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The three words no Scoutmaster wants to hear

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As I channel surf the other night, I hit on "America's Funniest Home Videos", and it occurred to me that the ones they show , and we watch, shake our heads at and laugh at, are the videos in which the perp SURVIVES.


We don't see (except on the 11 o'clock news) the videos in which the neck is actualy broken, not merely sprained.

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While doing canoeing, I witnessed a scout stand up in his canoe, raise his paddle over his head, and shout to the scouts on shore,




Before we could stop the 10 scouts on shore, they had all picked up rocks and sure enough, one of the rocks hit the kid in the head. We brought him to shore, made sure he was okay, then yelled at all the scouts.


I'm sure helmets will soon be required when canoeing...

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our favorite 3 Word Phrases immediately Followed by some form of Disaster (Usually Me getting Hurt)


Fellow Scout "Bet you Can't"

Me: "Yes I can"


Fellow Scout "I Dare You"

Me: "Okay I will"


usually Followed By

Scout Master: "Get the Kit" (referring to the First Aide Kit)

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