their beliefs or the goals of those organizations.  And yes, at some point Scouting has to say that in the best opinion of the organization a question is effectivly settled across the country and we're going to move on.  None of this is easy, but in the opinion of this Scouter is what Scouting needs.
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