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New SCOUTER.com Feature: Headlines

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Thanks for pointing that out! Sometimes I get tunnelvision & miss the neat stuff.


Great idea. I sort of agree with Fscouter about a link directly to the story not just the publication. I also realize that sometimes these articles are reomved from the publication site & they can never be found again.


Keep up the good work. This is a great site.


Ed Mori


Troop 1

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Yes, we're working on improving that a lot, including more exact links. Some of the links are exact, others will take you to the publications home page. This harvesting is automated right now, so it's not perfect. Based on feedback, we're working on a more improved version that will search even broader than the current filed of publications.




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I really like the headlines feature. I actually use some of the articles you post on my troop's on-line newsletter (don't worry, I give you guys credit for finding them!). I really enjoy the articles about interesting projects that Eagles are working on. I myself, am not much into all of the controversy issues though. Great idea, great news, great work! Keep it up!



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