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  1. Thanks for your responses: I think I understand the electives that can be completed multiple times (ie. #9a), and the fact that if one of the 24 "group" of achievements for the Bear was used towards the Bear badge, that none of the achievements therein can apply towards electives. And it sounds like what you are saying is that if a Bear achievement belongs to one of the 24 groups that was applied to the Bear badge, that the same achievement can not be completed again for elective credit. Right?
  2. I heard recently that Bear electives that were counted towards the Bear badge could be completed again as an elective towards arrow points. I'd never heard this before - can anybody shed light on this for me?
  3. I think fred8033 makes great points. Parents should be expected to be involved. It probably helps with a bunch of other issues, too.
  4. I know it's been said, but I think you need to rotate people through. People may come back for another tour of duty in a year or two, but everybody gets burned out. Our current Cubmaster was a Cubmaster several years ago, and is now doing a second stint at it. We always prep the ADL for the transition, and they know and expect to be the DL eventually.
  5. Thanks everybody for your feedback. That makes a lot of sense.
  6. I have a question about the policy for Webelos achievements and how they relate to belt loops. The program was changed sometime in 2004-2005 to state that Webelos scouts should earn certain belt loops as part of their Webelos advancements. It was also stated that the belt loops should be earned while a Webelos (that belt loops earned as a bear would not count - they would need to be completed again). The place where it's a little unclear is if a Bear scout partially earned one of these belt loops - do the partial achievements count towards the Webelos belt loop requirement, or must the
  7. Yes, I've contacted Scouter.com twice about advertising. I actually even paid money through their online signup page. Sadly, I never got a response, (even after paying money) so I cancelled the payment. I'm not looking for a free meal here, and would be happy to pay for advertising space, but the operators of these forums seem to be MIA.
  8. It's been several weeks since I posted about www.CubTrails.com, but thanks for everyone on this thread giving it a look at offering feedback. I've taken the feedback to heart, and am proud to announce that our latest release offers: - Pack calendar with the ability to download/sync with desktop or mobile calendaring software - Ability to plan den meetings in advance and then track attendance later - All meetings now track time, duration, and have notes - Printable Pack Roster - Lots of other little things If you haven't already given it a look, you can create a free account
  9. Ignore this post, I'm just testing forum security. Which, incidentally, isn't very good!!(This message has been edited by cubtrails)
  10. I can't tell if you're joking or not, but I've looked into it. Next I'll work on having it run your den meetings and handing out awards at pack meeting. (This message has been edited by Cubtrails)
  11. I've sent a few requests in through the site and haven't heard anything back for a few days. Is anybody home? Or what's the turnaround time for responses? Also, is it just me or are all the links broken in the NetCompass section?
  12. One other thought... I didn't give credit to texas' argument: The point about being able to just say you did 10 electives and get a bead is a completely valid one. I agree with you on that one. But there are areas where it matters to track the individual achievements as well. You kinda need it both ways.
  13. This is one of the beautiful things about an online system. The case that texas provided doesn't ever happen. Instead, this is what happens: Parent: Bobby, you just completed elective 10 for your Tiger! Here, let me check it off in CubTrails on my phone. ... 10 electives later ... Electronic Leader logs in: Oh, cool. Bobby earned a bead! And I can see that three of them were completed in den meeting, and 7 of them were at home! Let me queue this up on a shopping list for our awards person. Awards person logs in: OK, I need to get 5 beads: 2 for Johnny, 1 for Bobby, and 2
  14. Thank you! After four years, I've finally seen the elusive "Internet Advancement" site (though it was only in screenshots) I went through the ppt - this has to be the closest a local unit can get to running reports from the national system. Probably very nice to be able to print off exactly what national "thinks" you have, even if it's wrong.
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