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  1. Phil, I am a District Scouting Ministries Coordinator for our United Methodist District. Your UMC district should also have someone in this postion. He should be able to guide you in this matter. If not, contact the conference Scouting Ministries Coordinator. All of these awards are United Methodist distinguished awards and are very important recognitions. The Cross and Flame Award is given by the local church and nominated by the local church Scouting Coordinator. This can be the Chartering Organization Rep. Minimum 5 years involvement with scouting or the youth of the church. More r
  2. I hope you enjoy the ceremony as I did. We have a great ceremonies team. Work hard for the OA and one day you will be honored for it.
  3. Wallace, Find out when your district is having their Essentials, Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster specifics and Outdoor Leader training and sign up. That's the best thing you can do right now to prepare. I don't know that I would jump right into the Scoutmaster position but would try ASM first, unless there is no one else for the job. But if you have been trained, I'm sure you will do fine. Good Luck
  4. Make sure they are not retesting the Scout. It's not their job
  5. Climber, Actually, I think the wool neckers the WB staff wore in our council was from tartan that the council came up with somehow. There was nothing official about it, but they looked great. We still have to remember the "Thrifty" in the law, and that little swatch can remind us of that. I really want to persue getting a kilt made of MacLaren tartan. I think it would look great with the class A shirt and high socks for WB ceremonies or attending highland games. By the way, I have joined the Clan MacLaren Society of North America and can officially wear the tartan.
  6. We go to Camp Bud Schiele. Piedmont Council NC http://www.piedmontcouncilbsa.org/Camp_Bud_Schiele.htm
  7. Sue, We already have a thread going on this. See New First Class Requirements
  8. Our fundraisers go to the troop for troop equipment, reducing summer camp costs, recharter. Individual scout equipment is purchased by the scout. Scouts also pay for each trip of which the cost is determined by where we go. I don't really like the idea of the scout assuming debt right from the start. Some things that could happen: Scout leaves the troop, a scout works harder than others and thinks he should get more, a balance could be very large for a scout and turn him and family against scouting. What about new scouts who join during the year? Are they way behind in funds for activities? I
  9. Try the old 120 degree game. Scout starts at a point preferably in grass and lays down a coin. He is given a heading and follows it for a set number of paces. He then stops and turns 120 degrees and goes another same number of paces. He repeats the 120 degree turn tries to end at the starting spot. If he is successful, he finds the coin. You can then allow him to do opposite turns. A scout in our council made large teaching compasses out of plexiglas and sold them to scout leaders to raise money for his Eagle project. Of course I bought one.
  10. Our adult leader patrol is named the Yetis (bigfoot) because of our ability to roam around and bird dog without being seen. The patch is blank. Ever seen a Yeti? When we get to camp the name changes to Barking Spiders. Has something to do with the camp chow. You don't want to hear our yell, although it can be done silently.
  11. ASM7

    OA Sash

    I've always hand washed mine no bleach and hung to dry. If needed iron with low heat.
  12. NeilLup, Of your five reasons that this should be a requirement, IMHO, none hold any water. You mentioned that this was once a requirement and was dropped in 1955. I wonder what the reasoning was behind dropping it. I would like to believe it was because it was rediculous. I have never been in an organization where inviting a potential member was mandatory. However, it was always rewarded. I prefer the natural and not forced growth of membership. If any recruiting is done, it needs to happen through the membership chair. I don't know whether it can be done, but I would like for a moderat
  13. I copied this from the CalCouncil website. Beginning January 1, 2006 and additional requirement will be added to the requirements for first class rank in Boy Scouting. Scout beginning their First Class requirements work after this date must complete the new requirement. Scouts working on first class requirements prior to this date will have until June 30, 2006 to complete First Class rank with out completing the new requirements. The new requirements test the candidates persuasive communications skills and can help make Scouting available to more boys. It reads as follows.
  14. Hunt, I'm not saying he shouldn't have a buddy, but the buddy doesn't have to be a scout. It could be a sibling or friend, but should probably be his parent. Bob, This organization hasn't grown to the size it is by requireing boys to promote it. It seems harmless enough to us adults but probably not to the psycology of a boy. I know that boys should tell their friends about the great things their troop is doing, and most probably have, but why make it a requirement? I can see a boy going up to another and saying "I have to tell you about my troop because it's a requirement for my next rank
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