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Dealing with Helicopter Parents

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20 hours ago, Tampa Turtle said:

" I have watched too many youth flounder under the pressure from mom and dad, to only flourish once the parents backed off and gave the Scout space." Amen. I have rallied more than one reluctant Eagle with the "who cares what your parents want, what do YOU want" speech." One time the scout said "no one has ever asked me".

If your boy needs to ask and it is a problem for him have him make his own "to do" list for the meetings. (only 1-3 items). Not ideal but better than you doing it.

When my sons need to call the Scoutmaster, now, this was for their first few times, I would write them a list of the points they needed to make in a conversation. This was something my dad taught me, now to prepare for a phone conversation. Think about what is important to communicate, make some notes, and then make your call.  Now they do their calls on the fly, but I will probably still teach them to make their own prep notes before making important phone calls. 

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I know a Scoutmaster who will fill in the parents name on a blue card when the parent asks for one for their Scout.  It usually results in a sheepish Scout bringing it back to the next meeting and ask

Great post. Why is it so hard for parents to let their kids do all the work? I'd ask the rhetorical question if parents do the same thing for the kid's school work, but the answer I suspect it most li

(Off topic a little bit) Sunday The Turtles are urging Son#1 to finish his college scholarship essay and get his application in. Son (who is just goofing on the smartphone all day) says "Stop being he

Even for the older boys the KISS principle is about the best to expect. I had a real hard time with my older boy, getting him to go up to folks and ask stuff. Kept coming to me and kept sending him back out all meeting. I was requested to come on campouts (just in case) but would turn my chair around so I wouldn't even see what he was struggling with. I get it, it can be hard.

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"Scouters down, scouters down! Must fall back, cannot hold position...helicopters everywhere..full Airmobile Envelopment in progress! . The place is crawling with Parlor Scouts!  (*zing!*) Arrghh they got me coffee mug...I thought shooting wasn't a core skill anymore...reassemble at position 'Green Bar Bill' on your map. What? Map --it's like a paper Google Map. It's been over-run too? The Woodbadge Battalion got rolled on the left and folded like an old card table. Nice uniforms though. National's New Army Amazonian Battalions may be our only hope."

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3 hours ago, SSScout said:

Wow,  must be an important topic...   fourteen pages.....

It is to me since I am dealing with the situation. Even after the 3rd group meeting, and individual one on ones, they still don't get it.


Here irony. I quoted the line 'Failure, the best teacher it is" in regards to Scouting. And one of the Helicopters gives it a thumbs up. yet she won't let her son try stuff on his own in case he fails.

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