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    "Boy lead" Programs - Presentations?

    WOW!!!! You guys are awesome!! A bunch of information to digest. Thanks for all of your advice..... This is part of one of my Wood Badge ticket items. If I end up with something "shareable", I will definitely share with the group. YiS, Kevin
  2. All, I hope this is the correct forum, as I interpret Boy-lead as a result of an effective patrol method implementation. I really want to come up with a presentation to explain what a "boy-lead" program should look like and the purpose for doing so. Our troop has some new parents and some of those "hands-on" parents that always seem to "help out" with camping trips. My question to the group is: Are there any presentations (like from BSA, etc) that have already been devised? I don't mind putting together something, but don't want to re-invent the wheel if it's already out there. Thanks in advance for any assistance, YiS, Kevin Kirwan Troop 713 - ASM Wood Badge 92-88
  3. Fellow Scouters, I am excited to share information and ideas with my fellow Scouters. I have two sons involved in scouting and have been a "tan shirt" since my youngest started in Tigers. I am now an ASM at the Troop that both of my sons belong to. I have recently competed the classroom portion of Wood Badge 92-88, shout out to my fellow foxes!! I realized that our Troop was essentially an adult-led program, so my Wood Badge ticket involves changing that and changing to a boy-lead program. We are about 28 registered scouts, with about 18 or so "mostly" active scouts. Well, that's me in a nutshell. Looking forward to learning from my fellow Scouters, YiS, Kevin Kirwan Troop 713 ASM Wood Badge 92-88 (haven't finished my ticket YET)