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    Calico -- tut-tut.. Don't be anti-Catholic (pssst... you forgot the Obama comparison to Hitler and Stalin.)

    Beavah -- tsk-tsk.. Did you just admit that the Catholic Church can get a little radical in their attempts to flush out the devil?

    I had heard a month or two back that some GSUSA were told they were no longer welcome to meet at Catholic Churches due to their views.. I thought this decision had already passed. I guess it was some churches that were just jumping the gun..


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      As a member of AHG, it actually bothers me that every anti-GSUSA article includes some reference to AHG. The fact is that there are at least two separate, and very different, scouting organizations for girls in America now, and thank goodness that moms and daughters now have some choice! I was a Girl Scout, as were many AHG moms. The bottom line is that my Girl Scout experience was very differnt from, and perhaps not as rich as my husband's BSA experience. We were looking for a program that emphasized life skills, outdoor skills, and girl leadership. AHG provides all of that. The BSA relationship sealed the deal for us. We LOVE AHG, and we wish our fellow female scouters in GSUSA nothing but the best.


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        Ya know. I'm actually surprised this did not come earlier. Politics of change long ago started using youth groups as fields of battle. Minor issues are now used to drive wedges between groups.

        Anyway ...

        I'm not surprised because over the years I've talked with several girl scout professionals, essentially parrallel to a district exec. During those conversations when discussing the difference between BSA and GSUSA, the girl scout leaders emphasized the differences. Quickly pointing out the openness for accepting all leaders. I don't remember the acceptance of male leaders. And several other topics. What I remember distinctly was the tone of the conversation and that GSUSA as much more forward thinking than BSA. The tone just didn't seem like a Catholic sponsored youth group.


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          Anyone ever hear of a Girl Scout Troop doing a fifty miler backpack trip?


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            AHG Mom & SP

            Please stop referring to the AHG as an alternative girl scouting group, it is not even close to being one. AHG is a religious propaganda group preaching prejudicial and misinformation to its girls. You and SP's constant propagandizing of the AHG in this forum is truly disingenuine, full of misinformation and your denying the true mission of the organization does a disservice to scouting and the members of this forum.


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              You are certainly welcome to your opinion, but I think you are quite wrong.

              Indeed, it sounds like Girl Scout has abandoned Scouting as a camping program, and AHG which is seeking to replicate a Scouting program.

              And of course there are lots of people who consider BSA to be a religious propaganda group, but we soldier on despite such biased criticism.


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                BadenP wrote: "AHG is a religious propaganda group preaching prejudicial and misinformation to its girls."

                Really? I guess it's all a matter of perspective.

                This is a reflection of why I'm not surprised the church is questioning GSUSA. Not that GSUSA is that bad. But there is a big attitude difference (i.e. a strong secular emphasis) and goals. With today's hyper-sensitive society, I'm surprised to see churches support GSUSA. Years ago people would ignore the differences and focus on the big issues (i.e. a youth program for girls). Now, people use these minor issues to drive wedges between groups and use these youth groups as battle fields.

                I'm not sure if AHG is or is not an alternative. But it's more aligned with the beliefs of most Christian churches. I do wish AHG was more than Christian churches. (i.e. more like BSA) But that's me.(This message has been edited by fred8033)


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                  AHG is a religious propaganda group preaching prejudicial and misinformation to its girls.

                  I don't know whether AHG is a religious propaganda group or not. But logically, there is nothing preventing an organization from being both a religious propaganda group and a scouting group at the same time. There is nothing in the Scout Law that would preclude the establishment of a religious scouting organization -- as is the case in Europe. In fact some of the Catholic scouts in Europe are members of national federations which in turn are members of WOSM.


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                    Where's the "steer back to topic" button?


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                      Fascinating that the same people who oppose "outsiders' " attempts to influence the internal workings of a private organization when the subject is gays and the BSA are welcoming the bishops' attempts to influence the GSUSA.


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                        In the greater scheme of things no one really cares what the Catholic bishops have to say about the GSUSA, including many Catholics.

                        It's odd, then, that you would post your local bishop's ban on the AHG as a strike against the AHG. If no one cares what Catholic bishops have to say about the GSUSA then no one ought to care about what they say about the AHG either.


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                          Published facts from Catholic publications

                          1)Catholic women are forbidden to use any form of artificial birth control, yet 85% of American and European Catholic women do.

                          2)All Catholics are required to attend mass every Sunday under threat of mortal sin yet Catholics average attendance at Sunday mass is once a month.

                          3) The Catholic hierarchy has declared homosexuality a grave mortal sin, yet over 60%(conservatively) of American priests have admitted to being practicing homosexuals.

                          4)The Vatican Bank has been listed by our own government as the 4th leading criminal money laundering institution in the world.

                          The Vatican and the church hierarchy can't even get their own members to pay any attention to them. So aside from the obvious credibility issues do you really think Anyone, especially Catholics, give a you know what about what some American bishops think about the GSUSA, especially the GSUSA themselves? Highly doubtful.(Except maybe SP & AHG Mom, lol) If anything this persecution by the catholic bishops will only further alienate these bozos from their flocks and the GSUSA will come out as the victim of a unsubstantiated Catholic witchhunt.(This message has been edited by BadenP)


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                            BadenP.. Not you too!!! Hey... It's starting to get crowded in the anti-Catholic pew over here!
                            Don't know how accurate BP is with his facts, Never heard about the homosexual Priest or money laundering thing..

                            Now I had heard way back when that of the faiths were clergy can marry, they are one of the top careers who will be found cheating or divorcing.. It was along time ago, so I don't know if currently that static remains true.. That is not Catholic of coarse.. It was just something that peaked my interest when I heard it, being that my father & mother were divorced, him being a protestant minister. It made me feel a little comfort that our family wasn't such an oddity..

                            Definately seems though that Catholics are on a march, maybe not quite a holy war.. But, it is some sort of cleaning house.. I just wonder who will be left in the house once they are done.


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                              60% of priests? I call BS on that one as well as on #4. What Catholic publication published that one?

                              I think most Catholics (at least the Internet-savvy ones) are pretty aware of the problems within the Church.


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                                Just presenting the information, not endorsing it in the least:

                                "The exact number of gay priests worldwide is unknown. A study conducted in 2000 by Father Donald Cozzens for his book The Changing Face of Priesthood suggests that as many as 60 percent of all American Catholic priests were gay, but those numbers varied greatly depending on geographical location. At issue at the beginning of the 21st century is the growing perception that the priesthood is, or is becoming, a gay profession, Cozzens wrote in his book. Heterosexual seminarians are made uncomfortable by the number of gays around them. "


                                "VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - The Vatican has for the first time appeared on the State Department's list of money-laundering centers but the tiny city-state is not rated as a high-risk country."

                                (This message has been edited by Shortridge)