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If the Local Option happens, how will Troops deal with practical problems?

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    Well written Cambridge!

    Sexuality and teenagers is always a volatile mix, regardless of the orientation of the teenagers.

    My guess is that most Scouts and Adults would never be able to identify a closeted gay youth or parent. Those most panicked about it are homophobes looking for stereotypical "signs of gayness" (yes, I heard it called that once).

    Walk though a mall on Saturday, you'll see many more sexually overt heterosexual behaviors than you will homosexual behaviors.


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      This will be another "rubber meets the road" moment for BSA. The first was desegregation, which did not officially end until the mid-1970's.

      Scouting will adapt, or die.


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        I quit a Unit..Simply because I was told It was my responsibility to teach sexual Orientation and condem Homosexuality..
        Wrong as A scout Leader I am NONSEXUAL.. I am not required nor is it acceptable under BSA YP or Texas F2FYP to teach any sexual orientation..As A Scout Leader I do not teach or discuss sexual orientation, sexual techinques, sexual anything to anyone.
        I am required to ensure a safe enviroment for everyone..
        Adult and Youth Talking sex..NOT ALLOWED
        Adults and Youth Talking Sex...NOT ALLOWED
        Adults and Youths Talking Sex...NOT ALLOWED
        Adult and Youths Talking sex..NOT ALLOWED
        Youth and Youth talking sex...NOT ALLOWED
        GROUP OF Youths Discussing Sex ....NOT ALLOWED

        Two Deep Leadership at all times..
        Bullying by anyone for Any reason not allowed..

        Why is it everyone has to over complicate everything?

        If scouts want to participate in a parade...let those who wish to participate proper Scout Uniform...No changes...DO NOT FORCE ANYONE WHO DOES NOT WISH TO PARTICIPATE TO PARTICIPATE

        Uniform Wear.....Only wear Official Uniform...NO NONE AUTHORIZED Uniforms, Patches, Neckerkief... ETC.. No different than Now..Do we allow KKK Patches? Do we allow Black Panther Patches? Do we allow Scouts to Wear Red or Blue Bandanas? Do we Allow profanity or sexually Explicite clothing? NO we don't..The Gay Pride Solidarity Knot is not an Official BSA Knot it can not be worn..
        Everyone from Troop or Patrol wears the same Neckerkief..No individual pick and choose..

        Proplems will arise all the time.
        During my Youth days..we camped near a (private property dump site)..several boys found Playboys and several other mens Magazines..boys will be boys...the articles were read of course..They also made great fire starters when they were found by leaders...although I do remeber the fire was burning already real well !!!..Campout was not canceled..and youth were told to stay away from the dump site. since no one brought them no one was banned.

        Back in my Days we could "Snipe" hunt with the New Scouts..not allowed now days.

        Single "Creepy" Leaders...Handled through exsisting policy..NO ONE ON ONE ALLOWED
        DATING COUPLES sharing a Tent...Handled already through Exsisting Policy...NOT MARRIED...Adult or Youth...Not Allowed....
        I am single...Girlfriend has son in Scouts...We do not Share a Tent on Scouting Events..