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  1. Agreed. Just because you can doesn't mean you have to. No one is going to force you to wear your medals, square knot or no square knot. For that matter, no one is going to force you to wear the square knots either.
  2. My two year old daughter is outside blowing bubbles with her great grandmother right now. :-)
  3. I came across this last night. Thought it would be relevant to the discussion at hand. http://www.businessinsider.com/here-are-the-four-charts-that-explain-what-the-protesters-are-angry-about-2011-10
  4. "In short--- BSA should change it's policies on homosexuals only if it's decided that it's the right thing to do." I don't disagree with the Dale decision. It's one of the tenets that makes this country what it is. But the BSA itself shouldn't have a homosexual policy. The responsibility should fall onto the Chartering Organizations to decide if a leader meets their needs as a leader of scouts (Ideals, Aims, Methods, etc.). If the BSA is taking on that responsibility beyond criminal background checks, then they begin to decide that the morality of certain religions is more important
  5. The outside perception all come down to a couple of things. Most people see the BSA as camping, knot tying and merit badges and that they discriminate against homosexuals. To outsiders, there's no mission, Aims or Methods, and as such there's just a lack of communication in general. It's a public relations nightmare that the BSA doesn't know how to handle, and it's costing them come recruiting time. It is resulting in loss or reduced access to schools for meetings and recruiting, and you take a big hit when it affects recruiting. When you can hit up schools, you are having an opportunity
  6. Certainly not. In what manner you spend the money is somewhat different, but the principle is the same. Cash flow and growth are the keys to a thriving economy. People tend to ignore the cash flow issue and focus on the buzzwords with big red numbers like debts and deficits. You know what hurts cash flow? CEOs taking 2-digit millions in bonuses and laying off thousands of workers at the same time so that they can earn the bonus by decreasing expenses rather than actually trying to increase revenues. 1000 people making $40,000/year will put more money back into the economy (and thus
  7. I agree with Beavah, and so do economists. That's "economists", not "communists". Whatever happened to "You have to spend money to make money"?
  8. Welcome to Pinellas County. In other news, our Board of County Commissioners voted to end fluoridation of our drinking water last week.
  9. Have the SPL use the Troop Meeting Plan. http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/34425.pdf When was SPL back in the day it was essential to planning out a proper well-executed meeting, and doesn't leave time for anyone to get bored because things were always moving. In a well-planned meeting, 90 minutes will feel like it's not enough time rather than too much time.
  10. "Scouting is about the boys right??????? Not for some..... " Not sure what that has to do with this thread. The answers given to the question asked were spot on.
  11. I'm in agreement with 5yearscouter. In the Scout handbook, there is the asterisk for this specific requirement at the bottom of the first page of requirements. There is also a separate note on the second page of the requirements about Alternate Requirements for physical or mentally disabled that meet the disabled criteria. The Tenderfoot and First Class ranks have the same Note about alternate requirements, but no asterisks pointing out alternatives to any specific requirments. I think it stands to reason that the asterisk can be applied to any scout who needs crutches or i
  12. What exactly is a "unit leader"? Is it any adult with a unit registration? Is it anyone registered to an adult unit program leader position (DL, CM, SM, CA and assistants)? Is it specifically the person holding the top program adult leadership position (i.e. the person who signs on the "Unit Leader" line on various forms? And as a UC and former ADC, I do know what the actual expectations are and what the reality is. Perhaps I'm asking a rhetorical question, but then I've never seen "unit leader" (lower case) actually defined anywhere.
  13. Before I earned my beads, I wore the Troop 1 neckerchief anytime I was in uniform. But as a district scouter, I did not have an everyday necker anyway. Now, I always wear the beads, but I wear the WB necker and woggle only to WB events, such as dinners and beadings. I'd probably also wear it to CoHs and B&Gs. If I was in a unit scouter, I'd wear the unit necker when representing my unit (including CoH). If my unit didn't have a necker, I'd wear the WB necker at "formal" unit occassions. The WB necker would come out for WB occassions, including beadings at a unit CoH.
  14. The requirement is to camp, not think about going camping or plan to go camping.
  15. Oak, yes, obesity is a disability regardless of the cause. I should have been more clear that for some people, what they do about it is a choice (and that choosing to ride in a golf cart over walking would be, as my cousin's wife likes to tell her 2 year old "a bad choice") and for others it is not.
  16. "But is being Fat a disability????" The answer to that is that it depends on the cause.
  17. No, I don't think they enjoy patting people down in general. But an extra patdown here, an extra bag search there. Sending someone to the back of the line, rather then just having them go through again right away. Having a perceived position of power over the passengers and abusing it every now and again by inconveniencing those in their charge intentionally? It adds up and can stroke their egos, reinforce their perception of power, all under the guise of safety. Do I think it happens often? No, but it does happen. What's the point of a random patdown anyway? If you aren't profi
  18. "As a frequent flyer, my problem is not with the kids, it's the idiot parents." First thing I do is let the people sitting in front of us know that if my kid is kicking their seat to let me know, so I can do something about it. It can be easy to miss, especially if you've got more than one kid. Not only is that being a responsible parent, but it let's the people around you know you're going to be a responsible parent, and puts them at ease.
  19. JoeBob, don't give them any ideas. The GOP convention is here next year.
  20. packsaddle, care to share which airport the stupidity took place so I can avoid going there? When I travel with my family, we usually get something extra from the TSA, just because we have two small children and we're traveling with so much stuff that sometimes we forget to take something out of the diaper bag or backpack that needs to be x-rayed separately. Every once in awhile, it's something stupid like forgetting to take off my watch or take my phone out of my pocket. Usually, they just send the item through the x-ray no waiting, but my wife once got a random pat down ("I hope yo
  21. My attitude on uniforming... I care about my correct uniforming. I don't care about your correct uniforming. I will give Insignia Guide answers when asked questions about uniforming, and will only point out uniforming issues to others when conducting a uniform inspection or if it's something really messed up, like getting sleeves or pockets reversed.
  22. "Forms should not need an FAQ and a full page of directions to fill them out. " Tell that to the IRS.
  23. I've only ever met one UC that was no longer visiting units, and that was because his health would not allow. He passed away not too long after he stopped making visits though. Our problem is the opposite. We don't have enough, so that some ADCs are having to make unit visits.
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