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  1. In our area OA activities suplement but never replace. If there is a conflict the troop activity wins. james
  2. I would ask the boys who are not supporting the SPL what parts of thier scout oath and the scout law they are breaking. If you want to be scouts you have to live up to your promise or at least make a real effort to live up to it. A scout is friendly -> is teasing the SPL friendly A scout is courtious -> is begin disrespectful to other scouts courtious A scout is kind....... when you joined scouting you promised or your honor you would obey the scout law. If this is an example of your honor.... The kids need to know that honor is real. If you never call them on it they will n
  3. " If those problems exist with female leaders in other troops, those are training problems, not gender problems. " Now we have the real problem identified "Training" JC
  4. Thank Bob By the way there is a typo the bucket has over 1000 feet not 100 as I earlier posted. James
  5. In my troop women can come along if there are 2 of them and there is some privacy for them. (this is for their and the other male leaders protection) just like SM's don't sleep in the same tent as the boys. Our problem is that the mom's don't know that they can go. We have one mom, that when she comes to any activity makes it abotu 100 times better Jc
  6. People are people. No matter where you go people have the same problems they had in 1200 BC. You can only control you. In my short time in scouting I have seen more people problems than I would care for. Now back to SPL issue Some suggested requirements are Rank (Life) attendance at least 80% in uniform. And example of how to follow the scout law. At least 1 scout camp using requirements like these, have the boys vote on the boys who meet these requirements be the canidits. jc(This message has been edited by james_clegg)
  7. training particularly for the adults was a key. I agree Setting tradtion is also key
  8. Isn't there a camping requirement for the quailty unit patch? jc
  9. Don't forget things that allow people to stand up about very 40 min. Songs, or a show and tell what we did since the last COH jc
  10. The Differences I Like most in my wife are. Multi Tasking (Doing 10 things at once) Able to type as fast as she thinks Remembers Birthdays etc. Doesn't over pack for trips Can Identify most rocks (she is a geologist by training) James
  11. We prefer propane because the boys are not temped to poor some of the fuel on the fire. james
  12. My impression haveing only read the first couple of pages is that It is a great resource. Perhaps we can use it to add to the JLT kit. Or to our arsonal of tools to help the boys. james
  13. Try http://clipart.usscouts.org/library/Baden-Powell_Portraits/index.html James
  14. Get 3 ASM's That way you will never have to cancel when one gets sick. Get all insurance and driver lic stuff from all of the parents. Use the merit badge councilers to teach 50-75 % of the classes Remember it is a game with a purpose Good luck jc
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