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  1. We are fixing the profile section now and hope to have it working correctly soon!
  2. We are aware of a bug some users are having which prohibits them from editing previously posted content. When the problem has been fixed, we will let you know. Out of curiosity, have those of you having problems disabled cookies on your system?
  3. Due to the recent annoyance of online advertising networks and the diminishing value of advertising revenues they offer, SCOUTER has cancelled all contracts with advertising networks. The pop-ups, surveys, and blinking youve won! messages just became to much for us all (SCOUTER Staff and visitors) to tolerate. At SCOUTER, we know as well as anyone that advertising can be an unwelcoming experience on the web. To ensure that SCOUTER can continue to provide thousands of grassroots resources to the scouting community, some level of advertising is absolutely necessary. Effective immed
  4. The post has been removed. Obviously, SCOUTER does not approve of postings like that. -Luke SCOUTER Staff (This message has been edited by a staff member.)
  5. The OA portion of the SCOUTER Forums is still under development. We went ahead and removed the link from the list until it is complete. Expect many new features to be added and fixed on the SCOUTER.com site in the coming months! -Luke
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