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    Learning For Life

    My memory is a bit fuzzy and I may be in error but I think LFL is listed as a seperate Division of the BSA and in local councils the SE is also CEO of the LFL corporation as a seperate division. Also can slpit the compensation package if or as needed. Thats why LFL membership numbers may or may not be included in a council annual report. Like I said my memory is fuzzy on this so I don't gurantee it is completly accurate. Eagle92, does some of this sound familiar?
  2. hotair36

    NYLT with Venturing

    My council just finished our 3d year coed year of NYLT and our 2d year with male and female venture crew members on staff. We had the opportunity to pilot coed NYLT w/ venturing in 2010. NO SIGNIFICANT issues or differences. The patrol method is still an integral part, the patrol is called a team, the PLC is the leadership council and yes, we include the Venturing Oath on 2 or 3 days alternating with the scout oath. We also use a Troop 1 flag and a Crew 1 flag. The SPL is the Assistant Course Director for Youth Operations and each ASPL is an Asst director for, Program, Services, and Guides. Troop Guides are Team Guides. Set your trams up in age groups and watch how well they can learn from each other. One of the female participants out first year had an extensive GSUSA background and said "But I think this what I really want to do." She went on to staff in another council the next year. The syllabus works. Follow it and the course works. It parallels WB21C and creates a truly desirable result when both youth and adult leaders have the same references.
  3. hotair36

    Changing Councils

    It can and has been done...when the address of the charter partner changes. Example: a charter partner is near a state, county, municipal border and relocates by moving into another boundary area which happens to be in another council. Some have also changed the charter partner address to move into another council but continued to hold meetings in the original council. This only works if the unit or it's charter partner are on or near a council boundary.
  4. hotair36

    NYLT Patch

    Something else to be corrected in this thread: "At the troop meeting last night the scout that attended last week's NYLT had me sign off on his "goals". He gave me an envelope with his NYLT patch with a letter from the Course Director explaining that the scout should be given the patch when he completes his goals and that he should wear it about the right pocket." and "But COURSE DIRECTORS should know better." Nowhere in the NYLT program syllabus is there anything referring to goals. Yes, some councils have the participants set goals a/k/a write a ticket however, even though NYLT parallels WB21C a ticket or goals are not a part of the program. OA NLS has a goal commitment but it is not a part of NYLT. COURSE DIRECTORS should know better.
  5. Part of the why NYLT uses the Team rather than Patrol is due to the inclusion of Venturing program members (Co-Ed) and the fact that it parallels Wood Badge for the 21st Century. Yes, WB21C has Dens and Patrols while NYLT is centered on the BE, KNOW and DO aspects of Leadership and the Quest for the meaning of Leadership. It is amazing to get feedback about the conversations and interactions that happen when a youth member has completed NYLT and an adult family member or respected leader has completed WB21C and they realize they are on the same page, using the same concepts and terms. The idea of linked/related training using the same basis isn't novel or new to the BSA but it works and has a positive result. Having a time limit for Trainers Edge again helps to keep the youth staff and adults on the same path again using the same techniques. The Trainers Edge syllabus has had a few changes since it first came out.
  6. BDPT00 - I don't have any info on the Philmont Leadership Chalange issue but I can give you the NYLT & NAYLE answer. The 3d and 4th bead awards came in as a part of the 2009 course and, if my memory is correct, was announced during the fall 2008 course directors conferences. The announcement covered NYLT and NAYLE. The application for Wood Badge Recognition is obtained from BSA Headquarters, Volunteer Development Team and the Course Directors Pledge is found in the NYLT Syllabus on Appendix page 23. NYLT Wood Badge Bead Requirements are found in the NYLT Staff Guide on page 10 and reads as follows: In its early years, the Wood Badge was a training recognition used for more than one specific course. Recognizing that we are in the business of developing youth leaders, this recognition has been authorized for NYLT adult staff. Regions may authorize the awarding of Wood Badge beads for NYLT volunteers who have met the following requirements: Three Beads for NYLT: 1. Course director of his or her course attended the Regional NYLT Course Director Conference within 12 months of the course. 2. Completed a Wood Badge for the 21st Century course and earned beads. 3. Attended a Trainers Edge course within three years of the NYLT course. 4. Staffed an NYLT course as a course director or assistant course director. Four Beads for NYLT 1. Served as a troop guide for a Wood Badge for the 21st Century course. 2. Completed a Regional NYLT Course Director Conference in its entirety within 12 months of NYLT service as course director. 3. Attended a Trainers Edge course within three years of the NYLT course. 4. Served as a course director for an NYLT course. There is NO exception for previous service or CDC attendance. In order to permit the third bead recognition for the rest of his or her staff, the NYLT course must be qualified/certified by the course director attending the NYLT Course Director Conference, must adhere to national standards, and must follow the syllabus in its entirety. The recognition, as in Wood Badge, assumes full service (all days) on the course and participation in the required course staff development sessions. Staff who only show up for a portion of a course do not warrant beads. Certificates for both 3 and 4 beads became available last November.
  7. hotair36


    KUDU Please get on board and provide accurate information. Just because you appear to not be with the current program for training, including Wood Badge for the 21st Century and NYLT is no reason to not provide the correct definition for EDGE. If you have not reviewed the recent advancement requirements or handbook (which I assume you have), please do and get current. E Explain D Demonstrate G Guide E Enable Sorry but the flip answer to a genuine question got me a bit upset.
  8. hotair36

    2011 National Camp School

    If camp school registration goes anything like the recent Course Director conferences (CDCs) for Wood Badge and NYLT the registration link will come from national once the web folks have been tasked to create a registration page. For the CDCs The registration links were sent to the regional and area coordinators and someone in each council (not sure who, if you don't have a program director). Each person attending had to register on line and pay via credit card. The registration link was not where I thought it might be at MyScouting.org under . The link took you to another site. Keep seeking the answer and sooner or later you might get the information otherwise have someone check with your area director
  9. hotair36


    RuddBaron worte "While on the subject of things Scottish, I have "discovered" that the garter flashes worn with the hose (knee socks) that are worn while wearing the kilt work very well and look nice with BSA knee socks. I understand green ones used to be part of the old uniform. I suggest red to match the stripe. Again, not official, but very practical and with historical precedent." When scout shorts and knee socks were still a part of the uniform, BSA Garters and Tabs, as they were properly known were sold by supply division. Gold (yellow)Tabs for ware with Blue Cub Scout Shorts, Green Tabs with the Boy Scout Khaki Shirt and Shorts and Red for ware with the Explorer (now Venturing)Green shirt and Khaki Scout Shorts. Cub Scout Leaders wore Khaki with Gold (yellow) Tabs. Today's shoulder loops are an evolution from the Garters and Tabs of the 50's, 60's and into the 70's. Look at some of the Norman Rockwell paintings. Bring back knee socks as part of the uniform.
  10. The National Standard for numbering tell which region, what area in that region, which council, what year and which course that council ran in that year since some councils run more than one course each year. Example: Region: S or NE or C or W, Area: 1 or 2 etc, Council number, course year (2011) and course number for that year. You can figure out the course number for your council in 2013 today if you want. Makes things consistent and you know where and when someone took the course. Don't know if or where an indicator goes for a long course. Would not be surprised if a similar numbering system will be used for NYLT courses in the future i.e S6-XXX-11NYLT-1 etc.
  11. hotair36

    Real Rules vs Traditions

    Gee I must really be old because I remember when Scout Shops and Distributors gave out a copy of the uniform inspection guide sheet when a new uniform shirt was purchased. You know, the one that when you hold it up to the sleeve it shows where things go. Isn't the same sort of diagram on the inside cover of the handbooks anymore? Just a question from someone who tries to give new parents the correct starting point.
  12. hotair36

    Jambo 5K Fun Run

    Participation in the 5K was not a Jamboree requirement. My guess is that the troop leadership made the decision so they could say "We all did it" and everyone got the 5K rocker for their patch.
  13. hotair36

    Obama not speaking in person at Jambo

    Even if someone does not agree with the politician or his/her views and politics it's the office of The President and the person serving in that position that the participants want to see or hear from. President Obama did a recorded message that was positive and timely for the Scouts and Scouters in attendance at the show. A few rain drops did not dampen the spirits of those in the audience. Mike Rowe was a hit with a terrific message and the fireworks were spectacular. Posted just after returning from the arena shoe.
  14. hotair36

    A friend checked in from Jambo

    A/C in the barracks - Only if you are sleeping at Wilcox. No A/C at Longstreet or in any of the tents. The participants have begun to arrive and the Sub Camps are beginning to look a lot like a Jamboree. Ticks have always been an issue at Ft. A.P. Hill so what else would someone expect? Please don't take the Tick Habitate signs as mementos.
  15. Those will trade well at the Jamboree. They are unique and timely, scouts will want them. As a fundraiser it is OK to make the world aware of what is on the market for collectors. Yes collectors. Have some of the readers ever followed a patch auction on the onternet or at a awap meet and seen some of the prices garnered? A good condition 1st edition Unami Lodge flap is big $. Check out some of the council websites and see how many Jamboree CSPs are available to purchase for $100.00 per set etc.