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NRA -are they Serious?!?

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  • NRA -are they Serious?!?

    Really, armed security guards at schools? what the Heck are they Thinking? Dies that mean they will want them at the malls, movie theaters or children's summer camps next? Too bad that National will mostlikely side with the NRA.....
    More guns aren't the answer

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    It's clear NRA is not so interested in solving a problem as in furthering the proliferation of firearms in this country. I thought they would have been a little more rational. Wow. Logic and common sense and discussion and considering the ideas of others carries no weight. More firepower is the "answer".


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      Comparable to the AARP's solutions for Social Security. And for the same reasons.


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        Is there a solution Republican or Democrat? Who's gonna fund it it and still mis-manage it.

        At least the NRA is willing to fund getting trained sheepdogs to protect the sheep.

        More gun laws is just like posting more "no wolf allowed here" signs. Wolves can't read you know.
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          You can thank NRA for meaninless gun "laws". They fight tooth and nail against any and all meaningful laws and the only thing that can get passed is silly stuff like "no gun zone". Of course they don't work - it's by design.

          If NRA would actually enter into a meaningful discussion to solve the problems we might make some progress. Meanwhile we can wait for the next mass shooting.


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            Yah, I have to admit I haven't seen a more ham-handed approach to a PR event since Greg Shields at da BSA Jamboree in 2005.

            Not sure what da fellow was thinkin', but he did himself and his cause nuthin' but harm.

            I think we're startin' to see a complete meltdown in da extreme right. They've started to believe their own lobbyin' rhetoric or somethin'. Now they can't even bring themselves to negotiate in good faith or seek reasonable compromise. Everybody else is evil. Can't compromise with evil.

            Da opposition isn't evil. They're fellow citizens with slightly different viewpoints.

            People aren't sheep, and don't need sheepdogs.

            If they don't snap out of it soon, this will end badly for da whole conservative movement.



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              Beavah, I sincerely hope that what it does when it 'ends' is to identify and isolate the irrational fringe and release the shackles from the traditional conservatives who seem to be locked away these days. I'd like to see true conservatives re-emerge and become an effective voice in society again.


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                As you might have noticed?
                I tend to be a little "Left of center" When it comes to politics.
                Back home in the UK, the Labour Party was seen as the working mans party. Backed by trade unions and guys who wore flat caps!
                About 30 years or so the party was infiltrated by what became known as the "Loony Left".
                While well meaning this group somehow always seemed to want to go a little bit too far and were unwilling to compromise.
                Maggie Thatcher was able to come off looking like the lesser of two evils.
                I can't help thinking that the Tea Party and some Republicans are very much like the "Loony Left" Only of course they are on the far right.

                I had hoped that the NRA might have been able to come up with something of substance that would have backed up the way they feel.
                Kinda hard to believe that they took a week to come up with what was almost a joke.

                I spend most of this week with a group of guys who really are into guns and are gun lovers.
                Nearly all of these guys belong to one of our DOC Special Teams and are trained and practice using all sorts of guns.
                Most have served in the military and have great respect for the weapons they use.
                There are times when I need these guys and their guns to back me up.
                I bet anyone of these fellows would have done a better job of presenting the NRA stance than the twit the NRA selected.


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                  Hmm, some school district allow teachers to carry now and several states have legislation in the works to allow it. They all must be "nutters"
                  My son's high school has two armed "resource officers", I don't see any reason why a few volunteer teachers couldn't come under their supervision and assist in time of need. Every school probably has at least one teacher who has a CCW but I guess it would be too much trouble to send them for some advanced training. I bet very few of our high school parents would have a problem with the principle carrying.

                  Maybe while we're at it we could recruit a few teachers from each school to take an industrial fire brigade training course (like the ones given to businesses) in case there's a fire in the school. Then they would be able to safely help out until the FD arrives. I'm sure there's a few teachers who are also volunteer firefighters already trained and willing.


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                    What is wrong with a properly trained armed guard in a school?

                    Has anyone come up with a better idea?


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                      We already have police officers, um, I mean "resource officers" and metal detectors in the high and middle schools here. They stationed officers (police and sherriff's deputies) in the elementary schools for one week (last week). It must work, since they didn't have any shootings. THey did find a 12 ga shotgun in the car of a high school student in the school parking lot, unloaded and with his other hunting gear. He was hunting last weekend and didn't clean out his car. They charged him with a felony.


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                        Oh for Pete sake, Oklahoma city has been armed off duty police this for several years in middle and high schools. I expect most large cities have.

                        And what practicle realistic gun restriction could be proposed that would have prevented this tragedy?

                        Folks are interested in pushing politics more than realistic solutions.



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                          It's not a good idea because the boogie man (NRA) proposed it. Of course others have before yesterday and some places actually are doing it but that doesn't matter.

                          Of course the NRA has the largest police training program in the country but hey why let the experts even take part in the discussion!


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                            What is wrong with a properly trained armed guard in a school?

                            Remember da deficit? Schools are substantially safer than streets and neighborhoods. If yeh want government funds spent well, yeh put more police on da streets, not in da schools.



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                              I loved the part where LaPierre states "with all the money in the Federal Budget, can't we afford to put a police officer in every single school?" What? I thought NRA was backed by Republicans, you know those guys spouting that revenue is not the problem, it is the spending that is the problem.. Estimated cost is 6.7 billion per year to have an armed guard at each school.

                              But, then Romney wanted to spend an extra 2 trillion in the military, so I guess there is no spending problem when it comes to weapons and military stuff. After all both wars were put on a credit card.

                              Then armed guards didn't save anyone with Gabby Gifford, the armed good guy couldn't get a clean shot of with all the panic and mayham of the crowds. It also didn't help at Columbine, as the armed guard wasn't in the right place in the school at the right time.

                              Some are saying Principle should be armed, or all the teachers. Well that's alot of weapons to fall into the wrong hands of kids. So, we have them locked up? Now we have to get to where they are locked up, and get them out.. How much time would that take? Does it help if you are out in the hallway, when the gunman comes down the hall, and your gun is in the classroom? "Excuse me, Mr. Gunman, can you hold your shooting until I get my gun? thank you very much.."

                              Other then that, I just think that one idiot who is stupid enough to think they can take out a maniac with full armor protection and an automatic weapon, with a handgun and a few weekend shooting practice 2 or 3 years back, might be just as dangerous as the maniac, or just as dead as the rest of the victims, take your pick.

                              I liked the guy who was asked if we should arm the kids.. "Oh no, not if their under age.. But, yes all college students should be armed.."

                              Wild Wild West here we come, don't go out without you six guns strapped on.