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Embroidered Names Tags with Fleur de Lis

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  • Embroidered Names Tags with Fleur de Lis

    Every time I wash my uniform shirt I have to take out my name tag and replace it when the shirt is done.

    Now my name has been the same all my life, and I'm trying hard to not grow out of my shirt --that's why I stopped reading the pie thread.

    So why can't I just get a permanent name tag and sew it on? Does anyone have a source? Will the uniform police come after me if I do this?


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    Someone who regularly attends our roundtables arranged to have these made for anyone who wanted to order them for a very modest cost. I don't know where he got them. If no one else posts a response, I will ask him next Thursday at RT. I have never heard anyone complain that they are not "official."


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      I would think there would be no difference between a more or less permanently attached one and one with pins of some sort; they would simply need to fit the space, and be where they belong.

      Even though I have tried to stay away from the pie thread, it seems as if my shirts continue to shrink over time. I finally had to accept that some have passed their usefulness to me. I stripped three yesterday of personal things; one a wonderful 50's era "short-sleeve" shirt with wooden buttons. Such a cool shirt (not weather); but I can barely button the top two buttons. One is going to one of my scouts who has outgrown his, and really cannot afford a new one; the other two, one long sleeved, are going to a COR meeting for offer to others. Meanwhile, I will continue to look for the closet moths that cause the problem, so current shirts do not suffer the same fate.


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        Why on earth do you need a nametag? Don't the people in your troop know who you are? Maybe at a council function you can use a temporary one or a pin on one, but a permanent name patch, lol give me a break.


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          That's a great idea! I have the black plastic omne with the Fleur de Lis on it. Last name only. Justr used to it that way. There used to be 3 different Marks at work, so I switched to Fisher and it's just always stuck with me ( go figure, it is my last name! LOL!)

          But you know, with all the parents in our pack, all the different dens and such, not to mention rounfdtables and trainings.. not everybody will ever see me to the point of knowing my name.

          Tag comes in handy for that!

          But I sure do hate the way the metal keepers rub against my skin! OUCH!!!


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            I personally like name tags. I have a large pack and I am still learning names. I have five of the suckers. And I do wear them. But I also wear jambo insignia, so if I pretty much need to wear it, otherwise the Jambo pacth would look funny,

            Personally I would only embroider the Boy Scout of America, and wear a name tag you can take on and off.


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              The metal clasps, according to an old Command Sergeant Major, are also known as dam*its! Supposedly from when a supply sergeant dropped a box of them on the floor after doing an inventory, but considering how much they hurt, especially when they get a hole and the pin pokes through...

              Anyway, I have a name plate that was made with a magnetic plate and metal backing. No pins, no pokes, though I suppose this would cause all kinds of fun when doing compass work.

              I usually just wear the dangly leather name badge I got when I earned my beads (Go Beavers!). No pokes, no navigation errors, no fussing about "is that official?". Of course, it keeps me from putting other danglys, so, hmmmm.

              An embroidered name strip sounds nice, but I'm worried that it would seem too "military". Love the military, grew up in the Army, started Scouts in the Transatlantic Council, but I know some Scouters and Professionals really push the "we ain't military!" angle kinda hard.


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                To continue that comparison, at least as of twenty five years ago the plastic name tags/plates were only used on you dress uniform, embroidered or ink printed tapes went on your field shirt. If one were to use tapes, would they be black or khaki and if khaki with black or red thread?

                Frankly I don't mind the name plates, only the way they fasten, not that secure and pokie to the skin, I like the magnet idea but that would require a modification to the shirt?


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                  I've had pretty good luck buying name tags from The tags have an option for a magnetic backing. Far superior to the pin with clasp. I'm not sure how the magnetic backings would work if you have a pacemaker, however.


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                    The magnet doesn't require any modifications to the shirt. The name plate has the magnet, and the backing is a piece of metal that the magnet can grab. No holes in the shirt, no pokes to the skin


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                      I have a number of name tags from Jamboree staff, Camp Visitation Team, Training staff etc. Most have the pin back however last year started using the magnetic back type. They are easier to place, can be moved from one shirt to another shirt quickly (need a clean shirt for an evening meal after a warm afternoon of program) and they don't leave holes in the shirts. Also if it gets caught on something it will break loose and not rip the shirt (I had that happen taking off an outer jacket).
                      The caveat however, is that magnetic name badges are a not for someone with a pacemaker.
                      Name tapes look fine on military work uniforms (class Bs like BDUs etc.) but not on a Class A uniform. The name tag is a sharper, crisper image.


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                        I much prefer magnetic name tags for all the reasons stated, but the permanent pin holes in my shirt means my pin name tags always line up right on the first try. :-)


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                          "Why on earth do you need a nametag? Don't the people in your troop know who you are?"

                          As someone who is bad with names, and is a relatively new scouter to my troop, it's quite nice to be able to have a little reminder of a scout's name when i'm working with him. And definitely helpful for the boys to keep track of a lot of adults that tend to blend together.

                          Then again, I'm also in a troop of 100 scouts and about 70 leaders, so yes, we do need a name tag.


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                            I used to like the magnetic-backed nametags, until I accidentally washed my shirt with the tag still on and it sprouted small rust-colored circular stains right where the magnets were. So if you're at all absent-minded when it comes to laundry, be alert...


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                              I liked the idea of the magnetic backing, but I've tried it and now I'm not as big of a fan. The main problem is that it doesn't stay in place. It gradually slides until it's cock-eyed. After seeing pictures of myself looking like I can't dress myself, I decided to stick with the pin backing. I think the embroidered name tag idea is great.