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Another New Feature: Rank a Post

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If a person wanted spell check, the easiest thing to do is to cut from the message board, paste to Word, check the spelling, and usage, correct any duplication of words, change the order of the sentence structure, check for proper word usage, check for errors in logic and punctuation; copy and paste back to the message board. It is that easy.


It is the slowness of the system, not my disgusting writing habits that are disrupting a fun time.


Can we go back in time or have we crossed over into a dimension of no return?


P.S. The star system fixed one but destroyed another. Where is my cake? I would like to eat it too?


P.S.S. I have returned here because I can't access anything else. I may have to write a lengthy essay about the virtues of philosophy and counter with an evolutionary thesis if you don't respond soon.






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Comments about the User Rating system are not falling on deaf ears. Before deciding that it's a system to be scrapped, though, I'm of the belief that it's just still imperfect, and overtime will evolve. Give it some time... we are making some changes to the formula to limit personal vendettas. Someone also suggested to me that the Ratings and Post Voting be deactivated in the Issues and Forums section.


I'm open to all suggestions.




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I think that the rating stars are overly large on the page as well as the thumbs up/down icons. The date could be abbreviated but as it is for 800 by 600 the header usually wraps to another line separating the thumb icons and wasting space. Just sitting back looking at it the stars are the most prominent visual feature of the post... as if they are the most important information, when in fact the process seems so complex that I don't really know what the stars indicate. To me the stars are just another piece of doubious data on the internet where any rating is questionable when the actual source is unknown.(This message has been edited by KA6BSA)

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