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Project Not Approved Due to Lack of Time

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  • Project Not Approved Due to Lack of Time

    Need some advice here. Got a phone call from a friend telling me the son's Eagle project was not approved due to, "lack of time." The district Eagle BOR approves the projects and meets once a month. problem is that they didn't meet last month due to weather conditions. Scout went to them last night to get approval, and tell them that he has everything ready to roll, and the Eagle BOR said that there isn't enough time to complete the project before his birthday next week.

    Some background on the scout. This is the one who had to take a sabbatical from scouting for a year or so for family reasons. When he got back involved, after seeing some of the Eagles being produced locally, he didn't care to get Eagle. But a couple of summers on summer camp staff, and some positive peer pressure from camp staff friends, and he's been busting it. I worked with him on a few MBs a few months back, and I know he stated that some of his summer camp staff friends promised to help him out on the service project. And I know that the entire troop is pulling for him. He also has the OA chapter's support behind him as well.

    But the district Eagle BOR said, "NO." Any advice I can give my friend, and more importantly the Scout?

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    Appeal for an extension. It's adults' administrative shenanigans that are delaying the project.

    In fact, if I were the SM, I'd let the boy start the project. He wants to be an Eagle. He may not get the badge, but HE needs to know that HE completed the requirements. If the district disagrees, that remains their problem not his.


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      I don't think it's any of their business how much time he has to do the project. If he thinks he can get it done, it's their job to approve it (or not) based on the merit of the project.
      Do they think a week is enough time to come up with a smaller/shorter project, but not to finish the one he's planned? Don't be silly.
      If he can't finish it in a week, that's his problem, but it's not a reason to deny him the chance.

      Start the appeals process tomorrow at 9:15 AM.


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        Tempted to bring the troop up from FLA to help the scout out. I have seen multiple scouts start and complete their projects with
        short time constraints. I would have the emails flying this evening


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          I would contact your council scout executive. Explain your problem. Request that the Eagle Scout candidate be able to go to another district eagle board. I would start the project ASAP.


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            The GTA provides:
   What an Eagle Scout Candidate Should Expect

            5. If the candidate believes he has been mistreated or his proposal wrongfully rejected, he will be provided a method of redress. This will include the opportunity for a second opinion and approval,either through another volunteer or professional advancement administrator, or the Scout executive,as determined by the council advancement committee or executive board.

            And elsewhere:
   Time Extensions

            If a youth foresees that, due to no fault or choice of his own, he will be unable to complete the Eagle Scout rank requirements before age 18, he may apply for a limited time extension. See "Request for Extension of Time to Earn Eagle Scout Rank,", found in the appendix. These are rarely granted and reserved only for work on Eagle. If a Scout requests a time extension, he should continue working on the requirements as processing occurs. In most cases, for a request to be considered the following five tests must be met.

            2. A circumstance came to exist that now precludes completion before the deadline. Examples might include a health-related incident requiring a hospital stay, a disabling injury, a significantemployment conflict, a family relocation, a family emergency, a natural disaster, severe unseasonable weather that could not have been anticipated, or unforeseen actions of others affecting the youth's ability to complete the requirements. It is extremely unlikely an extension will be granted if resolution of the circumstance—such as recovery from an injury, for example—still allows enough time for an adequate service project, or for completing the position of responsibility, active participation, or merit badge requirements if they have not already been met.

            I suppose there are a couple of questions that will need to be answered, among other. First, was it feasible for the project to be finished in a week, if the board had chosen to approve it. Alternatively, was the fact that the meeting cancelled unforeseeable. I guess it may matter if you are in northern Minnesota or Atlanta.

            While he may have been motivated at a later date to complete the project, the fact remains that it was his choice.


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              I would file for the extension and get in writing that they believe he does not have enough time to complete it.

              Complete the project before his 18th birthday. and have all of the signatures and paperwork signed.


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                Since it is the board's not meeting that has caused the time crunch, they should be helping the scout; not hindering.

                Best case for appeal that I've heard of. Complete the project and go over their head. Don't invite them to his ECOH.


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                  The district Eagle BOR is out of line. I understand weather delays, but to confine their district duties to a fixed schedule is wrong. Weather aside, they could have still discussed it over the phone or via email, had a quick meeting at diner after the roads were clear, etc., so this scout can have a shot at getting the project done.

                  The board's viewpoint should be "So you think you can get all this done in a short time? Good luck to you, scout, let us know how it goes." Potentially, there is a great story here, particularly if the scout gets the project done, and does it right.

                  The board isn't there to operate at their personal convenience, nor limit scouts.

                  Must also say, the scout owns part of the blame. A good lesson to all Life Scouts everywhere--control what you can control, when you can. The calendar and Fates are not always friendly.


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                    wow...a week huh? Hope he gets an extension. whats the project?


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                      I thought that my son would get delayed on his Eagle Project by the district folks as well. The "official" date of project review was the Thursday the troop (of which my son was SPL) was in summer camp. Thankfully, they were reasonable (without any problem at all) and allowed him to do it the week before.

                      I would suggest the Scout go for it. The worst thing that can happen is the technicalities of Eagle weren't met, and he stays Life for life. If he doesn't go for it, I see little chance that he will Eagle.


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                        what's the project?


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                          Originally posted by desertrat77 View Post
                          The district Eagle BOR is out of line. I understand weather delays, but to confine their district duties to a fixed schedule is wrong. Weather aside, they could have still discussed it over the phone or via email, had a quick meeting at diner after the roads were clear, etc., so this scout can have a shot at getting the project done.
                          I don't necessarily agree with that. These folks are volunteers, like most of us, with families, jobs, and probably other scouting duties. I don't think making themselves available on a pre-determined schedule that is made known to all ahead of time is unreasonable. I don't think it's reasonable to expect the EBOR members make themselves available at the drop of a hat to accommodate someone who consciously waited until the last minute. I can see making an exception for something that is truly an emergency or unforeseen, but I don't see that here. I'm not saying I agree with the decision to not allow him to do it in the short time frame, though.


                          • desertrat77
                            desertrat77 commented
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                            Agreed, there should be boundaries, but in this case, it seemed the board was thinking of their own schedule and convenience rather than showing some flexibility. From my understanding of the facts, the board's strict adherence to their monthly meeting schedule subtracted another 30 days from the scout's available time. If that's the case, then it's all about the district, and not enough about supporting unit level scouting.

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                          Whether or not he has time to complete the project is the Scout's problem, and shouldn't be grounds for disapproval. Bad call.

                          While completing the project before his birthday has a nice ring to it, but I would be careful about starting the project without some sort of written approval from the higher ups. Beginning work on a project before receiving all the proper approvals is a no-no. Don't give them that rope. Since this is a district board, I'd start with the council advancement chairman. The Scout has the right to appeal, but I would go with the council AC's advice on proceeding with the project pending the appeal. If he says complete the project before his 18th birthday, do it. If he says hold off pending the appeal, do that. But document everything.

                          Here, our district is trying to get away from the monthly Eagle project meetings for just this reason. No, lack of planning on your part doesn't constitute an emergency on my part. But it's the committee's rules which create a month-long penalty for missing a deadline. It would not have been an unreasonable expectation for them to reschedule their own meeting for the next night, or the next week, rather than just baggin' it and making the Scouts wait until next month.

                          Our committee is trying to set up a system where Scouts can submit projects online. Committee members can then review the proposals online at their leisure and ask questions and clarifications via email. I know now, our district AC -- one of the good guys -- will go out of his way to try to accommodate a Scouts under a time crunch.


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                            Sorry it had taken so long to get back to this post. Busy with family, work, and Scouting. Going to post and then unload the car from the camp out.

                            1) I want to thank everyone for their advice. Kinda figured as much, but wanted to see if anything was missing.

                            2) I also want to apologize to everyone. I sometimes go off half-cocked, getting involved in something without knowing all the details. I admit I still don't know all the details, but after RT on Thursday, I talked to another friend involved in the situation, and got a different story on the situation.

                            So here is the different side.

                            Scout, realizing he had 2 weeks to complete both a project and 5 merit badges and would not be able to do so, gave up.

                            I know, lots of unanswered questions.Ans I think a lot more to the story.


                            • qwazse
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                              Yep, the 5 MBs should have been cleared at the previous delay.