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Who's got these Boy Scout Movies?

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It (1990}


The 1986 Stephen King horror novel was filmed as a miniseries in 1990.  I've never read the book, and I didn't see the original miniseries, but the DVD (and I assume both the book and original miniseries) has a character named Richie Tozier, identified by Wikipedia as a "Jewish Boy Scout".


I noticed the uniform Richie wears in his first few scenes appears to be a very faithful version of the Boy Scout uniform, which got me to wondering if it was in fact, an authentic BSA (albeit 1960 vintage) uniform.  Did BSA cooperate in the production of this film? I didn't notice a mention of BSA in the closing credits but I may have missed it.

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Yes, movies.... I have seen, and bought Troop 491, the Muddy Lions.  I thought very good. Inner city kids find their way thru Scouts...


AND,, try The Sultan and the Saint,   based on true events... ..

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Just added a copy of "Mr. Scoutmaster" staring Clifton Webb to my collection along side "Follow Me Boys"... Next addition will be "Moonlight Kingdom" Not boy scouts, but a good movie that we showed during a staff workup weekend for a Wood Badge course I staffed.

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