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Belgian Horror Film with Scouts

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  • Belgian Horror Film with Scouts

    A Belgian horror film involving Scouts, with the English title of "Cub," will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. The film's promotional materials include "Be Prepared," a fleur-de-lis, as well as a modified image (probably used without permission) of a troop at Camp John J. Barnhardt in North Carolina. The film doesn't have a distributor at the moment, but that may change as TIFF is said to be a major festival in the same league as Cannes.

    The modified troop image can be found at these links, as well as several Belgian film sites:

    The original troop image is at:

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    12 year old Cub Scouts?


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      This looks AWESOME!!!!! Camp fire story on the big screen


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        "Kill a cub?" Um, NO.


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          It will never make it here in the US. It would defiantly need to me a very senior coed venture crew to meet the level of Friday the 13th.


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            Originally posted by King Ding Dong View Post
            12 year old Cub Scouts?

            Realism isn't always a concern in Hollywood, or Flanders in this case.


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              Now an unsuspecting scoutmaster haunted by this latest batch of crossovers ... That would be a scary flick!


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                I'm not afraid. Our Troop spends a week at Camp Crystal Lake with an ASM named Jason who has a hockey mask and access to the ax yard tools.


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                  Years ago this unit had an outing at Raccoon Mountain, an overnight in their 'wild' cave. Anyway, we left the cave late in the morning and on the way out, we noticed tripods a short distance from the entrance where the 'tourists' enter the cave. The boys headed down to the campsite to clean up and I stayed up to finish paying for all the fees and buy some souvenirs. It turned out that a low-grade horror film was in progress and some of the cast were waiting for us to clear the cave so they could get started.
                  I stopped to talk to some of them and noted that the monster costumes didn't exactly look very professional and they laughed and said it was really low budget and they could use some volunteers if I was interested. I asked what needed to be done and they said someone needed to hold the lights as the makeup was being applied to some of the cast.

                  Turned out that this was really a skin flick and the volunteer work was to hold the light while makeup was applied to the totally nude 'actresses' who, I also note, were spectacular enough clothed. I laughed and told them I had enough trouble as it was. They understood.

                  I didn't break this news to the boys until later when we were on the road home. They begged us to turn around. They REALLY needed the service hours, lol. I still laugh when I remember some or their faces, those incredibly sincere looks as they tried to explain how important service is. Good try, guys.....


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                    There's a best-selling horror novel titled "The Troop" by Nick Cutler about a Canadian Scoutmaster who takes a troop of Scouts camping on a remote island only to find they're not's the description from Amazon:

                    The Troop scared the hell out of me, and I couldn’t put it down. This is old-school horror at its best.” —Stephen King

                    Once every year, Scoutmaster Tim Riggs leads a troop of boys into the Canadian wilderness for a weekend camping trip—a tradition as comforting and reliable as a good ghost story around a roaring bonfire. The boys are a tight-knit crew. There’s Kent, one of the most popular kids in school; Ephraim and Max, also well liked and easygoing; then there’s Newt the nerd and Shelley the odd duck. For the most part, they all get along and are happy to be there—which makes Scoutmaster Tim’s job a little easier. But for some reason, he can’t shake the feeling that something strange is in the air this year. Something waiting in the darkness. Something wicked…

                    It comes to them in the night. An unexpected intruder, stumbling upon their campsite like a wild animal. He is shockingly thin, disturbingly pale, and voraciously hungry—a man in unspeakable torment who exposes Tim and the boys to something far more frightening than any ghost story. Within his body is a bioengineered nightmare, a horror that spreads faster than fear. One by one, the boys will do things no person could ever imagine.

                    And so it begins. An agonizing weekend in the wilderness. A harrowing struggle for survival. No possible escape from the elements, the infected…or one another.

                    Part Lord of the Flies, part 28 Days Later—and all-consuming—this tightly written, edge-of-your-seat thriller takes you deep into the heart of darkness, where fear feeds on sanity…and terror hungers for more."

                    I've only read the reviews, but I kept thinking...don't they have two-in-depth YST in Canada???


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                      About 10 years ago, in my cub leader days, I was approached by a couple of cub mums who said they were reps of a larger delegation that wanted to pass on a message....... could I desist from telling ghost stories on future camps please, apparently several cubs hadn't slept for days following the last camp for fear of dead dogs under the bed.......

                      Naughty Cambridgeskip! (Or Cambridge Akela as I was then)

                      Both this film and the Canadian book sound awesome! I had a big horror film/book phase as a teenager. These could just get me back into it!


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                        I am going to create a new thread (not sure what forum yet and I might find an old one that I can bring back to life for that matter) on campfire stories, scary and otherwise. I am doing this because I sense an oncoming hijack. But first...I'm going to order a copy of 'The Troop'. Sounds like a great story.

                        Incidentally, if anyone thinks this thread isn't sufficiently I&P to stay here, let me know.

                        Edit: I reopened an old one in camping and high adventure.
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                          "..... and when they got home, there was a HOOK stuck in the car door handle!!!!!!!!"


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                            Here's a review: