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The Future of Advertsing at SCOUTER.com

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Due to the recent annoyance of online advertising networks and the diminishing value of advertising revenues they offer, SCOUTER has cancelled all contracts with advertising networks. The pop-ups, surveys, and blinking youve won! messages just became to much for us all (SCOUTER Staff and visitors) to tolerate.


At SCOUTER, we know as well as anyone that advertising can be an unwelcoming experience on the web. To ensure that SCOUTER can continue to provide thousands of grassroots resources to the scouting community, some level of advertising is absolutely necessary.


Effective immediately SCOUTER will only be accepting online advertising from individual companies. The ideal company would provide additional value and resources to the scouting community.


Thank you for your continued support as we work to ensure your visit here is a pleasant experience.




For more information on SCOUTER Advertising, contact SCOUTER at http://www.scouter.com/contact.asp


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