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  1. The requirement per the Guide to Safe Scouting is that two registered adult leaders 21 and older are required for all scouting activities including meetings. A committee member is a registered adult leader who is 21 and older. The point of being registered is that they have had the background check and they have done their YPT certification. Regardless, as a former SM/ASM, one would hope they have already taken the SM/ASM training and OLS at some point for their previous position anyway, neither of which expire, making the fact that they are registered as a committee member kind of irrele
  2. @InquisitiveScouter I'm not saying everything is rosy. But I am saying people too often look upon the past with rose colored glasses and it tints their perception. Again, I'm not familiar enough with the Cub issues, but burn-out, whether for parents or the scouts, is a legitimate concern.
  3. Some of these issues seem to be a local or anecdotal rather than National. For example, I don't see any issues with InstaPalms (because they didn't much matter in the past before the change, so why does it matter now?) The grumbling comes from people who secretly wish they could have had InstaPalms based on their merit badge counts back in the day. I don't see the same issues in our OA lodge that you seem to be complaining about. Some of what you write about seems to stem from a fear of change rather than an actual issue. I'm not familiar with the Cub Scout issues as much, as the last time
  4. This has nothing to do with AOL, but he can join a Scouts BSA troop on March 1 if he's currently in 5th grade.
  5. @qwazseI won't rake you, but we tried it both ways in a one patrol troop and found that the split of responsibilities that align with the position description work better than putting it all on a Patrol Leader. It also made the transition to having two patrols easier.
  6. In my opinion if the absentee ballot is delivered after the votes have been counted and the winner was declared, then the vote doesn't count. It wasn't timely and you can't hold the election results open indefinitely. But it's not my opinion that matters. We should be guiding the scouts to make the decision and certainly parents should not be involved. The PLC could do anything between accepting the original results to declaring a new election and specifying more stringent rules for timely absentee ballots. As for the SPL being a multiple repeat, that 's a program decision that should
  7. Congrats! And not trying to steal your thunder, but me too! I was awarded Adult member of the year for my OA chapter this year. It was chosen by the youth and came as a complete surprise. I was just trying to be as supportive of our chapter's youth as I could to help them succeed. That's why we're here.
  8. I don't disagree, but location and meeting night/time can have a lot to do with long-term success, not just the initial size of the troop. We're in the second troop. It currently has 10 scouts, but it's located in one of the outer population centers of our district. My daughter was the 5th scout on the charter. it's 12 minutes from our house. The initial "super troop" is 25 minutes from our house and requires driving past the location of the troop we joined.
  9. I wasn't around when things got started, because we were living in another state in Feb 2019. My understanding is that our district decided to funnel all interested girls into a single "super troop", and the expectation was that it would eventually split into other units throughout the district. If that was indeed the plan, it didn't work very well, as our district only has 2 girl troops, with the second one being started by a single family that split off from that original troop, with no one else following.
  10. You are absolutely correct, and I probably should have chosen my words with a little more thought. What I meant to say, and i was responding to a specific post, is that the subject matter isn't something that can be done through presentations. This is regardless of whether it's a merit badge or not.
  11. This one is actually very different from the other Citizenships even though it has Citizenship in the name. It's interpersonal. The others are pretty much history and civics, just at local, country and world levels. Completely different subject matters. The Cit in Society session I sat in consisted of a Jewish female, a Chinese female and three white Christian boys. Anyone care to guess who in that group had the more advanced understanding of the topics going in and whose eyes were opened up more to things they'd never thought about or had to think about because of the discussions? This
  12. I've been laying low since this all went down and Tuesday is the last meeting i will miss. After discussing it with my children, we've decided to stick things out with the current troop. I attended one parent meeting and the December Court of Honor this past week. I've slowly been communicating again with the SM and CC to get a feel for whether or not they have been holding a grudge. More with the SM since I've actually had need to interact with him at Council and OA events. Seems things have cooled down and we should be able to return to normal. If a conflict arises I'll be sure to do a be
  13. I think Cit in Society is different enough from the others that it should remain a distinct badge. In the same way that the former Citizenship in the Home (aka Family Life) is different. I wouldn't mind combining the other 3 although the task of paring them down so the essentials are included while not making it overly onerous for a single merit badge would be a difficult endeavor. The only thing I specifically remember about earning the 3 Citizenships when I was a scout 30 years ago is what I did for the service requirement for Community. The vast majority of the rest was a repeat of thing
  14. Citizenship in Society is my daughter's favorite merit badge that she has earned. It's a subject matter she is passionate about. The merit badge counselor invited me to sit in on their session (I asked my daughter if it would be okay with her). When the counselor puts a session together for scouts, she ensures there is sufficient diversity within the group to have meaningful discussion, so that everyone is able to get out of it more than they put in. I was pleasantly surprised by the thoughtful discussion, but at the same time you could see a thoughtfulness difference and a participation diffe
  15. @MikeS72 not the fall course that just happened. For some reason I was under the mistaken impression it was a few weeks later than it actually, was but looking at your calendar I see both weekends were in September. So I believe it was the 3 courses prior to fall, but it's also possible there was a gap.
  16. He stepped down as Cubmaster of his pack recently as his son moved up. He's been on Wood Badge staff for the prior 3 courses (had to turn down SPL for the fall course because he needed a break with his son's bar mitzvah in a few weeks). He's been in OA since he was a scout, but not sure he's been active in Tipisa. He's on the north side of Orlando, but works for one of the parks.
  17. @MikeS72 My registration is good till March. Commissioner service is a distinct possibility. I did that for about 10 years in my old council (WCFC, which merged with Gulf Ridge into GTBAC after we moved away). I am well acquainted with our District Commissioner and we have a good relationship. He also happens to be a Key 3 in the Venturing crew my older daughter is considering joining and was CD for the last 2 NYLT course which my daughter staffed as a TG. I know CFC is big but I wonder if you know my brother. 😄
  18. @fred8033 thank you for your thoughts. Kids aren't stupid. They can see when there is conflict. I did own up to my mistake in the matter. You are also correct in that it never should have escalated. Which is why i asked for the unit to put processes in place to make sure the series of mistakes don't keep happening. But it's not my unit and I don't have the control to ensure those safeguards actually get implemented. But I'd like to see the unit survive, whether or not I'm involved in it. The first thing the scoutmaster did yesterday was send out a notice to parents of position electio
  19. So, the end result of the "trial" is I've been suspended from ASM duties in the troop for 3 months because they didn't like the tone of my email. I've also been banned from attending troop meetings during that time, which is questionable under the Guide to Safe Scouting, but whatever. They've also decided to revoke in general ASM access to view scout advancements in scoutbook. I guess they didn't like people looking over their shoulders. On the positive side, I was told the committee decided to take my requests to improve communication and record keeping seriously, so I'm happy about th
  20. @qwazse I think it's time you give it a rest on the moon observation thing. This really goes way beyond that and the fact you keep trying to say my scout didn't earn the merit badge has gone from annoying to downright offensive at this point. Just because you don't agree with how the camp chose to do it doesn't mean it's wrong. It's beginning to feel like trolling rather than actually being helpful.
  21. Welp, this is not going to end well. I was told by our other ASM that the CC engaged in character assassination at the committee meeting when our COR decided to essentially hold a trial where I spoke to the committee and then left, and then the CC got to say her piece (she did not witness what I spoke about). This was supposed to be about conflict resolution. That other ASM took exception to what was said about me but as an ASM was not permitted to speak or ask questions. He was so angry at how things went that he resigned and withdrew his daughter from the troop. My daughter has told me
  22. @qwazseI think you are making a fair and thoughtful point, and I don't know what we can do as program leaders about monitoring the specifics of the verbs in every requirement. We have to put some level of trust into those who counsel our scouts to do the right thing. But also as leaders when we do have questions we cannot shortcut the process and jump to conclusions. To undo something that has been affirmed as done, in some cases by multiple people, we have to be absolutely sure. To do otherwise is an implicit accusation of lying. The more I've contemplated, this is just a symptom
  23. I wouldn't say it's vague. While there is room for ways to handle it, there are definitely procedures to follow. The language used in the wording does not imply an optionality ("should"). It describes how things will happen. And certainly the the scout law should be followed. There will be a consultation with the MBC/camp/MB event. That consultation determines if the scout really did it or not. It gives the person who signed off on the MB the opportunity to correct a mistake if one has been made, on the assumption that they are trustworthy and sometimes make mistakes. If you as a unit le
  24. I do agree with all of that @qwazse. A good camp merit badge program will want to know if they made mistakes in issuing a merit badge completion and will take the opportunity to get feedback and also make the corrections.. Merit badge counselors should never be signing off on requirements that cannot be personally verified. We had a case where someone took E-prep at camp and the First Aid merit badge requirement was signed off even though I knew they hadn't earned it. I said something and they fixed it. It would not have issued a completion anyway because there were other requirements that
  25. The summer camp's Program Director has taken it upon herself to get this matter resolved, so I am stepping back. I appreciate everyone's input and feedback here, even in the cases where I disagreed with some of the reasoning.
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