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  1. ChaiAdventure

    Venturing Rank

    As long as Sea Scouts is part of Venturing, there will be advancement in Venturing.... just poking the bear...
  2. ChaiAdventure

    Venturing-Specific Training

    Running a crew is completely different than a troop. When you take the training, pay particular attention to the aims and methods. Uniforming and advancement are not part of a crew's methods, but they are fall-backs for long-time scouters. I think of it this way... Cub Scouts: based on particpating in activities Boy Scouts: based on leading the patrols during activities Crews: based on envisioning, resourcing, planning and executing activities A bit simplistic...but...
  3. ChaiAdventure

    Letter I sent to OA National Today

    Maybe the folks at National will have a better time understanding the train of thought of this letter. I cannot follow it.
  4. ChaiAdventure

    Venture Uniform required?

    not sure sure why you would say that he is splitting hairs.... awards are most certainly not part of advancement and advancement is not a method in Venturing... and why do you say that there is no relevance to distinguishing between venture scouts and venturers...they are completely different, are from different programs and have different methods associated with them...
  5. ChaiAdventure

    Scouter's Training Award

    This is a question for the district training chair, not the advancement chair. As a DTC, I would count WB as equivalent to UoS for the purposes of this training award for one of the years required of the two for tenure.
  6. ChaiAdventure

    New Venture Pants

    the Venturing pants look decent, but the commercial alternatives still win out....I would have been happier with a pair of microfiber scout pants in gray...
  7. ChaiAdventure

    Sea Base 2015

    we got our slot...
  8. ChaiAdventure

    OA Sash Questions

    talk about digging up old threads...this one started in 2003....
  9. ChaiAdventure

    James E West Award on Youth Uniform

    Kind of a weird first and only post (one day after signing up for an account) by a youth and zero follow-up by the OP. Makes me think that this is an adult trolling.... Just sayin'...
  10. ChaiAdventure

    This should bring some discussion going forward

    One thing that I would have wanted to see was a connection between training and advancement. We have ILST and NYLT training out there, but it is in no way tied to the program. This is not a dig on the training. I believe leadership training has its place. But like Venturing requires ILSC to earn Silver, I believe that part of the higher ranks (Life, Eagle) should be not only to serve in a leadership position, but to attend the training that supports it. In addition, I would like to see some kind of recognition (in the form of official bling) for scouts who attend NYLT or NAYLE. I know they can wear a patch on their right pocket, but they can wear anything on their right pocket. This leadership training should allow them to wear something distinctive...... But I digress....
  11. ChaiAdventure

    This should bring some discussion going forward

    and meanwhile we still wait for the Venturing requirements that will take effect before these Cub/Boy Scout changes....
  12. ChaiAdventure

    OA and Venturing

    if OA is a Boy Scout program, then why are adults allowed in??? adults are not Boy Scouts...they are Scouters...
  13. ChaiAdventure

    OA and Venturing

    the report issued by national on the future of Venturing specifically states that Varsity would be included in the Venturing program which also includes Sea Scouts....I assume that this would mean the Varsity Teams would no longer be allowed to vote for OA candidates since they would be out of Boy Scouting...
  14. ChaiAdventure

    How Do Jews and Christians Reconcile Things Like The Pledge?

    Not sure what the issue is.... The pledge is just that, a pledge. It is not worshipping the flag as a deity.
  15. ChaiAdventure

    New Venturing Advancement Out of National

    The report stated that there was only 0.7% of Venturers who earned any Venturing award. In my mind, since recognition was a method in Venturing, that is a 99.3% failure rate. Any changes are welcome... An interesting side-effect is that my Crew has committed to earn the bronze-gold-silver award prior to their abolishment on Dec 31 2014. In an off-handed way, getting rid of the old system put some life back into it (in my small neck of the woods).