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    • Actually, looking at Scoutbook to refresh my recall... There are THREE dates recorded for a rank: Date Earned Date Approved/Recorded Date Awarded The clock for advancement to next rank starts from Date Earned.
    • Ahh... our procedure is to "Approve" as soon as the BoR is complete... same date. And OP did specifically ask about what happens in SB. BTW, @Alec27, you can go back in SB and manipulate an "Earned" date to match the BoR date, if that is an issue.
    • Once they complete their BOR. It has nothing to do with "approval". A scout can be an eagle scout without ever having had a court of honor. Here, the approval date will be after the BOR but the only date of importance is the BOR date.
    • Approved. You can accumulate several ranks in Scoutbook "to be awarded". But, you should not be waiting until a Court of Honor to award a rank or badge.  You should be doing this as soon as possible after the rank or badge is earned. Read your Scout Handbook, approx page 414. "As soon as possible, you are recognized for your achievement at a troop meeting where you recevie your badge. (You'll later be recognized again at a special ceremony call a court of honor.)" Once we "award" at a troop meeting, we mark it in Scoutbook.  Then for your future Court of Honor, you can run the "Scouts BSA Recognition Report" backdated to your last CoH, for a complete list of everything to be recognized at the upcoming CoH. Our Scouts rarely wait more than a week to get their badges... just enough time to get to the Scout store to purchase.  Fortunately, our Advancement person lives a few blocks from the store, and has a weekly routine of going the day of our Scout meeting to pick up items.  Your mileage will obviously vary...
    • Yeah loss/damage of a book happens.  Our SPL announces "Everyone, take pictures of your book tonight" at the first meeting of every month for this exact reason.  The adv chair also snaps photos at every BOR and attaches them to the note in SB for the BOR so they are preserved.  It's better than nothing and avoids a full rebuild.    
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