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New to Scouter, excited to share and learn more

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Fellow Scouters,

I am excited to share information and ideas with my fellow Scouters.

I have two sons involved in scouting and have been a "tan shirt" since my youngest started in Tigers.

I am now an ASM at the Troop that both of my sons belong to.


I have recently competed the classroom portion of Wood Badge 92-88, shout out to my fellow foxes!!


I realized that our Troop was essentially an adult-led program, so my Wood Badge ticket involves changing that and changing to a boy-lead program.


We are about 28 registered scouts, with about 18 or so "mostly" active scouts.


Well, that's me in a nutshell.


Looking forward to learning from my fellow Scouters,



Kevin Kirwan

Troop 713 ASM

Wood Badge 92-88 (haven't finished my ticket YET)


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Welcome, and thanks for all you do for the boys.

I used to be a crow!


My WB patrol mate was a CC and infusing more boy-led activity was part of his ticket. So, there was some leadership training of adults, and a goal of having the SPL MC the court of honor ... with ranks were given out by patrols. I attended one of those CoH's, and was impressed.

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Welcome to the forum!


I used to be a Beaver, a good  ol' Beaver, too.


My ticket involved the Webelos transition to Boy Scouts and I worked 2 years on the ticket.  The result was the den stayed together and worked as boy-led throughout their career in an adult-led unit demonstrating and making changes as they progressed through the ranks.  All Eagled.


My CoH's are and have been run by the boys, with each PL MCing a portion of the program and awarding the boys in their patrol.  If a PL was to receive an award, it was presented by another PL.  For the brief time we had 4 patrols and an SPL.  The SPL assisted the PL's during the CoH, but did not MC.  PL's are the highest ranking officer in my troops, they run the show.

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