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  1. Only have bylaws if some outside entity (your COR or military installation commander) require it. Trust me.
  2. It's a pdf of the 2010 version, but it might work for you. http://www.stgerald.org/uploads/DanBourne/welcome-to-the-cub-scout-academics-and-sports-program.pdf
  3. Slightly off topic but, way to reinforce sexism. I've never known Girl Scouts to sleep on cots unless they were using them in the big platform tents, where they were provided, or cabins. We prohibited them in our last Overseas Committee from being in our tents due to wear and tear. I didn't sleep on a cot in a tent until I was around 40. Love to meet these GSA volunteers since I'm a GSUSA member.
  4. My husband made a felt pouch as a WEB and he still uses it to this very day to carry novels and books in the field. Get a piece of heavy felt, not craft felt, and cut to 10-12 inches by 30ish. Fold into thirds, like a letter going into an envelope. As you are looking at the folded felt, sew the middle flap to the bottom piece with a straight stitch on the two open sides. (Have the boys draw on a line with chalk and a ruler.) Trim the top flap to a point, or a wave, or whatever. I'll try to post a photo later today of my huaband's. If you have a crafty mom or two, see if they'd be
  5. Many of us agree that the DEs have a thankless job with too many competing and conflicting responsibilities. How should the job be split into positions that are not only doable but serve the boys?
  6. We would often combine the November and December pack meetings due to holiday scheduling. You might want to theme your winter meetings to activities that are done in the dark like a sound scavenger hunt, all activities having something to do with phosphorescence, astronomy, intro to flashlight tag. November is when reality hits for a lot of families that have been running on euphoria since August. Get through the trough and pump up the boys for January camp out, PWD, and a big B&G party. You might also consider a leaders only event, not on the Pack's dime if you can't afford it, to say
  7. Will Robotics someday meet Shot Gun over the range? http://blog.sfgate.com/techchron/2013/12/01/amazon-working-on-flying-drones-to-deliver-packages-to-your-doorstep/ (We need a humour category.)
  8. Segregating kids by religion isnt an official BSA policy, and I'd be calling national on that with the pros' names. The CO has the right to only accept kids from their organization, but Councils shouldn't be mandating it. Where are you generally in the wider world?
  9. No matter where the money comes from, collected, fundraised, granted by CO, Joe Bob's unit needs to turn over a $1500 check to recharter for 2014. His legitimate question is "What do we get for that?" Stop being so obtuse.
  10. At $25 a person and say a $1 per registered person for insurance (varies by council and is rolled into recharter) plus the unit fee, $1500 equals about 56 people. Forty boys, eight SM/ASMs, eight CC/MCs and a COR, and you're there. Last year you could've gotten Boys Life for all the youth and hit around $1500 for the above group.
  11. Take it to an alterations shop, best to find one that works with military uniforms. The seamstress will trim and fold it then sew it on so that no raw edges show. It may cost $5 or so, depending, but I'd rather starch and iron old pickle suits than try to sew on badges correctly.
  12. Quite the master manipulator you have there. As others have said, this is an SM issue, and the Committee needs to focus on supporting the program, not micromanaging boys.
  13. This is the same bear leader who hates the wolf leader? Wall your den off from the drama and Happy Cub Scouting.
  14. And right there is the problem: put in scouts. Voluntelling is just about the worst way to organize a group.
  15. Sometimes you can get single color strings of mini lights. You could use red. yellow, and orange ones to highlight a cardboard or plywood prop.
  16. You're a realist, Stosh, Boys want to be with other boys and men. By eight or nine they are sick of moms and sisters. Our pack began to reach out to the troop and ask for an ASM to be the WEB ADL in order to shepherd both boys and parents into the Boy Scout frame of mind. It works well.
  17. Curious if your zombie lover has older siblings. There is a big gap between #1 and #2 &3. My younger kids knew and did things way before their classmates because of their big brother.
  18. What's the old answer: As many as you need? And, don't worry about quorums or voting rules, etc, unless that is a requirement of your CO or some other authourity, like the JAG office for units on military posts. As others have said, consensus is a better method than hard and fast votes. As for the checking account, our old pack had to have four signers (bank said so). So we had, CM, CC, Treasurer, and Advancement Chair, but only the Treasurer had the checkbook, and there was no way to do any electronic banking or have a debit card. Again, bank rules.
  19. I have known other LDS families who joined non-LDS troops and if their church leaders said "boo" about it, it sure didn't change the situation. The family stayed with their preferred troops.
  20. Chief Scout Executive Robert Mazzuca, and his anti-Scouting campaign! "Did you know that there was a time when to be a First Class Scout--you guys didn't know this I bet--did you guys have to learn how to catch a runaway horse to be a First Class Scout? When was the last time you saw a runaway horse?" Chorus from the Audience: "Tuesday" http://inquiry.net/leadership/sitting_side_by_side_with_adults.htm Saw a racing donkey last week.
  21. Nike


    So did the rule change, recently.. Too many of you have it in your heads that it's 10 1/2. updated : AKDenleader is having problems sleeping too I guess. I posted something similar on my other thread related to this joining issue.. They answered that the book has it stated differently. " Hmmm... so is the scouting.org website wrong, or is this so new a change that the books haven't caught up to the change on the website? Sounds like a clarification by my DE is in order. I'm going to go with people can't figure out when a boy is 10.5 anymore. Ten's too young for full on Boy S
  22. Well behaved, despite having fun? If this is your first foray into adolescence, strap yourself in!
  23. I would still encourage you to visit a non-LDS troop, if there is one in your area, just for a look-see. I suppose I would ask myself, and my son, what he really wants to get from Boy Scouts other than a church youth group.
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