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  1. eaglewolfdad

    The Mouse Monolith vs. the BSA

    Merlyn - Another off topic comment to further an agenda that has a limited number of advocates in Scouting?
  2. eaglewolfdad

    Project Not Approved Due to Lack of Time

    Tempted to bring the troop up from FLA to help the scout out. I have seen multiple scouts start and complete their projects with short time constraints. I would have the emails flying this evening
  3. eaglewolfdad

    Chess Merit Badge Class

    SR540 perhaps in this day and age some consideration could be give to creating a forum for scouts. I am sure that there are quite a few scouts in search of information much like our Eagle. Having their own forum would allow them to strut their stuff without the fear of them alienating anyone due to a different communication style. I would assign a mentor or two that the group could reach out to if they could not solve the issue using their collective genius. Just a thought
  4. This is terrific! Had a lot of laughs watching it. Thank you for sharing
  5. I remember reading about a similar situation in Florida in the 2006-2008 time period. Council kicked a well known and liked scouter out for leading the charge against the sale to developers. Fortunately the County stepped in and rezoned the land to recreational use with some other long term provisions. Needless to say the Council was not very pleased with the outcome as they lost out on a 13 million dollar payday. Some of the strategies used may be helpful in your situation. The name of the camp is Camp Flying Eagle
  6. eaglewolfdad

    Is camping in a cave camping?

    Scouter99 Sorry I was trying very hard not to go there
  7. eaglewolfdad

    Neckerchiefs- - Over or Under?

    We encourage the wearing of Cass A uniforms for Cub at all events with the exception of camp activities during the day, They are required to wear the uniform to and from the camp out and at Scouts Own. When asked about wearing the utility uniform to den meetings, we simply point to the books and ask the scout to show us anywhere in the book a scout is seen wearing a utility shirt
  8. eaglewolfdad

    Is camping in a cave camping?

    KDD, I am having a really hard time understanding your concern or for that matter what is the point. Your PLC has planned the trip probably not knowing or caring whether or not it "counts" for anything. It sounds like they are trying to be creative and are trying to do cool boy stuff. The mental image of the parents and IH sitting around analyzing each move the boys and Scoutmaster makes is a mind bender. I cannot recall our IH ever discussing scout matters other than to thank us for Scout Sunday. No offense intended just trying to understand where you are coming from
  9. eaglewolfdad

    % of popcorn earnings that comes back to the unit?

    Our council in Florida gives 28% plus a sales bonus based on a subjective formula/ The boys do still receive prizes and our vendor is Trails End
  10. eaglewolfdad

    Any experience with the tripod tower?

    Nothing for RichardB here, I am sure its a photo shop job
  11. eaglewolfdad

    Passenger Bus

    The nightmare would be a used bus breaking down in the middle of nowhere on a Friday night headed to an outing
  12. eaglewolfdad

    Do you like the Boy Scouts of America?

    Best answered by the creator of the poll. I find it interesting that he starts off with the hate line. I'm with BD on this, not worth my time to select an option
  13. eaglewolfdad

    The idiots running this jamboree

    Mark Knoller â€Â@markknoller2h Pres Obama back at WH after nearly 5 hour round of golf in mid-90s heat. Is that fun? Really appreciated the King of Sweden, Mike Rowe and the performers. Great show
  14. eaglewolfdad

    The Future of the BSA?

    Refreshing JoeBob, can't stop laughing! Thanks for the Will Rogers logic