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  1. If anyone is interested in this deal, but doesn't know how to make a webpage I can make the webpage for them. For more information email me at dmlyum@aol.com
  2. Hello, If you don't want to post here because you don't have a website contact me at: dmlyum@aol.com. My name is David, and I am 14 years old. I am getting ready to start a web design business. Before I start I would like to get some more experience making websites. So if your troop does not yet have a website contact me. We'd both benifit... I get practice and you get a website! The only fee I require is a small donation... and the best part is your troop decides how much you want to donate! It's completely up to you... Contact me to take up on this or to get more information: dml
  3. If your troop would like a website built or you have a website that you would like "fixed up" a bit contact me at dmlyum@aol.com Thanks
  4. Silver is the highest color in scouting... For example the highest award in venturing is silver... that is why the highest of everything is silver.
  5. Any ideas on how to get him recognized???
  6. Hi, I must say... I know some people who have earned the Eagle Award, but in my opinion is not REALLY an Eagle Scout. On the other hand I have met some people who are Eagle Scouts and I REALLY respect them and know that they are REALY Eagle Scouts... And then I know some people (one imparticular)who only made it to first-class, but I consider him (although he did not earn the Eagle Award) to examplify the TRUE sprit of an Eagle scout. Although he did not earn the award to me he is what the rank of Eagle is all about. He is a scoutmaster now and I must say... Even though he is not an Eagle
  7. Hi, Our troop will be setting up a JOTA station especially since both my scoutmaster and myself are ham radio operators.
  8. I never go camping without my... Scout HANDBOOK!
  9. This may or may not be considered a one pot meal (it counted for my cooking meritbadge) but my ALL TIME FAVORITE CAMPIN MEAL IS... Foil Meals... You take some hambuger meat some tater tots and some mixed vegies wrap them in foil put the foil on some coals... and YUM YUM.... Now this isn't a very detailed recipe. if u want it in more detail let me know ... VERY GOOD!!!
  10. I have this same question. In my situation I am still organizing my troop. If you read some of my other posts you can get a better idea. Anyway elections are coming up and I REALLY LIKE BEING SPL but I wonder if someone else should do it. I mean if you knew the people in my troop I AM MOST QUALIFIED but I don't know if well... I am just plain confused... I will probably be moving soon so this would probalby be the last chance I will have to be SPL... ADVICE PLEASE>>>LOL. but seriously I need some outside advice. TY, David
  11. Hi, I was one of the ones who asked this question in another forum and I was curious about the standing. The thing about standing when an adult enters the room. Can someone tell me more about that... Ty
  12. Hi Everyone, Sorry I have been inactive on the forums for so long. During the summer I have been very busy. As far as the thing about kids I completely agree (even though I am a kid) but about the standing up when an adult enters I never did really get that. It would be disrupting to keep doing that everytime an adult enters. Also would you do it for any adult or just for older people and women???
  13. Hi, I live in Yuma, AZ where in August you can expect it to get up to at least 120 degrees out. I think that pretty much speaks for itself.
  14. What would u recommend where it can get 120 Degrees????
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